The Simple Solution To Every Day Hair Care

Tired of dry, limp unmanageable hair?

You’ve heard all the different strategies like wash every other day, use this type of shampoo and conditioner, but nothing seems to manage your hair the body and shine you want.

The problem isn’t your hair. It’s the type of hair products you’re using.

Introducing the Wen system by world-renown celebrity hair stylist to the stars Chaz Dean. Designed for some of the world’s hottest celebrities the Wen cleansing conditioner is now available for everyone to use at a fraction of the cost of hiring a stylist.

With the Wen hair by Chaz cleansing conditioner, you’ll restore all the natural oils that other shampoos and conditioners strip from your hair. Designed for all hair types, the Wen by Chaz cleansing conditioner won’t damage your hair but will leave it stronger, healthier and more manageable than before.

And with over 40 million bottles sold, you’ll have the comfort of knowing QVC‘s Wen by Chaz is proven to be safe and effective. Get rid of your traditional hair care products and get with the only one that is guaranteed to strengthen your hair, giving it incredible body, and become easily manageable.

The beauty is in the design, using all-natural ingredients that help protect and reinforce your hair so that you can go back to cleaning it once a day, every day with the peace of mind that you’re not harming your hair.

The proven Wen by Chaz’s hair care solution. Your everyday solution to more manageable, healthier hair.

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When Is Supporting Your Adult Children Too Much?


Sam Tabar is an attorney and capital strategy advisor located in New York City. After multiple years in the finance world, Tabar decided to get back into the legal world by joining Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP as a Senior Associate. In this law firm, Tabar works with hedge funds, fund formation and structure, and regulatory and compliance issues. He understands how the finance world works, and how money should be structured in a business setting or in a personal setting. He has wrote a couple of articles for the Huffington Post talking about his financial wisdom, and how people should handle their own finances.


Early in October, Sam Tabar wrote an article called, “When Should A Parent Stop Supporting Their Adult Children?” In the article, he discusses how difficult it can be for parents to stop supporting their children, after all, parents believe they are supposed to be their children’s caregiver, but how long is too long? People tend to believe that their child is their responsibility for life, and in some cases this is true, but it may not be true in the finance department.


Sam Tabar discusses how each parent has an individual number when it comes to the age of no longer supporting their children. First parents should look at their own financial state, are they ready for retirement? Do they only have $400 in savings? If they are financially stable and do not have trouble paying their bills for their children, paying bills until the child is 30 or 40 might be ok. However, if the parents are in financial trouble and their adult child has a steady job, and money in savings, they should know it is time to pay their own way.

Tabar does not believe that parents should risk their own financial life to care for their adult children’s finances. If someone’s children is capable of paying their own bills, but refuses to, this is when the parents may need to be stern and tell them how it is. Most people are not going to give up free help, even if it is from their own parents.  See what Sam is working on next on


How Online Reputation Management Helped Trump Find His Way Out Of A Sex Storm

The entire universe has been exposed to a decade old audio tape of Presidential candidate Donald Trump making what are now considered hideous sexual remarks about a woman that he worked with and reportedly had an affair with soon after his marriage.

The public holds politicians to a much higher standard of sexual behavior than they do athletes, movie stars, and television personalities regardless of the person’s sex. The comments that Trump made pale in comparison to the actions of some politicians at the same time and could be considered insignificant compared to the sexual antics of male and female celebrities then and now.

A brief look at Trump’s Facebook page gives a person a good idea of what online reputation management is and can do for any company or individual. Trump’s team is naturally the source of the methods and statements that turned a near certain calamity into a minor blip in the great scheme of things in the Presidential race.

A comparison of the comments from Trump faithful and from his Republican supporters last week and the comments after the October 9, 2016, debate show a mastery of online reputation management. The return of many of the major Republican politicians who abandoned Trump as disgraceful and unfit for the Presidency is indicative of the adroit management of the circumstances by a group of master reputation managers.

The massive number of dislikes faded from Facebook as soon as the damage control group began working and has resulted in additional likes for Trump.

One must note that the majority of the discussion of the audio from Trump took place on, Facebook and Twitter. Carefully crafted short messages from the candidate’s handlers distanced him from the comments and did the best possible job of minimizing the damage that the revelations from the past caused.

The damage control was topped off by an apology from Trump during the debate. The reception of the apology was naturally dependent on the political leanings of the owners of the various news outlets. The damage control is not over but the majority of any post-debate work will be handled in social media because that is where people get their news now.


Naomi Campbell, Supermodel and Advocate

The modeling industry is known as an extremely competitive and difficult career for a person to undertake. Yet, this career is 10x harder if a person is black, as racism within the fashion industry is strong.

Naomi Campbell, the English supermodel, has been crucial in paving the way for black models. She has had outstanding success as a supermodel and worked hard to overcome discrimination in the fashion world.

Naomi Campbell wasn’t born into fame but fame quickly found her; at the age of seven she made an appearance in Bob Marley’s “This is Love” music video. This became her launch into stardom as she continued to get recruited for film, as a child. Naomi Campbell went to several theater and art schools and at the age of sixteen she had her first big break when she appeared on the cover of the British magazine Elle.

Since then, Naomi has continued to grow her career and fame; she has cat-walked for countless clothing lines such as Prada, Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana, Marc Jacobs, and many others. Naomi became the first black model to be featured on the covers of the French Vogue, Russian Vogue, British Vogue and TIME magazine, all of which are high achievements. Most recently Naomi has spent some time acting in Fox’s TV series Empire and Fx’s American Horror Story.

In addition, Naomi is also a great supporter of charity and has even started several of her own charities. In 2005, Campbell started the charity “We Love Brazil” to help the poverty stricken Brazilian people. She also started Fashion for Relief, a charitable organization that raises money for anyone suffering from disasters. Fashion for Relief had given to hurricane Katrina victims, Haiti earthquake victims, Japanese earthquake victims and many others.

