ClassDojo Brings Out The Best In Education

One of the important aspects of education is that it helps people prepare for the real world. However, there are a lot of things that people have to learn that even a traditional school doesn’t manage to teach everyone. Back in the days, school was a bit harder for students. Fortunately, ClassDojo has changed a lot when it comes to schooling. The app has proven to be very effective for students, teachers and parents. The creators of the app are thinking of offering some new features that the users could make good use of for a certain amount of money.

There are a lot of features that parents like. Among the things that are helpful to parents is when the teacher posts pictures of the activities in the classroom. This helps parents keep in touch with their students. One of the things that the creators of the apps are hopeful about is the idea that they are going to change education on a large scale. One of the things that is changing about education is the sense of community that ClassDojo brings with it. This is one thing that is going to help students get through their education.

Among the things that ClassDojo does is inspire. Students that are in class with ClassDojo often learn a lot of important concepts. Among the concepts that they learn about is compassion and empathy. It also encourages students to use their creativity in order to come up with something that is going to help a lot of people. One thing that ClassDojo is going to do for education is help people learn the value of diversity. There are plenty of different personalities, and it is important that people learn how to accept one another.

ClassDojo has made a huge impact in education and is continuing to raise the performance levels in schools. Students are learning to feel connected to one another when it comes to their educational life. For one thing, it will also keep the parent and student bond strong while they are in class. Education is something that is important for every aspect of life. Therefore, it is important that it is in the highest form possible.

The Wessex Conferences Are Changing The World

The Wessex Institute of Technology holds about 25 conferences per year. They gather with experts in technology and science to discuss the means to improve many issues found in our planet. Many of their issues are related to the environment, poverty, technology and security. Wessex Institute of Technology conferences for 2016 have concluded, with their latest one in Malaysia.

The soonest conference will be the Coastal Cities 2017 conference in Cadiz, Spain. This will be one of many conferences that will be held in Spain. The conference will discuss the economic and population boom found in coastal regions of the world. There will be a new demand for infrastructure changes and city planning. The last conference of this sort was held in the United Kingdom in 2015.

They plan on wrapping up the year with the Energy and Sustainability 2017 conference in Seville, Spain. This conference will be discussing the increased worldwide interest in renewable energy sources.

The Life & Times of Eric Pulier

Whenever someone is having a “Life and Time” type of article written about them, that person truly has made a huge impact in some shape or form. This article is written about a guy who isn’t a household name, but he’s created some great solutions that has helped solve many of today’s problems. Eric Pulier is his name and innovation is his game. Eric Pulier grew up in Teaneck, New Jersey on the EastCoast of the United States. From a young age he just seem to always find things to create or find a solution for most answers, but who knew what this was leading to years later. Even when he was studying at college, Pulier was always busy with school work and programs as well as taking extra classes at a separate university. By 1988 he finally gradated from Harvard University and soon he would be taking the world by storm.

Upon arriving in Los Angeles two years later Pulier got to work. He first founded a progressive thinking style of company named People Doing Things which helped solve many issues in the fields of healthcare and education. He further pushed himself into many more projects, but what caught his attention was chronically ill children. Being a philanthropist at heart set the ball in motion and Eric Pulier developed one of the first private social media platforms that catered to kids and their health. Starbright World became and also gave Pulier some notoriety. His interest in helping others and creating things turned him into the very definition of a “self made man.” Check out some of the things Pulier has done below:

  • Harvard University Graduate
  • Programmed A Computer In The Fourth Grade
  • Founded Starbroght World Social Media
  • Guest Speaker
  • Investor In Venture Capital Funds
  • Donoted To Numerous Charities

Eric Pulier is truly an American Dream and is the perfect model to strive for because the sky isn’t the limit, the limit’s the sky.

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Seeing How Securus Works for You

People who have loved ones in the prison system always have issues when it comes to the communication that they have with that particular individual. This is why it is a good idea for you to think about using Securus on a regular basis because of the fact that it closes the Gap that you have with the communication that you and your loved one share. It is amazing to use a company like this because of the security that goes into the services they offer as well as the high-quality video that you can find when utilizing each and every option.


The multi-state campaign that was launched by this company has allowed for people to learn more about the services being offered such as the video visitation options that so many individuals are becoming used to using each and every day. Video visitation that you can do from your own home save you a lot of time and money on your own part because of the fact that it allows you to see your loved one without making a lengthy trip to the prison so that you can see them face to face.


Having better communication with your loved one is something that so many individuals simply want in their life each and every day. My own life was becoming very dull and boring because of the fact that my husband was in prison and I could not see him on a regular basis. This was a wonderful service for the both of us to use because it enabled us to see each other more often than we normally would and it also allowed me to save money by not having to make a trip to the prison each and every time I wanted to be able to see him.


