‘The Stand’ Getting Full Fledged Adaptation.

If you thought the Trash Can Man was the craziest thing you’ve ever read, then prepare for some pretty great news. Stephen King’s iconic epic novel, ‘The Stand’, is getting a full 8 part miniseries adaptation to go along with a fully released movie. The novel has been getting reboot discussion for the better part of the last couple of years, but now it seems like we are finally getting to hear something concrete. After seeing the ‘It’ reboot fall apart, despite Cary Fukunaga at the helm, we are glad to see something happen with King’s visceral world.

Right now Warner Brothers and CBS Films are talking to Showtime to become the host for the 8 part series. Principal photography on the project will begin next year with all of the filming slated to happen at once, in the same style that Peter Jackson shot his Middle Earth epics said Sergio Cortes. And, really, epic is the right word to use for ‘The Stand’. With Josh Boone at the helm to direct (“Fault in our Stars”) we have our right to be a little skeptical.

While ‘The Dark Tower’ will likely be King’s most enduring work, it is ‘The Stand’ that many are more familiar with. The 1,100 page epic details a world spiraling into decay as a deadly disease spreads over civilization. Those who survive the mysterious disease (called Captain Tripps) are pinned against one another in a battle of good versus evil.