BMG Bank President Ricardo Guimarães Believes All Countries Have A Duty To Control CO2 Emissions

There has been an ongoing argument about global warming and why it is taking place. There is no doubt that the earth is going through a cyclical change, and it is getting warmer, but many political figures in countries around the world don’t think humans are contributing to the speed of the warming. According to Brazilian bank president Ricardo Guimarães, the CO2 emissions from emerging markets as well as developed countries is speeding up the warming process. All nations have a duty to reduce CO2 emissions according to Mr.Guimarães.

Mr. Guimarães made his thoughts known at the international conference that was held in Paris, France at the end of 2015. Guimarães said developed countries like the United States and the UK have been emitting large amounts of CO2 in the atmosphere for years. Ever since the industrial revolution began, U.S. companies have freely sent tons of CO2 into the atmosphere and thought little about it until recently. The fact is, time is running out, according to Guimarães. If the earth warms by another 2 degrees the devastation that will occur around the world will be epic.

Ricardo Guimarães is a well-known banker and entrepreneur in Brazil. His family has been in the mining, cattle, and coffee business for years. Ricardo’s grandfather started the Land Credit Bank in the state of Minas Gerais in 1930. Ricardo was named president of the BMG Bank in 1998. BMG Bank is the former Land Credit Bank. Ricardo has built the bank into a national lending institution by sponsoring soccer clubs.

Brazil is one of the countries that has been guilty of emitting too much CO2 into the atmosphere, and Guimarães is on a mission to cut those emissions. Guimarães is very active in the political, social and sports scene in his country, so what he says has credibility with the people of Brazil. Even though he comes from a mining background, he is pushing the government to use renewable energy sources like solar energy, wind power, and biofuels. Ricardo believes Brazil should be completely “green” nation in 10 years, and he is doing everything in his power to make that happen.

It will take years for other nations around the world to become totally green, and some countries never will unless there are consequences. The mission at the conference in Paris was to make countries realize they have a duty and the responsibility to control the amount of carbon dioxide that is released into the atmosphere. No country, regardless of size or power, has the right to emit high levels of CO2 into the atmosphere, and countries that do should be fined by the United Nations, according to Guimarães and other leaders around the world.

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Marcio Alaor: The Brazilian Bank Executive

Marcio Alaor is an executive of the BMG Bank in Brazil. BMG is also one of the major sponsors of Brazilian football; they have printed the uniform of 39 football clubs. Alaor has done a lot of amazing things in his career. In 2014, Alaor was honored in his homeland as they opened a food court with the name of ‘Food Court Alaor Marcio Araujo’. He was honored because he has done a lot of services to the community of Santo Antonio do Monte.
Food Court Alaor Marcio Araujo
Inaugurated in the 24th of August 2014 in the 33rd Aglicultural Exhibition, the Food Court Alaor Marcio Araujo is a tribute to Alaor for the services he has done for the city. Alaor was especially contributing in the rural sector. As an executive of a big bank like BMG, Alaor made it possible for the city of Santo Antonio do Monte to have the opportunity achieve great things. The city has been growing rapidly. As an addition to the food court, Alaor also received a plaque honoring his attention and love to his hometown and everyone who lives there.
BMG And Itaú
Under the lead of Alaor as its executive vice president, BMG has formed a partnership with Itaú; resulting a bank worth of $1 billion. The creation of the bank Itaú BMG Payroll was greatly celebrated by Alaor as he stated that the bank will operate exclusively in discount lending in payroll, and as an addition, BMG will be able to operate as it is today.
Alaor’s Thoughts on Australia’s Economy
Alaor pays attention to the world economy, and the Australian economy has caught his attention, as well as other economic experts. This is because while most of the developed countries are still trying to recover from the economic crisis in 2008, Australia is an exception; they can control inflation and regulate interest rates. Australlia stood out from the developed countries and even Brazil, where Alaor is from. Sharing his thoughts, he thinks that one of the main reasons is because Australia is a major exporter of commodities. Another thing Alaor mentioned is the fact that Australian Minister of Finance won international recognition in 2011 because he has implemented measures and adjustments in the right time, preventing his country’s economy to collapse.
As the executive of one of the largest bank in Brazil, BMG, Alaor has achieved a lot. However, he does not seek power and he is a great role model to look up for. He will continue to improve BMG and his hometown in the rural and economic sector.

