ClassDojo Brings Out The Best In Education

One of the important aspects of education is that it helps people prepare for the real world. However, there are a lot of things that people have to learn that even a traditional school doesn’t manage to teach everyone. Back in the days, school was a bit harder for students. Fortunately, ClassDojo has changed a lot when it comes to schooling. The app has proven to be very effective for students, teachers and parents. The creators of the app are thinking of offering some new features that the users could make good use of for a certain amount of money.

There are a lot of features that parents like. Among the things that are helpful to parents is when the teacher posts pictures of the activities in the classroom. This helps parents keep in touch with their students. One of the things that the creators of the apps are hopeful about is the idea that they are going to change education on a large scale. One of the things that is changing about education is the sense of community that ClassDojo brings with it. This is one thing that is going to help students get through their education.

Among the things that ClassDojo does is inspire. Students that are in class with ClassDojo often learn a lot of important concepts. Among the concepts that they learn about is compassion and empathy. It also encourages students to use their creativity in order to come up with something that is going to help a lot of people. One thing that ClassDojo is going to do for education is help people learn the value of diversity. There are plenty of different personalities, and it is important that people learn how to accept one another.

ClassDojo has made a huge impact in education and is continuing to raise the performance levels in schools. Students are learning to feel connected to one another when it comes to their educational life. For one thing, it will also keep the parent and student bond strong while they are in class. Education is something that is important for every aspect of life. Therefore, it is important that it is in the highest form possible.

ClassDojo: The Best thing For Classrooms

ClassDojo is the best thing to happen to classrooms in a long time. It is an app that is run by the teacher and is able to be used for everything in the classroom from excellent grades to great behavior and children going above and beyond what they are expected to do in the class. The app is fully functional in that it allows kids to get the most out of the application while the teachers are able to use it as a way to reward good behavior in the classroom. It is an excellent app that includes everything teachers need to make their class run smoothly.


Teachers can add each of their students to the app as they come into the classroom. This gives them a chance to add kids who come in the middle of the year or who are new to the class from what was on the original roster. The roster is able to be changed on the ClassDojo app very easily and students can fit into the app on a regular basis depending on where they go from there. There are many chances for teachers to make sure that they are getting the most out of the app.



When students use the app, they can also feel good about their classroom experience. The app is designed to be a positive app for kids who are a part of the classroom. The app works to let them know that they are having great behavior no matter what they are doing in the classroom. It encourages them to keep going by allowing them to earn points depending on the things that they are doing in class. This is a great way to both encourage and promote positive behavior in the classroom and gives students a sense of accomplishment in the classroom.


The app is also designed for parents to be able to connect with the classroom. Parents can see what their children are doing throughout the day and school and they can see how well their children are getting along. They can see the points that they have earned and they are able to provide the kids with a positive message related to the app and the way that it is used. There are many chances for students to do well and teachers are always sure to talk to the parents about how the child is doing.

Cleaners From Handy Made My Home Look Great

I have a nice sized home that has three bedrooms, three bathrooms, a living room, a dining room, and a kitchen. Although my house is somewhat standard in size, I never took the time to go out and buy a vacuum cleaner or other cleaners for my home. I had an upcoming event that I wanted to host in my home, and I was busy working, so I never thought about getting the tools I needed to clean my home. I was worried about how my home would get cleaned, but a friend of mine suggested that I hire a cleaning company, and they told me to hire Handy.

I had never had a cleaning company come to my home before, and I expected that I would have to have my own items for the cleaner to use, but my friend told me that the Handy workers would bring their own cleaning supplies and tools, and then all I needed to do was let them in. I was very impressed with what I heard, so I found Handy’s website and signed up for an account. Signing up for the account only took less than a minute.

I signed up for other online accounts in the past, which have taken me up to a half an hour or more, depending on what I was signing up for, so signup Handy was quick. I was able to pick services I wanted from Handy, and I even made payment with my debit card, so I didn’t have to worry about having cash on hand when the workers came out. I was even happier to know that the workers from Handy are professional, courteous, and they are insured as well. I was also glad to learn that each worker is background checked, so I had nothing to worry about.

The workers came earlier than I expected, even though it was just a few minutes early. They cleaned my entire home, and they even vacuumed my home very well. I love the job that they did, and I especially love the fact that I was able to set up an appointment just a day before I had the workers come out to clean my home. Handy is a unique service that I only recently heard of, but I would definitely choose Handy and their workers to come to my home again in the future.

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Artificial Intelligence Flipora seeming to be the next big thing on the Web

What is Flipora?