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Several Great Passes And More Are Available With A Magnises Black Card

Anyone who joins a membership club is likely doing it because there are benefits to joining the club. A membership is likely to give the member all kinds of perks, especially discounts, depending on what type of membership it is. Those who have become a Magnises card member are already experiencing benefits because of their membership, and the benefits only get better if the user chooses to add passes to their Magnises Black Card. Those with a Magnises card are using it for entry into special events, theaters, restaurants, bars, clubs and more. Even getting discounts on hotels and getting great sports seats is available with the Magnises card.

A lot of people love the fact that they are able to add different passes to their Magnises card, which gives them specialty perks that may be necessary with the type of lifestyle that they are leading. Anyone who is constantly in and out of nightclubs will love the ClubPass because it gives them guaranteed access to most clubs in the New York City area as well as in other cities that the Magnises card is accepted. Nightclubs can be tricky when it comes time to go inside, even if a person has been standing in line for hours.

Anyone wanting to guarantee that they’ll be able to enter a nightclub should get the ClubPass on their Magnises card, which means that every time they go to a club that they’ve reserved a pass, they’ll get inside for sure. Anyone who knows that they’ll be staying in different hotels that accepts a Magnises card can surely save a lot of money, especially if they are staying in the luxurious Dream hotel. With prices that drop all the way down to $79 from $249, it would be unwise for anyone to choose not to get the HotelPass.

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Those who want a nice co-working space for a low price should get the WorkPass from Magnises because it means they’ll have access to a great co-working space in the exact building that Magnises operates from. For only $500 each month, those who have a WorkPass will be able to have their own co-working desk that they can conduct business from. Magnises also has some other great passes that they offer, including the SportsPass, which is recommended for those who have a love for sports but don’t want to sit in the seats that are far from the floor.

There are a lot of adventures to be had once a person gets the Magnises card, especially if they are interested in going to different events that may only come around once in a while or are for the elite, privileged or anyone with a Magnises card. It’s also important to reveal that Magnises card members will get to attend the member only functions and get-togethers that will allow them to talk with other Magnises card members, which can easily bring about great business and professional relationships with other card holders.

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EOS Isn’t Your Ordinary Lip Balm

Evolution of Smooth, a product that makes lips smile, has risen to the top of the lip balm market in just seven short years. Co-owners Sanjiv Mehra and Jonathan Teller invested their main focus on their product and less on press time. However, now that the company has grown so large they’ve decided to share more with their followers. Recently got the full scoop on EOS lip balm.

Mehra and Teller never accepted outside investments, never outsourced the production of their production, and let advertising take shape naturally. So how did they accomplish so much success, given the circumstances of being a humble startup? They developed a product that shook up a market that had become boring. They changed the playing field and ushered in a new standard for lip balm!

Until EOS hit Target store shelves, the lip balms that were available came in dull flavors and boring cylinder tubes. EOS revolutionized lip balm, transforming it from unexciting product to sense igniting experience. The experience begins at the touch of the smooth egg and continues as the user twists open the sphere to a soft pastel color. As the consumer applies the balm, it feels as if they are gliding silk onto their lips. Each balm has a unique flavor, igniting the sense of taste. Even turning the lid on the balm makes a clicking sound that is satisfying to the ear. Better yet, all EOS lip balms are completely organic, a standard that had not been set by the lip balms developed before.

In light of the innovation of EOS lip balm, the company’s following has grown organically. EOS has major popularity with millennials, which is translated through their strong social media presence. As the lip balm industry continues to grow, expect to see EOS leading the way! Visit the evolutionofsmooth website for more information today!

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The SEC and its Whistleblower Program

In the financial world, the main goal is to make as much money as possible. There are legal ways to do this and there are illegal ways to do this. Due to the illegal ways of doing this, the Securities and Exchange Commission was created. The SEC is the government’s regulating body over this industry and works hard to keep the industry functioning as it should.


In response to the Great Recession of the early 2000s, the Dodd-Frank Act was passed by Congress. This Act paved the way for whistleblowers to have more protections if they choose to come forward with information about any wrongdoing. Many provisions were put in place to protect the whistleblowers from their employers and possibly provide them with financial benefits under the right conditions.


When a whistleblower does decide to come forward, they need the right representation from a qualified law firm. Labaton Sucharow was the first law first to provide services focused specifically on SEC whistleblowers. Jordan A. Thomas is the leader of this law firm and he is more than qualified. He has worked previously for the SEC and was a large part of getting the Whistleblower Program set up for the SEC. Having been directly involved in the implementation of the SEC Whistleblower program has given Jordan Thomas excellent insight into what the SEC expects and needs to see for a successful case.


Labaton Sucharow has a large and highly qualified team at the disposal for a whistleblower. They provide investigators, forensic accountants, and financial analysts to help aid the case any whistleblower brings forward. A case that a whistleblower brings forward can take years to resolve and having the right resources available can help speed up the process some.