A Family History: A Peak Into the Past of Banco BMG’s President

Ricardo Guimaraes is a notable figure in Brazil, especially in his birthplace of Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais. His reputation is well deserved considering his position as president of one of the largest financial companies in Brazil, Banco BMG. Although his many accomplishments and accolades since taking leadership of the company in the early 1990s have been praised and heavily documented, a much smaller emphasis has been placed on the history of the mogul. As important as any man’s current success is the path that led him to it. Therefore, to thoroughly appreciate Guimaraes’ success in the expansion of his financial institution, it is essential to examine his business history, and thus, the history of Banco BMG.

Banco BMG was established in 1930 by Ricardo Guimaraes’ grandfather. Upon its creation, Banco BMG was called Bank Credit Building SA. Later the name was changed to the Bank of Minas Gerais SA before finally becoming Banco BMG. The bank initially was a commercial bank servicing small companies and individual households. The bank would enter the field of automotive, wholesale, and retail investments in the mid to late 1980s and would focus on these industries before expanding under the leadership of Ricardo Guimaraes in the late 1990s. Through his expansion efforts, Banco BMG began to become a national brand.

In the summer of 2012, Banco BMG embarked on a unitization deal with another small bank that would have lasting ramifications on the financial institution. The banks entered into a joint venture with one another pertaining to the supply, marketing, and distribution of payroll loans. Within the next two years, the banks had gained significant profits from the payroll loan joint venture, with BMG controlling 40% of the venture and the other bank controlling the majority 60%.

Ricardo Guimaraes participated in a study of Brazilian (in addition to countries all over the world) entrepreneurs in an effort to develop the profile of the typical business owner. This study showed that the four major components that make up Brazilian entrepreneurs include vision, creativity, purpose, and proactivity. The study included about 9000 subjects in Brazil and showed the country’s business owners shared a propensity toward the are of purpose and a weakness in the area of proactivity. These studies helped Banco BMG to cater their loan marketing program to the typical business owner in Brazil.

Throughout the history of Banco BMG, its leaders have held to the company’s core values of supporting the local citizens of Brazil. For this financial institution, this support certainly includes the sponsorship of various local athletic programs and clubs. The company extends sponsorship not only to the local athletic teams in Minas Gerais, but to the entire country. The bank has gained immense exposure and selective branding rights due to its high rate of program sponsorship. Ricardo Guimaraes has expressed the importance of offering support to athletes and programs that are professionally dedicated, disciplined, and show a firm commitment to the goals they set in place. He echoes the sentiments and values of the Banco BMG, a set of values that has been with the historic institution since its inception and is the backbone of the company. To read more about the financial institute’s history visit his wikipedia page.

Commercial Real Estate Companies in Brazil

Real estate has always been considered essential. Owning one’s own home is a basic investment that can help people develop a strong nest egg that can be relied on as they grow older. The same is true of investing in many kinds of real estate. The opportunity to invest in real estate allows people to be able to expand their nest egg and develop a diversified portfolio. A diversified portfolio is essential for any single person as well as companies that specialize in the use of such investments to help their clients expand their wealth.

One of the best ways to diversify is via investing in real estate overseas. Countries such as Brazil have seen steady growth in recent decades as they have attracted real estate investment both domestically and abroad as well. This allows the investor to be confident they are investing in something solid that is likely to only continue to grow in the future. Many real estate companies have rushed to help provide outside investors with the chance to be part of this thriving market. Those who can work with such companies are often delighted at the fiscal results they can enjoy as a result of such an investment strategy.

A commercial real estate company where staffers fully understand the local Brazilian area markets is that of Cabral Garcia Empreendimentos, whose listings continue to swell. This company offers potential investors in this part of the world the chance to be able to work closely with a company that is devoted to the many areas of the Brazilian real estate market and knows it well. Under their leadership and development projects in the West Zone, many people have been able to get the kind return on investment that is ideal for their specific needs and aims as well as the kind return that allows them to reduce their overall tax bill.  The company Twitter really echoes the positive work that they’ve done.

This company can help guide any potential foreign investor in the region to discover what kinds of real estate investments make sense for their specific needs and overall goals. They know full well what investors here seek when considering an investment in the region’s commercial real estate ventures. They can help their clients locate the right investment here and direct them to potential real estate investments that might have been otherwise overlooked by someone who is not as familiar with the details of the area market and may need detailed help when they are sorting out such opportunities.

