Andy Wirth is Loyal to Squaw Valley and Lake Tahoe

Entrepreneur and Philanthropist Andy Wirth has had a full career including his most recent position as CEO and president of Squaw Valley Holdings. Today this includes two spectacular resorts, Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows Ski Resorts both in Lake Tahoe. Wirth is very skillful as operating manager, and he takes his position seriously.

Squaw Valley is the 1969 Winter Olympics Stadium and Resort, and within the first six months, Andy authorized a six million dollar renovation project so that the entire property could be brought up to par as a fantastic ski resort.

Andy Wirth and his family are from Germany, and he is an outdoor enthusiast who loves the mountains. Wirth began his career in ski resorts when he graduated from Colorado State University with a degree in hotel and resort management. He was immediately hired at Steamboat Springs in Colorado as business manager.

In 2013, Wirth was in a horrific skydiving accident where he landed in a vineyard on a wooden pole, which tore off his arm. Luckily, emergency vehicles came quickly to the scene, and he had his arm reattached. He had many months of rehabilitation ahead, and after several months, he met a Navy Seal who assisted him to recovery.

In appreciation, Andy held the area’s first Ironman Competition and then participated in it. This was a victory both for Andy and the community. In 2014, he was awarded Citizen of the Year by Disabled Sports USA.


Less than a few years later, Andy Wirth has been a tremendous support for the community by working on such projects as the Clean Air Program, maintaining incorporation for the Tahoe community, and in 2015, he was voted chairman of the board of the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board of Trustees. Wirth is as active in the community as he is in Squaw Valley Holdings. He enjoys giving to the community and the ski resorts located here to create the very best environment.

Wirth is working on building a connection between the two resorts because they are located at the bottom of the same mountain. With his determination, it won’t be long before that story hits the newspapers.

Brand Engagement: Millennials Talk, Millennials Listen

Millennials are tough consumers. They are acquainted with traditional marketing and advertising, so they are well-aware of when a company is selling to them. Additionally, they have a fast evolving language and a hard to penetrate culture. Brands have to be flexible, smart and robust about their content strategy to keep up with them. It is important for brands to be able to speak their language because these college-aged consumers have $200 billion to spend. Also, early brand loyalty will lead to long-term growth potentials.

Josh Verne saw an opportunity in the marketplace to allow Millenials to communicate with each other. His company FlockU is a peer-to-peer content exchange for college students. The college students run and create the content themselves. Since launching in 2016, the platform has more than 700,000 members, with almost 4 million web hits every month.

FlockU garner content that feels natural to Millenials. Cytex discovered the benefits of FlockU as a platform when they tried to educate college students about the uncomfortable topic of Urinary Tract Infection. Generally, companies would not consider a humorous approach to dealing with a serious and potentially embarrassing topic like this. But FlockU was able to deliver an effective message through the peer-to-peer humorous exchange of accurate medical information. It was possible because college students understood what other college students want to hear.

Millenials are bombarded with 5,000 media messages each day. So, they are careful about what they share with their peers. According to a ‘NewsCred’ survey, 60% of Millenials share content when it is ‘thought provoking and intelligent’. So brands have to be authentic, enthusiastic and purpose-driven. Netflix has effectively targeted and shared content to promote its exclusive shows. Verizon has shown innovation with “Inspire Her Mind” campaign which promotes women in science and math. These companies succeeded through understanding and tailoring their content to their consumers.

A company like FlockU, that provides Millenial to Millenial content sharing, can increase brand presence. However, the most important part of reaching out to this generation is creating content that feels real, engaging, and useful to the Millenials.

About Josh Verne

Josh Verne, founder and CEO of FlockU, is an entrepreneur and executive with more than 20 years of experience starting and growing multi-channel businesses. His company FlockU is targeted at college students for peer-to-peer mobile communication.

Previously, Josh Verne ( founded and sold The e-commerce website allowed buyers to finance purchases through payroll deduction. Prior to that, Josh Verne grew his family business into one of the largest furniture brands in North America.

Securus clears up inaccuracies in the Global Link’s Press release

Securus Technologies a leading a leading provider of criminal and civil justice technology repudiated and explained the anomalies that were in the latest GTL’s press release. According to Securus, GTL’s press release contained statements that the company finds to be inaccurate and misleading to the public. Securus cleared the allegations through a press release, and the aim of the press release is to clarify on several of the incorrect claims by GTL.


The Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technologies Richard A. Smith said that GTL is quite aware of the fact that patent litigation can take multiple years to pursue and it costs millions of dollars. This is why Securus Technologies doubt whether the litigation approach being pursued by GTL makes any sense at all regarding good financial practices or the best interests of their company. Securus corrected most of these allegations by GTL in a bid to reassure the public of their patents and where they stand as a company. However, Securus will continue to defend themselves from further attacks and at the same time asserting their patents in response. This will be done as long as it will be necessary in response to GTL’s approach. Richard A. Smith responded to GTL’s latest press release saying that he would be happy to reinstitute his technology bake-off challenge with GTL at any time and he had offered to do it multiple times.


Securus Technologies is a company that has its headquarters in Dallas Texas, and it currently serves more than 3450 law enforcement, public safety and correction agencies and over 1.2 million inmates across North America. Securus recently received accreditation from the Better Business Bureau where they received an A+ rating.


The expansion of the company saw them acquire JPay Inc. which is a leading technology company in the market and it has introduced emails, electronic payments and it’s also a host of educational and entertainment-related apps to the correctional space. JPay currently serves and operates in more than 33 state prison systems.



Keith Mann Has Been Good For New York Schools

Keith Mann has been very good for our New York schools because he wants to help kids get scholarships to college. I know that that is not the only way to make schools better, but it helps the kids dream about college. There is a $5000 scholarship for the kid who wins it every year, and it is for the kids who live in our community. They are very good kids who want to have a chance to make their lives better at college, and they are sure that they can apply to see what happens.


I have told my kids that they should apply for this scholarship because they should try t get in touch with Keith Mann and at least be a part of the system. He is a very nice man who has done a lot for us, and we know that he is helping us in ways that other people would not. Not many people are going to come out and make sure that we have scholarships for the kids, and they would not also help us raise money for the schools. We are using these tools to make the kids think about a brighter future.


I have to commend Keith Mann for all that he has done because he has shown us that there is a brand new way to have a better life. He is stepping in to show our kids that they are able to go to college with a scholarship, and even the kids who do not get the scholarship are more likely to go off to college knowing that they have a chance at a future. I want to thank Keith Mann personally because he has done so much for our families that he has changed the way we approach education.

ClassDojo: The Best thing For Classrooms

ClassDojo is the best thing to happen to classrooms in a long time. It is an app that is run by the teacher and is able to be used for everything in the classroom from excellent grades to great behavior and children going above and beyond what they are expected to do in the class. The app is fully functional in that it allows kids to get the most out of the application while the teachers are able to use it as a way to reward good behavior in the classroom. It is an excellent app that includes everything teachers need to make their class run smoothly.


Teachers can add each of their students to the app as they come into the classroom. This gives them a chance to add kids who come in the middle of the year or who are new to the class from what was on the original roster. The roster is able to be changed on the ClassDojo app very easily and students can fit into the app on a regular basis depending on where they go from there. There are many chances for teachers to make sure that they are getting the most out of the app.



When students use the app, they can also feel good about their classroom experience. The app is designed to be a positive app for kids who are a part of the classroom. The app works to let them know that they are having great behavior no matter what they are doing in the classroom. It encourages them to keep going by allowing them to earn points depending on the things that they are doing in class. This is a great way to both encourage and promote positive behavior in the classroom and gives students a sense of accomplishment in the classroom.


The app is also designed for parents to be able to connect with the classroom. Parents can see what their children are doing throughout the day and school and they can see how well their children are getting along. They can see the points that they have earned and they are able to provide the kids with a positive message related to the app and the way that it is used. There are many chances for students to do well and teachers are always sure to talk to the parents about how the child is doing.

Norka Luque: Determination leads to Success  

Norka Martinez Luque is a Venezuelan musician who discovered her love and passion for music at a tender age, and her goal has always been clear: to bring a positive message through her music. As a child, Norka received complete support from her parents when she started her musical training with piano classes, voice practice, flamenco, and ballet. She did all these while still pursuing her academic education.

After high school, Norka traveled to France where she was to pursue higher education in International Business. She received degrees in Marketing, culinary arts, and fashion but also continued doing what she liked- music! She, therefore, joined a band known as Bab Moon Rising, with which she appeared on various platforms. Upon coming back to the United States, Norka took singing lessons. Later, renowned music producer Emilio Estefan Jr became interested in Norka’s work and opened doors to her lifetime dream of professional singing.

The birth of the song, Milagro

With an excellent team of producers, led by Emilio Estefan Jr, Norka produced the song, MILAGRO, which she is currently promoting alongside El Cata. Milagro is a mixture of reggae, Caribbean sounds, and Mediterranean traces, combined with a beautiful message that makes it a recipe for success.

