Academics Revising Hitler’s Books

Mein Kampf, or ‘My Struggle’, was a manifesto written by Hitler, who described his plans for Germany and the politics to be introduced in the country. The published variants of 1925 and 1926 are going to be revised and republished by the researchers at the Munich Institute for Contemporary History.

The academics have waited 70 years for this chance, as the copyright runs out this year. What they plan to publish is an extended variant of the actual ‘Mein Kampf’, which is 27 chapters followed by 5,000 comments of the historians. It is a going to be an anti-Hitler text, the director Andreas Wirsching said.

Igor Cornelsen (Yahoofinance) has found that the justice ministers, however, oppose publications related to Nazi Germany. Publishing united versions of the book is viewed as an incitement to hatred by the law, while the academics are still claiming that their action is legal. The Franz-Eher Publishing House in the State of Bavaria has owned the rights to the book since 1925.

Initially, Hitler had only written his book for his National Socialism followers, but as his own popularity grew the book became more well known, with 10 million copies of it distributed during the war.