How FreedomPop has Transformed Telecommunication Industry

People who feel they are paying high mobile phone bills should look for a solution from FreedomPop. The company is offering their customers interesting preposition to swap their mobile carriers and in turn offer them free voice and data plans. In addition, the company recently launched a low-cost Wi-Fi service to its customers.


FreedomPop doesn’t possess wireless infrastructure, but outsource data, voice and SMS capacity from Sprint at wholesale price. Customers have a choice of either buying a FreedomPop phone or reconnect old Sprint mobile phones to the network. After activating their device, they will be able to get 500 SMSs, 500MB and 200 minutes talk-time for free every month.


The company has launched a Wi-Fi service which can work across a person’s multiple devices through FreedomPop Android app. The company is a threat to local carriers because of its potential. It is the first time the company is offering Wi-Fi service to its customers. FreedomPop is on the brink of attaining one million users this year. Indeed, it is a great achievement to the company. It has partnered with large retailers like Starburks, Burger King and Best Buy in order to access the service. Boingo is not a partner, but may be included later on as the number of hotspots is increasing.


The strategy of FreedomPop is to offer free but limited services to its customers. People who want to get voicemail on their phones, or increase their allowances, will pay. The Wi-Fi will not be an extension to this service, but an independent service aimed at attracting more customers from other carriers or new ones.


FreedomPop has an opportunity to provide service regardless of the carrier a person is using. The company is also targeting those people with phones but no connectivity. FreedomPop is opening on this opportunity to offer cost-effective service, that is budget friendly and also give value to unused phones. There is an estimated 200 million unused phones in U.S. today.


The overheads incurred by this company are very low. FreedomPop has relied on excellent marketing strategy and communication to acquire customers, thus lowering its expenditure. The company is still targeting more customers by further subsidizing their data. Stephen Stokols, the CEO of FreedomPop gave a hint they are planning to give their customers up to 800MB free data in the near future.


FreedomPop has played a major role to transform and shakeup mobile service business today. People can even expect more to come from FreedomPop in the near future according to the CEO.