Brian Torchin Has Had A Distinguished Career

Healthcare staffing agencies provide numerous people with access to work in the healthcare field. Healthcare staffing agencies can help people to find work at a variety of different levels. Those that are first entering the healthcare field often use staffing agencies, like HCRC, to find employment. However, they can also be extremely useful for those that are looking to find higher level employment in the field. Healthcare managers use the services of companies like HCRC to bring people in to work at the company. Brian Torchin has had used great skill in leading HCRC, which is a highly successful healthcare staffing agency.

Prior to his employment with HCRC, he has had a lot of experience in healthcare management. This experience has very much helped him to do a better job of running HCRC. In fact, he has had experience in multiple different aspects of the healthcare sector. Not only has he had a lot of experience in healthcare management, but Brian Torchin also has had a lot of experience working as a chiropractor. In fact, he has done extremely well with a chiropractic practice of his own. Furthermore, he actually continues to run his own chiropractic office, and it is still a thriving business.

When he went into healthcare management, he has demonstrated exceptional skill with running healthcare businesses other than his own. In fact, his skills were so exceptional that he began working for businesses in different parts of the country. He ran a multitude of different businesses, and he was quite successful with it. This success caught the eye of HCRC, a healthcare staffing agency that already was established.

When he began working with HCRC, he set out to improve the company in any ways that he could. This meant streamlining the operation of the company and making their services exceptionally convenient to use. HCRC makes it possible to directly contact Brian Torchin. In addition to being able to directly contact him, it is possible to get employees onboard to a healthcare company within a matter of mere days. He makes sure that the company’s services are that expedient.  Check out more of Brian’s advice on the healthcare industry through his Vimeo account.

Sanjay Shah and Solo Capital

Sanjay Shah is an accountant turned entrepreneur who has experienced a lot of success with his own businesses. In 2011 he decided to venture into the investment industry further and start his own brokerage firm. He named it Solo Capital Partners. He actually had already owned and started a few businesses prior to starting Solo Capital Partners, so he had the fundamentals under his belt and new what needed to be done to succeed. Sometimes you just never know with businesses though, especially if you’re starting one on your own. Sometimes they need a lot of time to take off, and other times they need no time at all. That was the outcome for Solo Capital. After five years of business the company had a cash flow of approximately $33.82 million and a net worth of $17 million. The company most definitely succeeded, and it did so in a very fast way.

Solo Capital Partners concentrates on the trading assets and consulting for businesses. Their expert staff is highly qualified and welcome years of experience to the company. Their goal is to find the best outcome and ensure client satisfaction as well as guarantee. While that is hard sometimes in the world of investments, their experience can provide high quality standards and assurance in the process. Sanjay Shah has companies that are located throughout the region, with two of them being directly affected and related to Solo Capital Partners. He has built a company to manage Solo Capital and the company that controls Solo Capital has a company that controls them. It’s a hierarchy of pure expertise.

Shah is glad that he took the route into the investment and financial world as opposed to the healthcare job he was seeking prior. He wanted to become a doctor and began his pre-med school classes. With much consideration, he moved out of the realm of his life and shifted to the accounting side of things. He graduated with his degree and got a job at an investment firm. Throughout the years, he worked for different banks and investment companies as an accountant before he started Solo Capital.

With the success of his businesses, he has been able to retire from them. However, he hasn’t slowed down. He started a charity based on the neurological condition, autism. He wants to make a difference when it comes to the condition because it is so misunderstood. Many countries aren’t even sure what it is, or how to treat it. Autism Rocks is a concert based fundraiser that helps raise money for research. Shah hopes to better understand that condition as well as his son who was diagnosed with autism in 2011. Since then, he has dedicated much of his life to find a cause and hopes to develop a lot of information through research.

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George Soros Gives Dire Warning to Investors

According to Bloomberg, one of the world’s most-respected finance leaders, George Soros, has advised investors to use caution this year. He believes that the world is facing a major crisis:

During a recent economic discussion in Colombo, Sri Lanka on Thursday, January 7, 2016, Soros compared on The Street, the state of the global markets to the markets in 2008. He noted that the source of the greatest amount of destabilization is the state of the emerging market economy in China, which has the second-largest economy anywhere in the world.

China is in the process of becoming more of a consumer- and service- driven society versus its past heavy focus on manufacturing, exports and investments. China’s manufacturing sector is not seeing the same demands as in the past. China’s reputation has been damaged in recent years from reports of poor working conditions and the manufacturing sector’s continued harm to the environment, including world air quality. China is also having difficulty managing its currency as it shifts its focus. The Chinese yuan has lost value. In fact, the losses resulted in the cessation of trade on January 7 in Asia. China trading also stopped twice in one week over four days.