Flipora is a program that suggests web content to people based on their web searches. The program automatically sorts all different kinds of interest categories that identify to the user’s specific interests with their web history. It has grown popularity within the last few years and it was given around $3 million back in 2010 to help promote that AIs can help people discover a new way to discover content. It may even make search engines become nonexistent. This year, Flipora was given $1.5 million in funding to make the new engine a brand new reality by making a mobile app for both iOS and Android.
The History behind the Program

Flipora was founded by Jonathan Siddharth and Vijay Krishnan back when they were still in graduate school for their degrees at Stanford University. This use of a really convenient way to get worthwhile content for the users have allowed the website to have as many as 25 million users in 2014! The goal of the creators has come to fruition, and it seems that it is only going to become more popular as time goes on.
The Big Idea behind Flipora becoming so Popular

It is becoming a new idea that Flipora is going to replace search engines. The 7 million monthly users that are using Flipora aren’t the only ones that have caused interest from important investors. The idea that they can become the next Google, PayPal, or even DropBox revolution to hit the web has caused them to become interested. They want to be the ones to change how we use the web, like those three other programs did with things such as how we search, store, exchange, and share information as well as money. It is no wonder why so many bankers have signed on to Flipora’s ideas.

Is Artificial Intelligence going to be our future on the Worldwide Web?

It seems that this rate, yes it will. As a 2014 article has quoted, ” Through advances in artificial intelligence and deep learning, new platforms have been created that combine the breadth of algorithmic search with the ability to organize that data within personalized topics of interest.” It seems that people are embracing the new change, so it can become something of a norm within the next few years. AI’s are no longer fiction, they are becoming a reality, and Flipora is an excellent example of this.

Flipora gone Social

Flipora even has a social aspect to it that makes it even more appealing than search engines lately. As Facebook or LinkedIn helps people in both professional and personal relationships, Flipora also helps provide users with a way for people to share their links of interests to connect with others through their already existing Social Media Accounts.

Flipora’s Future Goals

Flipora may have reached their past goals, but they have even more for the future. They want to take their idea and make it more of a globalized idea with the mobile app. They want to connect with more people and make their Discovery Engine to be more well known. Perhaps it will be as classic in later years like the cassettes, video tapes, records, and maybe even as revolutionary as CDs.

Skout Helps College Students Find College Friendly Towns

The top priority on high school seniors minds is “Where am I going to go to college?”. Some want to go to a local school so they will be close to family but circumstances don’t always allow this. The type of school they wish to go to might not be the type of school their local one is or they might come from a small town. Skout the notorious app that lets subscribers connect with practically anyone from anywhere in the world helps students make a decision that will likely have a humongous impact on their lives. Recent data from the past twelve months has shown that college students or aspiring college students were using Skout to search for towns and cities that might be college friendly. A lot goes into making a college friendly community. It can’t just be the atmosphere or prevalence of Starbucks coffee shops. There are many nuances such as mass transit, cost of living, and of course, dining options. Alumni know the trouble of finding something to eat while living on campus all too well.

In Skout’s reports some obvious towns or cities should have sky rocketed to the top but unfortunately they found themselves not even close to the top 10. One of these towns was the prestigious Boston, Mass. Well known for Harvard University, Emerson College, and their Massachusetts College of Art and Design it seems like it’d have a guaranteed spot on the top ten, at least, if not top five. However, the underestimated Dallas, TX and Boulder, CO are some of the contenders that debowed Boston from the running. Dallas is more known for it’s religious colleges but what sets them apart is their phenomenal DART system and their cheap eats. Texas is home of football so any college there is going to have a huge football following. Certain restaurants have friendly competitions between universities all in the hopes of repeat customers while providing students with a place to study and get something to eat that isn’t cafeteria food. Also, they’d be able to take it back to their dorm which is the opposing policy on most campuses.

It was quite surprising to see Colorado on the list but Skout users data boasted that Boulder, CO’s universities have the friendliest male students while Madison, WI holds the title for friendliest female students. Madison is actually the college that came out at number one. That’s possibly more surprising than Ann Arbor, MI or Boulder, CO. Madison doesn’t have too many colleges to choose from but it was the Skouter’s data that helped make it number one. Part of this was determined by the virtual gift sharing option on Skout. If you purchase points, Skout’s currency, then you’re able to send your friends or acquaintances little gifts. Los Angeles, CA who came in at second place sends more virtual gifts than any other college city listed.

Skouter’s data also shows that it is much easier to make friends in college than in highschool and best place to make these friends is, of course, in the class room! Another perk is that those who might not have fit in while in highschool don’t need to worry because in college, cliques don’t mean a thing.