Ride the Wave: Jim Hunt

Ride the wave. That is the concept behind Wealth Wave. Jim Hunt is the advisor for VTA Publications. He has developed a strategy to help people profit from the transfer of money in the stock market. More specifically a way to make money off of falls in stocks.

He is sharing this method as a service to teach about stocks. His main idea is that the money in stock losses doesn’t actually disappear, it just displaces into other areas of the market.

As previously mentioned, Jim Hunt works for VTA Publications as an advisor. VTA publications is a company out of the UK that offers advice and services for those who need help with making smart investments. Essentially by teaching investors how to surf the stocks so to speak, they provide information for potential investors through

Wealth Wave. think of Jim as the surfing instructor. He is teaching how to feel the flow of money by through the conduit of pre-recorded instructions in webinar and DVD form, as well as informative YouTube videos.

VTA Publications offers a variety of financial advisement services. Ranging from planning retirement using wisdom from the Bible to Planning change in your financial situation or just life overall. Wealth Wave only scratches the surface of the cash ocean by teaching people to surf the stocks. VTA Publications can help make the plunge into the sea of money that is the stock market.  Check out Jim on social media to learn more.

CCMP Capital’s, Stephen Murray, Passes On Aged 52

Stephen was a renowned philanthropist and private equity investor. Before his demise, he served as the CEO and president of CCMP Capital. This firm specializes in growth equity and buyout transactions.

Murray was an alumnus of the Boston College, where he graduated with a degree in economics. Later in 1989, Murray enrolled for his MBA at the Columbia Business School. After graduating with his first degree, Murray secured a position at the Manufacturers Hanover Corporation.

Here, he was part of the credit analyst-training program. In 1989, MH Equity Corporation employed him. MH Equity Corporation combined the leveraged finance unit and private equity group of Manufacturers Hanover.

In 1991, Chemical Bank purchased manufacturers Hanover. To this end, there was a merger between MH Equity and Chemical Venture Partners. In 1996, a merger between Chemical Bank and Chase Manhattan Corporation was finalized. This way, Chemical Venture Partners acquired a new name, Chase Capital Partners.

At JP Morgan Partners, Murray served as the head of buyout business. He co-founded Stephen Murray CCMP Capital. This corporation was a spin-out of JP Morgan Chase. Stephen Murray was named as the CEO of CCMP Capital in 2007.

Over the years, CCMP has been investing between $100 million to $500 million per transaction. CCMP has been zeroing in on corporations in various industries including heath care, consumer, energy and industrial sectors of the economy.

Some of its notable investments include Quiznos Corporation, Warner Chilcott Plc and Cabela’s Inc.
Murray resigned from his duties at CCMP Capital citing health reasons. He had been with the firm for over 2 decades. According to Alexandra LaManna, Murray died on March 12, 2015. Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP Capital: http://fortune.com/2015/02/17/exclusive-ccmp-capital-ceo-stephen-murray-leaves-firm/

LaManna is the spokeswoman for the CCMP Capital. The CEO of the firm, Greg Brenneman, posited that the CCMP fraternity was saddened to learn of the news of their former partner and friend. In an e-mailed statement, Greg posited that Murray was a smart deal maker and a terrific investor.

He continued to assert that his deepest condolences, prayers and thoughts were with Murray’s wife and sons. Greg concluded by saying that they were grateful for his constructive contributions towards the achievements made by CCMP and its predecessors.

According to an Institutional Investor Magazine, published in 2011, Stephen Murray grew in a suburb located in New York City, Westchester County. As a steward of CCMP Capital, Murray registered impressive results. He played an instrumental role in raising 2 more multi-billion dollar funds. The latest closed in September of 2015 after accumulating $3.6 billion. His survivors are his wife, Tami Murray, and their 4 sons.