What has BMG Done To Stay Afloat Of Competition?

With an outstanding and lengthy history, BMG possesses a sturdy expertise in all its features stretching from its operational activities. There are many gains accrued from the competitive edge they have over other organizations in the same industry.
BMG has a brand name that is strong and has been acknowledged by many. With slightly over 80 years of constant performance in the financial sector, BMG tops the list of the credit marketplace, working closely with people and financial institutions, as well as entities in the public and private fields, home equity loans, providing loans by payroll credit card, financing used vehicles and providing fiancé to medium or large companies.
BMG has a risk profile that is conventional. It has a strict as well as conservative credit strategy that is regularly revised to ensure that the conditions in the marketplace are met. In addition, the bank provides efficient and effective assessment, formalization to be able to guarantee its agility and security.
The culture in BMG is not only pioneering but also entrepreneurial. All through its history, this bank has come up with the entrepreneurial and pioneering culture, being amongst the initial entities to give payroll loans to public workers, pensioners and retirees in the Brazilian Social Security System (INSS). It was also the first to launch several new products such as the payroll credit card, invested in technical advancements and developed its own platforms and systems that have set the benchmark in the financial market. The corporation also sought funding structures that would go well with the quality of their organizational profile.
BMG deliberately came up with techniques on corporate governance to be able to professionalize the management, hence adding not the business sustainability and drawing more clientele and investments. Among these initiatives is that on a good performance and came up with directors’ board with about 40% of them being independent, including the president; an active and a strategic department on investor relations; and independent department of internal audit. All these techniques went a long way in ensuring effective and fast service.
Marcio Alaor occupies the position of vice president at Banco BMG. He is also part of the board of directors at BMG. He has been working with the bank since 1977 but became BMG’s vice president starting in 2004. He was behind the centering more on payroll loans back in the 1990s. Through his management, BMG has blossomed into the best financial institution in Brazil.

Banco BMG Success Story

Banco BMG is a financial firm owned by the BMG Group, which is based in Minas Gerais. Banco is the flagship business of the BMG Group. Banco deals with loan financing, and it is among the Brazilian pioneers in this industry. Banco also deals with vehicle financing. Through its Banco Schahin facility, it offers personal loans as well as CDC. Its Banco GE facility supplies to large firms, investments for companies and individuals. Banco was also the country’s pioneer in offering fund receivables.
The major specialization of the institution is offering discounted consignment loans in payrolls, pensioners INSS, for retirees, local, federal and state civil servants, military personnel and employees of the constituent firms. BMG is among the leaders in the consigned credit market in Brazil. When the 2003 Act, which controls public payroll lending was passed, the bank launched new marketing products through banking correspondents. It thrived quickly in this business and started attracting popularity in the market to an extent that its model is copied by all the other banks.
Banco BMG History

Banco BMG is the abbreviation of Banco de Minas Gerais. BMG has been in operation since the year 1930. From its inception until the late 1990s, the bank’s main focus was on consumer and wholesale financing. The firm was especially profitable in this business, and it financed numerous types of vehicles. It later started offering services in payroll loans in the Latin America. For one to understand Banco BMG’s achievement in the provision of payroll loans, it is important first to know the popularity and preference of payroll loans in South America. With a payroll loan, an entrepreneur takes a loan to enable him cover payroll costs for his employees and later repays the loans through individual deductions from the employees’ checks. The loans are very beneficial to business owners, but they may cause some problems to the employees. Since as result, they do not get all their wages. However, even with this challenge, payroll loans continue to be a very popular type of lending in the Latin America.
BMG Online Banking
The internet has a very strong presence in the global banking industry, and therefore, the bank gives online banking services to its clients. Clients visit the BMG bank’s website to make any deposits or even to verify their account balances. The services make banking services easier for the clients who lack the time to queue in bank halls due to their busy schedules.
Key Player
One of the notable key players who have tremendously contributed to the success of this bank is Marcio Alaor. Alaor is the vice president of the bank. He is also a board member of the bank. Alaor has been vice president of the bank since 2001, and he has worked for it since 1977. The top banker was instrumental in enabling Banco BMG specialize more on payroll loans since the 1990s.