Naomi Campbell may be one of the world’s greatest supermodel yet her life has amounted to so much more as she is an advocate for others; because of her hard work, the fashion industry will be a better place for all minorities.

Adam Milstein Announced As One Of The 50 Most Influential Jews In The World

Recently, Adam Milstein was recognized by the Jerusalem Post as part of the 50 most influential Jewish figures that have made an impact worldwide in the past year. The list also includes people that have the prospect to effect transformation in the future. On the list, Milstein was number 39. That is because of his leadership as the chairman and co-founder of the Israel-American Council. He was also recognized for his work as an activist, philanthropist, and leadership in several other Jewish organizations. The organizations include Hasbara Fellowships, StandWithUs, Birthright Israel, the Israel on Campus Coalition, AIPAC National Council, and Stand By Me.

Additionally, the list comprises of political leaders such as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu along with U.S senator Charles Schumer. It also includes Supreme Court Justices Elena Kagan and Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Philanthropists Haim Saban, Sheldon Adelson, Lynn Schusterman, Ron Lauder, and Matthew Bronfman make the list. It also has Jewish leaders like Malcolm Hoenlein and Natan Sharansky as well as entertainers like Sarah Silverman and Gal Gadot.

Milstein noted that he was honored and humbled by his inclusion in the list alongside the Jewish people’s outstanding leaders. He added that he was grateful to his wife, Gila, the IAC as well as the Jewish organizations that they have had an opportunity to collaborate with to make a difference. According to him, the award is an indication of
the major achievements of the Israel- American Community.

The mission of the Milstein Family Foundation is based on two pillars, which include strengthening the Jewish people as well as their homeland. That is by enhancing cooperation between organizations. The foundation also embraces the principles of funding projects while focusing on their long term impact and active philanthropy. Milstein pointed out that the Milstein Family Foundation will continue with its mission.

About Adam Milstein
Adam Milstein is Hager Pacific Properties’ managing partner. He is philanthropist and a real estate investor. He co-founded the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation in 2000 alongside his wife, Gila. His family foundation works on igniting the Jewish pride in young Jewish people. It offers pro-Israel Americans with expertise to promote the state of Israel and support the important U.S. – Israel coalition.

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Why Kenneth Goodgame Believes in End Caps

When it comes to marketing, Kenneth Goodgame has managed to become the best. His prowess can be seen from the insane earnings that True Value makes and the prospects that the company has in making more profits. Regarding the retail industry, Kenneth Goodgame has the most impressive resume that any client would be looking for. Some of his skills include marketing products as well as displaying products to draw the attention of the buyers. Kenneth Goodgame is also very skilled in making people pay for the goods they have bought at various stores. Other than True Value, Goodgame has worked for other companies such as Newell Rubbermaid as well as Techtronic Industries where he also recorded increased sales and success.

Kenneth Goodgame has worked as the Chief Merchandizing Officer as well as the Senior Vice President of True Value Hardware Corporation since 2013. His success in this firm can be attributed to the way he places emphasis on the end cap. He believes that end caps are very crucial in sales. Goodgame acknowledges that end caps are usually the first thing a customer will likely notice about an aisle when they walk to a store. While working at True Value Hardware, he has been able to replace the lowest performing buyers into the best performing ones. He has also launched the New at True value program. This is an end program that has been supported by more than 2800 stores.

Over the years, Kenneth Goodgame has enjoyed success in the operation management field and has been able to participate in million and billion dollar projects. Goodgame focuses on developing innovative marketing strategies as well as promoting growth through the use innovative leadership. He also focusses on productivity enhancement as well as cost analysis and not forgetting composed negotiations. Goodgame believes that the experience that he has acquired over time helps him avoid the costly mistakes that make other people fail.

Before joining True Value Hardware, Goodgame worked for the Ace Hardware Corporation that is based in Oak Brook Illinois. He served as the General Merchandising Manager from 2010 to 2013 when he recorded notable success. Goodgame holds a bachelor’s degree in Marketing from the University of Tennessee.

Diversant Acquires Info Technologies

John Goullet is one of the most influential individuals in the Information Technology industry. He is also a respected businessman who has started several successful companies. After completing his education several years ago, John Goullet chose the information technology sector because he always had a special interest in technology. He first settled for Information Technology consultancy where he worked for several years. After becoming a successful consultant, John ventured into IT staffing, and this is where he mostly specializes today.

John Goullet has worked in the IT department for many years, and this has given him a great understanding of the new marketing trends, and he uses these skills in his career. He is the founder of Info Technologies, an IT company that has achieved a lot in the industry. Goullet’s experience has played a crucial role in the success of Info Technologies. The company has always specialized in providing consumers with the best ICT solutions. Info Technologies has been recognized in several platforms as one of the best and fastest growing IT firms in the US.

In 2010, John Goullet decided to sell his private company to an institution known as Diversant. Before its acquisition, the company was worth more than thirty million. John Goullet was appointed to work as a principle at Diversant. He uses his skills and techniques to develop solutions to the challenging problems in the ever-evolving information ICT world.

Diversant is a known to many individuals as one of the certified Minority Owned Business Enterprise, in the United States. The company is also recognized as one of the biggest African-American staffing institutions in the country. Diversant offers its clients with a broad range of solutions like IT augmentation, direct-hire, and innovative diversity services.

To ensure that the solutions it offers its customers are the best, Diversant hires the best professionals in the Information Technology world. Most of the professionals in the staffing company believe in diversity. The professionals know that diversity leads to better and greater opportunities for consumers, partners and the consultants in the business. The diversity principle has played a crucial role in the success of the company.