Soros expects these issues to continue as the Chinese economy fluctuates as a result of the difficulty China is having with growth during the current transition. As the yuan loses its strength, the rest of the markets and economies around the world will also suffer. Soros noted various ways in which this is incredibly similar to the circumstances that caused problems in 2008. Statements by China’s Communist Party about this situation have not eased anyone’s minds. China has stated that it doesn’t expect the yuan to be more convertible for at least another four years. The complete shift in the economy could take more than a decade. In the meantime, volatility indexes designed to measure the amount of fear currently in play have shown a more than 10 percent increase in fear regarding both China’s market and other emerging markets.

George Soros is the Soros Fund Management’s chairman. The 85-year-old financial leader’s views on emerging economy issues are shared by many other financial experts that have been discussing these matters more since mid-2015 with an increasing amount of concern. They are also concerned by the drop in oil prices from overproduction during a time when consumers are turning more to renewable energy sources.

Kevin Seawright Leading the Line In Newark

Kevin Seawright, CFO and Executive Vice President of Newark Community Economic Development Corporation (Newark CEDC), has had an illustrious work life. He began his finance career in a government position in Baltimore, Maryland and eleven years later, he’s now leveraged his financial management and construction expertise to make the jump to the private industry. He began his journey as Vice President and CFO a year ago and his enthusiasm shows. He’s on the record saying that he’s honored to be apart of the positive change that’s taking place in Newark, NJ. Newark CEDC is working on the development of an economic model using capital for small business and development, Wi-Fi access, the diverse communities, their ports, highways and railroad lines, and a summer employment program that has employed 3,000 Newark students, which helps promote and encourage economic growth throughout the community.

Seawright has been committed to devoting his life to helping urban cities grow he’s said on Twitter, and to changing the lives of the city’s residents. Never hesitant to transform his attitude and thought processes to adapt to the difficult situations that arise or that need some sort of creative solution. His willingness to do so is a major contributor to his many wins throughout his career.

He credits his strengths as a leader to his upbringing, when talking to WorldClassMagazines. His parents introduced him to financial stewardship at a very early age. According to him, he was working in youth programs, altering the lives of the less fortunate within the inner city of Philadelphia by the age of 12. He’s also on record saying that his diligence and dedication served him to inspire and to continue making positive changes in the lives of children and adults in the Philadelphia, Baltimore, and now, the Newark, NJ area. To Mr. Seawright, his contributions to society are nothing more than results from his upbringing, and he considers his parents to be his greatest role models.

Education is extremely important and he’s well aware of this, right up there with his love for music. His involvement with organizations are designed to strengthen and empower communities; this includes higher education. “Online education is increasing in popularity, with 32 percent of higher education students taking at least one on-line course in 2013. The total number of on-line students in 2013 was 6.7 million” (Caryl, “Kevin Seawright). To him, any form of education that helps an individual be productive and contribute to society is a great teaching and training tool.

Success means different things to different individuals, but, to him, success revolves around family. He considers himself successful because he has a wonderful relationship with his family, both immediate and extended; his relationship with his daughter is of the most importance. Working on improving the economy is what keeps him motivated.

Forefront Capital Trying to Help the World Succeed

CrunchBase shows that Brad Reifler is an executive and owner of the Forefront Capital company. He rose the company from the bottom and it originally started as an idea in what he thought would be a successful business type. He did so as a result of the many experiences that he had in different companies and working as a trader on the stock market for many years. Reifler has been on the trading scene since the 1980s and has continued to flourish with each of the companies that he has started, brought to profit margins and sold to make even more profit off of. He has had many business ventures and is seen not only as a financial professional, but also as an expert entrepreneur. He has been able to provide the trading world something to talk about with the way that he has done his business models.

Before Forefront Capital, Wikipedia shows that he had a business called Pali Capital. The entrepreneur brought this about in 1995 and it was a successful company for 13 years. He was able to make high profits for the company and did so through the use of his trading expertise. The company was eventually sold as he believed that would make more profit than any of the profit ceilings that had been estimated for the company. He did so and with the return on the sale of the company he was able to start the Forefront Capital company, which has proven to be more successful in ways that the Pali company never could have been.

The work that he did with the Pali company was an afterthought of his work with Refco. This was a company that he did not own, but one that he was able to drastically change with the way that they did business. He worked with the company and quickly became one of the star traders for the company. He was beyond successful and helped to increase the profit of the company. His input into the company was such that it allowed the other traders of the company to change the way that they did business.

On Twitter Brad Reifler has been honest about how he was able to be one of the best traders for Refco because of his own successful trading business. This was an asset that he was actually able to sell to Refco at his commencement with the company. Brad Reifler originally had a company that was called the Reifler Trading Company. He used this company in combination with his expertise in the field. He was able to make the company more successful, but this success was able to be sold for a much higher margin that made him more money than he would have made by keeping it.