There are many benefits that came from the Dodd-Frank Act. Whistleblowers can now come forward with less fear of retaliation. The SEC takes these claims very seriously and the firm of Labaton Sucharow does as well. The team at Labaton Sucharow will do everything they can to prove all claims and get the best result possible. A good result is in the best interest of everyone involved to include the whistleblower, the law firm, the SEC and the financial industry.

The Wessex Institute of Technology, Transforming Technical Education

The Wessex Institute of Technology (WIT) is a research and educational institution that offers higher education in addition to international conference facilitation. WIT is located in the midst of the New Forest Park, Ashurst Lodge, south of England.

According to the Wessex Institute of Technology Wikipedia, the Institute aims to establish innovative knowledge sharing mechanisms between industry professionals and academicians across the world by having Wessex Institute of Technology conferences.

Professor Carlos Brebbia founded the institute in 1986 to succeed the initial Computational Mechanics Institute. The WIT ventures in three major areas: Publishing, Conferences, and Research.

The Research programs are financed by various industry and research organizations and involve collaborations with world’s major learning institutions. Some of the collaborations include the Universita di Siena, Italy, the Universidad de Granada, Spain, the University of the West of England, UK, among others.


The institute has given numerous awards to professionals and academicians including the Prigogine Medal. The Medal was established in memory the Nobel Prize winner in Chemistry, Ilya Prigogine. It is given yearly during the Institute’s annual conferences.

Everything You Should Know About Eric Lefkofsky

Mr. Lefkofsky is an entrepreneur, who is the CEO and founder of Tempus. Additionally, he has cofounded other organisations such as Groupon, ECHO, INWK, Uptake, and Mediaocean. He is the co-founder of Lightbank, a Chicago-based venture capital firm. Lightbank has investments in over 100 companies. One of these investments is in the dating app, Coffee Meets Bagel. Another company is BeachMint, an e-commerce company. He was brought up in Southfield, Michigan and studied for his undergraduate and law degrees at the University of Michigan.

His Entrepreneurial Spirit

He has always been an entrepreneur. His first business was selling carpets while at the University of Michigan. When he completed school, he teamed up with his friend and they borrowed money, which they used to start an apparel company in Madison, Wisconsin. They, later on, created an internet-based company, which specialized in promotional products. They eventually sold their small internet startup in 2000.

Eric Lefkofsky and Cancer Research

Together with his wife Liz, they have donated a lot of money to cancer research. Most of their donations have been through the Lefkofsky family foundation. For instance, in 2015, he donated a million dollars to the Robert H. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center. A month before that, the foundation had donated half a million dollars to gastric cancer research conducted at Stanford University. In November of 2016, the foundation gave a quarter a million to the Weill Cornell Medicine, which is involved in breast cancer research.
Eric Lefkofsky has donated millions of dollars to cancer research in his life. However, with his new effort, he will be able to fight cancer in a better way. His new organization, known as Tempus allows him to take a smarter approach in the fight against cancer.
Since leaving his position as CEO of Groupon, most of his time has been spent creating Tempus. The startup has mostly been operating out of Lightbank, another of Mr. Lefkofsky’s startups. The level at which he works in Tempus is not quite clear. However, it is quite clear that he plays a major role there.

What is Tempus?

On its website, the organization says its work is to facilitate professionals involved in cancer treatment more efficient. It does this by assisting them to make data-driven decisions in real time. According to the website, the organization utilizes genome sequencing and analyses to assist doctors to understand their patients’ tumors.
The organization relies on the collection of huge amounts of genomic information. It then utilizes complex data analysis to help doctors give their patients personalized medical solutions. The aim is to ensure that patients get the best care plan possible. Currently, the company only specializes in research for lung, breast, and pancreatic cancer. However, it hopes to add more types of cancer as time progresses.
Tempus currently employs 29 people. One of its notable employees is Hunter, who was formally a director at HighGround. Another notable person at Tempus is the VP of Engineering at Tempus Anil Saldanha. The VP was formally alum at Trustwave. Additionally, a former VC at Lightbank, Ryan Fukushima now holds an executive role at the organisation.

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The International Journals of WIT Press

Wessex Institute of Technology Press currently publishes five journals.

“The International Journal of Sustainable Development and Planning” discusses environmental design. “The International Journal of Design & Nature and Ecodynamics” encourages communication between arts and sciences. “The International Journal of Safety and Security Engineering” covers management of crises such as natural disasters and terrorism. “The International Journal of Computational Methods and Experimental Measurements” focuses on the interaction and integration of CM and EM.

“The International Journal of Transport Development and Integration” addresses the worldwide future of energy management.

Two additional titles are planned for 2017 and 2018. “The International Journal of Environmental Impacts” will discuss the way in which scientific, social, and economic issues affect the search for sustainability, and “The International Journal of Heritage Architecture” will provide information regarding repair and maintenance of heritage sites.