This song has become a major hit in Venezuela, the United States, and Puerto Rico and it is making its entrance into the great Latin Music Billboards as one of the favorites. The singer has risen from ninth to the second position on the Top Salsa Billboard Record Report, which measures the problems most widespread in Venezuela.

In the United States, Milagro is also trending, in the Dance Club version, entitled Miracle and sung in English. In just a week, she went from position 42 on the billboards to 29. Earlier this year, Norka was nominated for the Lo Nuestro Award for the Female Pop Artist of the Year.

As a young artist, Norka Luque showed what determination means. She has excelled not only by being at the top of the charts but also by instilling positive massages full of hope to her fans. As a person who also went through a personal crisis, Norka uses her music as a medium to transmit love to those overwhelmed by life’s issues and who only hope for a miracle like she did. She insists that even though new genres and rhythms are born, the essence of your message as an artist should never change.

Norka’s performance at MTV:

Adam Goldenberg Doesn’t Let Being A Unicorn Affect His Business

Owning a billion dollar business, or becoming a unicorn as they call it is no small thing to Adam Goldenberg. But he doesn’t want that to change what he or his business does. According to VatorTV, Goldenberg said that the latest round of venture capital funding that JustFab received to put it over $1 billion in value, actually had less effect on how they do business compared to other funding. Goldenberg has made online shopping fun and hassle-free at JustFab, and now the company has opened up local shopping stores where their apparel can be tried on. JustFab has grown fast in just 5 years, and with Goldenberg and Ressler at the helm it’s easy to see why.

Adam Goldenberg came into the fashion industry with little background in it. At only 15, he had started up a gaming marketing company called Gamer’s Alliance on Forbes. This startup made big news in the marketing world, and Intermix Media decided to buy this company and hire Goldenberg onto their team. Goldenberg at 20, was the youngest chief operating officer at Intermix Media, something that had never happened at a publicly traded company. Goldenberg’s best moment at Intermix Media came when he met founder Don Ressler, the man with whom he would embark on his business career.

In 2005 when NewsCorp bought out Intermix Media and bought out MySpace, Goldenberg and Ressler decided to move on to greener pastures. The first company they started was Intelligent Beauty, from which they distributed various personal health products. But they decided they wanted to try something fun and brand new, so they got into the fashion industry and started up JustFab in 2010.

The unusual thing about this move was that Adam Goldenberg and Ressler knew almost nothing about fashion or the terminology, but they decided to team up with some designers that could make this new business go far. They hosted various functions at which the designs were tested and displayed by various models. Kimora Lee Simmons saw what Goldenberg and Ressler were doing, and was so impressed that she joined the company and made JustFab her own personal brand. With Simmons there, the company was starting to gain popularity, but it needed venture capital to help establish operations in more territories. So Josh Hannah of Matrix Partners, along with a few other venture capital firms helped JustFab raise over $300 million. Also endorsing JustFab are celebrities like Kate and Oliver Hudson. Source:

Reasons why Raj Fernando Recruited Only “A” Players at Chopper Trading

The trading floor is always bustling with activity and tense particularly when the markets are open but the scene witnessed at Chopper Trading in the break room is quite different. It is normal to find employees either playing poker or table tennis to wind down or lifting weights. They also go out to attend games courtesy of the season tickets provided by the company for Sox, Cubs, Blackhawks or Bulls games. Their lines of business are always stressful and hence their CEO, Raj Fernando, tries as much as possible to make the atmosphere pleasant enough to counter the stress.

Raj Fernando uses a different approach when hiring staff for Chopper Trading than his competitors. He does not usually take a certain number of trainees and put them through training and then choose the best and release the rest. His process of hiring is usually involved and quite lengthy as he attempts to bring employees who will work and retire in the same company. Raj started a rule that guided his hiring process when he launched the company in 2002. He does not mind the amount of money an employee will bring if they are going to make life miserable for all in the company. He likens the employment to a marriage where the prospective employee ought to want Chopper Trading without a turnover. This is only possible if the bad elements are weeded out as early as the interview stage.

About Raj Fernando

He is currently the founder and CEO of Scoutahead and used to hold the same credentials for Chopper Trading in the past. Raj started volunteering when he was still in college at Chicago Mercantile Exchange and worked his way up in a number of positions there and at Chicago Board of Trade (1991 to the year 2001). He then founded Chopper Trading in 2002 and he oversaw its growth that made it possible for it to employ as many as over 250 employees. Fernando then sold his company, Chopper Trading, to the DRW Trading Group in 2015. Early this year he launched Scoutahead, an internet startup that seeks to improve professional and corporate productivity and growth using communication systems that are advanced and secure.

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