Latest Novel by Author Jaime Garcia Dias

Jaime Garcia Dias, Fiction Writer
Born in 1970 in the city of Rio de Janiero to a respected writer and a renowned architect, Jaime Garcia Dias entered the world almost destined to become an intelligent and accoladed author. At fifteen years of age he started on his future career path by writing his first book. Jaime Garcia Dias has always been inspired by other, older prolific Brazilian writers. His father Arnaldo Dias and the Brazilian writer Joao Guimaraes Rosa influenced his decision to pursue writing and were inspiration for his first novel. He has become one of the most well know fiction writers in Brazil and has had twenty books published. He was the 2001 winner of the White Crane Literary Award. Some of his most well known books are: Caiu do Ceu, Dois Caminhos, Canal, Miuda, and Das Nuvens. Undoubtedly, being that he is only forty-five at the time of this writing he will have many more published books on the way.

Jaime Garcia Dias, Professor
Crunchbase shows that in the year 1995 -when he was only twenty-five years old- Jaime Garcia Dias became a professor at the Carioca Literature Academy. This academy is a kind of prep school for teenagers who want to go on to work in literature. He was so successful with his teaching methods that in 1997 he went on to earn the title vice president of the Carioca Literature Academy. He also wrote about ten books during his time as a teacher. Amazingly Jaime Garcia Dias became a successful professor, Carioca Literature Academy vice president and an esteemed fiction author all before he was thirty years of age.

Latest Novel
The latest novel Jaime Garcia Dias has had published is a collection of all of his articles he wrote for the newspaper Jornal do Brasil. He started writing articles for them in 2013, and some of the subject matter includes his childhood experiences and memories of his father, the writer Arnaldo Dias.


Today, we are speaking with Doe Deere about some makeup tips for your eyes. Doe has been a trend-setting genius in the world of beauty for a long time. Instead of speaking about her accomplishments, we are here with some helpful tips.

Many girls have questions about finding the right colors for their eyes. Many have come across challenges with this too. Without further ado, I will allow Doe to take over.


The first thing I’d suggest is looking for colors that compliment one another. What do I mean by this? Usually the complimentary colors are those that opposite one another. When you put the two together, they are so visually appealing. I really can’t begin to tell you how in the makeup world the opposites really do attract.

The eyes alone are your best feature. Learn how to showcase them properly. Learn how to make them stand out; and yet, be subtle at the same time.

The next step is with the colors. You can do some amazing things with colors, especially the bright ones. Learn how to use this to your advantage.

The first thing I normally tell the girls is pick a color that fits your eyes. Pick one that fits your eye color. It has to be a natural fit.


Blue eyes are so common. What is even more common is the range of blue there is. I have found there is no one perfect shade of blue. What you really need is a color that will give more depth to your blue eyes.

Let’s say one of my clients has a really dark blue. Let’s say it’s the color of sapphire. If there is already an intensity there, you can wear any kind of color you want. Deep greys, silver, copper and purples really work the best for my clients with darker blue eyes. I also tell my clients to limit their use of lighter shades. I’m not opposed to lighter shades, not at all. I just feel that with dark blue eyes there needs to be a limit with the lighter colors. The idea is to bring the eyes out more. The lighter shades tend to draw the eyes back in.


Colors like dark peach and bronze really work well. A darker peach is also a good choice. Do not forget to add in your pink highlights. I tell all my clients this. These colors will really bring out your medium blue eyes more.


I tell my clients to stick with the softer shades; but, only go with the lighter shades of these colors. If you are going to go dark, only apply it to the crease of the eyes. If you use it as the defining color, it will overwhelm your eyes. You never want to do this with light blue eyes. It won’t look right.

Well this is all the time we have with Doe today. Tune in next week when she will be discussing what to do with those who have green eyes.

Bye everyone….I hope I helped out some of you.

Importance Of A Legal Professional For Your Business

Operating a commercial business when it is bound by rules and regulations put forth by government entities is a high-risk endeavor for many people. In many instances, costs related to running a business will be greater than the setup cost, thus maximizing your financial risk in a business. If your business is not a success, the cost to keep it afloat is also higher. Part of tempering your risk in a business requires asking yourself this important question : How do I take care of the legal needs?

If you are uncertain about your ability to handle legal matters pertaining to your commercial business, one good way to offset that area is to hire someone who will do the work for you. This accomplishes many purposes. First, the attorney will bring instant experience to your business. Second, you have someone to fall back on if your business fails. Third, you are using real expertise and not relying on trial and error methods. Your business dealings will be as good as the professional. Attorneys like Frans Schoeman, Director at Phatsima Diamond, a law firm in Bellville, South Africa, provide a wide range of legal services for any business type. You will be amazed at how much time these legal matters would demand if you are doing it alone. Be prepared to work with your attorney on every aspect of the matter.

