The Wessex Institute-Building an Academic Future

Wessex Institute of Technology serves the international scientific community. It is located in the breathtaking New Forest National Park in England. Wessex Institute is helping to develop the exchange of information between academics and professional users. This is being achieved by a range of activities organized by a dedicated staff team within its associated companies and within the Institute.

The Wessex Institute offers many courses that are aimed at academia as well as industry and is attracting students globally. They even have a WIT Conference Programme that is held in different parts of the world. These conferences help to grow and achieve the Wessex Institute’s International knowledge transfer goals. See related articles here.

Many of the students at Wessex have become Full Professors at the most Accredited universities in the United Kingdom, such as Nottingham, Brunel, and Imperial College. Others are now Professors in Universities where they originated from. This is quite the achievements for an independent institution. The Wessex Institute welcomes established Senior academics, Visiting professors, and recently graduated PHD Researchers. Source