It is a good idea to consider the lawyer you choose as a member of your business team. You are paying this professional to look for your interests. A good reliable professional law firm like that of Frans’s will take care of every issue arising from your business, be it negotiating with clients, solving a lawsuit or paying a claim. The goal of these professionals is to make you aware of the type of help available to you and assist you with your legal needs. He has the expertise your business requires but whether you need to hire and retain one also depends on the requirement of your particular operation. A legal law firm is vital to any business in the commercial industry. This professional can help you understand consequences of the form of business you choose and make the decision accordingly on your behalf as well. The attorney will also help you comply with the various requirements that apply to commercial businesses in the local and state level. If there is a contract involved in your business and other legal documents that are necessary to make that contract successful, the attorney will review and interpret them for you. He will advise you of your options in an understandable manner. In the event of a legal action against your business, the attorney will represent you in court. The lawyer will provide legal advice related to all areas of your business such as management and operation. He will make sure to review the work rules you establish and whether your business is in compliance with overtime laws and wages. For more information, contact Frans Schoeman of Phatsima Diamond on gravatar.

QI Group’s Joseph Bismark Accepts Award from UN Global Compact


In these unique times, running a business is about more than profit and loss. With the world around us changing on a daily basis, steps have to be taken to ensure that businesses not only make money, but do so ethically. With reports of abuse of human capital from major corporations happening daily, major organizations have recognized companies that are striving to achieve and maintain levels in how businesses are run and people are treated. Organizations such as the QI Group have been a leading example of how businesses that place ethics first are run successfully.

All over the world, there are businesses that take advantages of workers by offering them little pay and long hours in terrible working conditions. The UN Global Compact recognizes this, and has instituted initiatives to curtail this type of unethical abuse. Recently the QI Group, was recognized for their continuing work in corporate sustainability by the Compact.

The company considered the challenge to be an example to others around the world on how to conduct business in an ethical example. They wanted other businesses around the world to understand how and why they operated in the manner that they did, and they want to share their business philosophies with others. The QI Group does business in about 30 countries, including Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Singapore. They produce high-end luxury products, health related items, home care and energy products.

The company was presented an award recognizing it as a member of the UN Global Compact. Joseph Bismark, a managing member of the QI Group accepted the award on behalf of the company. The mission of the UN Global Compact is to assist in creating sustainable business models that have a greater impact upon the global economy. It is a worldwide initiative that recognizes companies who practice principles of anticorruption, human rights, and fair labor.

It is no surprise that the QI Group should be recognized with this award, considering Bismark’s unique background. When he was nine years old, he left his home in the Philippines to live his life with monks in a remote mountain region. When he returned to civilization at the age of 17, he dedicated his life to conducting business practices with a spiritual emphasis.

Bismark took what he learned from his spiritual experience, and applied it to his business practices. Utilizing what he learned in the mountains with the monks helped him to expand his success in the corporate world. He currently serves as the Managing Director for the QI Group, and guides their corporate dealings in social responsibility. You can read all about the QI Group and Bismark’s recognition at Yahoo Finance.

The QI Group continues to make strides in not only their fields of endeavor, but as an example of ethical business practices that not only affect their spirit of influence, but the entire business world as well.

Doe Deere Offers Girls New, Bold Makeup Choices

It can be hard for a girl to be able to show her individuality through her makeup when every other girl that she knows is wearing the same brand of makeup as she is. And, it can be especially hard for her to put on a unique look when she feels that there are no other options for her to pick from. The makeup world consists of such a limited amount of brands and colors, and that can be frustrating to a girl who wants to have an unique look for herself. Until she discovers one brand that is doing things differently, that is.
Doe Deere took a few hundred dollars and created a makeup brand for all of the girls who are tired of wearing the same thing as their friends. She created a makeup brand that is filled with unique color choices and glitter. She loves being bold in her own look, and she knew that there were some girls that felt just like her, and that is why she wanted this brand to work. She wanted to create this brand so that every girl’s personality could be shown through the makeup that she is wearing.
Doe Deere believes that makeup should be put on for more than just making sure that one’s flaws are covered up, but that it should also be used to help a girl feel unique. She believes that every girl should put whatever makeup that she loves on, and that she should own it. She should let her personality be shown through the makeup that she has on, and she should not be afraid to let everyone see who she is inside.
Every girl should know that their makeup can say a lot about them. They should know that they do not have to be afraid when they are putting it on, because being unique is a good thing. Letting one’s personality show through their makeup is a good thing.
It is time for girls to quit being shy about their makeup and scared to try new things. It is time that they instead grew bold with the choices that they make with their makeup, and that they had the confidence in themselves to let their personalities show through it. There is nothing holding them back from doing that now that there is a makeup brand that is available to them that is all about bold choices.