Three Smart Investment Strategies That Work

You can learn how to invest money the smart way. PR Newswire listed the steps. The first step is to start investing money as soon as possible. Most workers do not reach their retirement goals because they wait too late to investment their money. Also, a large number of employees do not invest enough money for retirement.

Our retirement goals and objectives are different because of our personal circumstances. Do not invest more money than you can afford to lose. You should consider putting annuities, insurance and mutual funds in a portfolio.


First, an annuity is your solution if you think you are going to out live your retirement income. Your annuity can be deferred or immediate. With the deferred annuity, you make a lump sum payment or monthly payments for many years. At the end of the contract, the insurance company will pay you based on the terms of the contract.

If you use an immediate annuity, you pay the insurance company a lump sum payment. Then, you immediately get monthly payments from the insurance company based on the contract.

Insurance Policy

Next, insurance policies have tax-free death benefits. There are several types of insurance polices and some of them have a cash value. Whole life insurance policies have a cash value. When you die, your loved one gets the death benefit and the total cash value of the policy.

For example, you buy a $100,000 whole life insurance policy. If the insurance policy is worth $150,000 when you die, your beneficiary gets the death benefit and the $50,000 tax-free.

Laidlaw & Company Mutual Funds

Then, you can contact an investment bank to help you investment money. Laidlaw & Company is an investment bank with 170 years of service in the finance industry. The world class investment bank can help you select mutual funds that will outpace inflation rates and help you create wealth.

Finally, when you buy mutual funds, you gain access to stock markets. There are thousands of mutual funds on the market and Laidlaw & Company is an excellent tool to use that will help you make wise financial decisions.



Sanjay Shah and Solo Capital

Sanjay Shah is an accountant turned entrepreneur who has experienced a lot of success with his own businesses. In 2011 he decided to venture into the investment industry further and start his own brokerage firm. He named it Solo Capital Partners. He actually had already owned and started a few businesses prior to starting Solo Capital Partners, so he had the fundamentals under his belt and new what needed to be done to succeed. Sometimes you just never know with businesses though, especially if you’re starting one on your own. Sometimes they need a lot of time to take off, and other times they need no time at all. That was the outcome for Solo Capital. After five years of business the company had a cash flow of approximately $33.82 million and a net worth of $17 million. The company most definitely succeeded, and it did so in a very fast way.

Solo Capital Partners concentrates on the trading assets and consulting for businesses. Their expert staff is highly qualified and welcome years of experience to the company. Their goal is to find the best outcome and ensure client satisfaction as well as guarantee. While that is hard sometimes in the world of investments, their experience can provide high quality standards and assurance in the process. Sanjay Shah has companies that are located throughout the region, with two of them being directly affected and related to Solo Capital Partners. He has built a company to manage Solo Capital and the company that controls Solo Capital has a company that controls them. It’s a hierarchy of pure expertise.

Shah is glad that he took the route into the investment and financial world as opposed to the healthcare job he was seeking prior. He wanted to become a doctor and began his pre-med school classes. With much consideration, he moved out of the realm of his life and shifted to the accounting side of things. He graduated with his degree and got a job at an investment firm. Throughout the years, he worked for different banks and investment companies as an accountant before he started Solo Capital.

With the success of his businesses, he has been able to retire from them. However, he hasn’t slowed down. He started a charity based on the neurological condition, autism. He wants to make a difference when it comes to the condition because it is so misunderstood. Many countries aren’t even sure what it is, or how to treat it. Autism Rocks is a concert based fundraiser that helps raise money for research. Shah hopes to better understand that condition as well as his son who was diagnosed with autism in 2011. Since then, he has dedicated much of his life to find a cause and hopes to develop a lot of information through research.

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Why Is Martin Lustgarten So Successful At Investing?

Martin Lustgarten is a great case study in using his personal experience to become a wealthy investor. Americans today seem to be stuck on the biggest stocks in the American markets without thinking about any other stocks that they could invest in. The best investors in the world like Martin Lustgarten are actually turning over every rock to see if they can find a better investment to try.

Martin works in more places than his home countries. He is a citizen of Austria and Venezuela, but he has not pigeonholed himself like most Americans do. Americans do not realize that they can invest anywhere they want, and Martin Lustgarten does that every day. His ideas about investing have to do with making sure that no stock stays on the books for too long, and he also has  Vimeo account.

Americans will leave stocks in their portfolios because they think there are no other options, but moving to another market is a way to make and save money. Martin has accounts around the world that help him make as much money as possible, and he has been telling investors to send their money to the places that give the best returns. America does not always have the best returns, and Americans need to learn that lesson.

A broker can open a new account abroad for any client, and the accounts are managed by the broker to make sure that they are profitable. Someone who is not sure what to do with their accounts can leave their brokers to make their decisions, and the brokers have just as much information as a guy like Martin. The American who works a 9-5 job can get better trades done by a professional broker.

Martin Lustgarten’s lesson for investors is to keep their eyes open for new chances to make money. Martin decided to invest in both of his home countries, and he has invested all over the world to make money. He is not afraid to move his investments around when a better opportunity comes along, and he saves a lot of money by moving his money the second he sees a problem.

George Soros Affects American Politics


Kenneth P. Vogel wrote an article, in January this year, for Politico about George Soros’ contributions to the campaign of Hillary R. Clinton. The reason for his endorsement seems to be tied to Soros’s desire to be part of the policy making apparatus of his adopted country.
At a time when insiders are considered anathema to the electorate, Hillary Clinton has garnered huge contributions from super-Pacs and billionaires like Soros. She is, after all, the presumptive presidential candidate for the Democrat Party. But she is in a struggle, after loosing two of three races on Super Saturday, to a resurgent Bernie Sanders, who depends not on super-Pacs but on those $27. contributions from private citizens, who have “felt the Bern”.
George Soros did support John Kerry in his quest to defeat George Bush for president in 2004. And before 2008 Soros warned about an impending economic, financial and political crisis. Soros saw, as an insider accustomed to the dealings on Wall Street, the machinations which produced the crisis of 2008. He sees a similar economic and political crisis looming today. But his support for Clinton seems odd considering her relationships with Goldman-Sachs and others who have contributed to her campaign. While Sanders has been opposed to many of the disastrous trade deals beginning with Mr. Clinton; deals which Hillary supported, but, now, admits were wrong.
Perhaps Soros’ decision to support Hillary instead of Sanders was due to his childhood experiences in Hungary, when the Communist forces deposed the German occupying forces, which had invaded Hungary during the Second World War.
Soros’ Open Society Foundation is dedicated to the transparency and proliferation of free societies and governments around the globe. His insights are important and his economic forecasting has been proven by the success of his multi-billion dollar hedge funds.
Soros is an important man on the world stage who has written extensively and made his opinions available to economic and political forums around the world.
While most of the billionaires in the United States of America are staunch Republicans, it is very nice to see Soros on the side of the party of the little man. He has an intense sense of trust for Hillary, and enjoys the fact that she has offered him an open door to her presidency, if elected.
There are those on the right-wing who attack Soros’ political leanings and attempt to discredit his intentions and even challenge his worth as a political figure. We are reminded on the “Swift Boat Attacks” on John Kerry’s service to the US during the Vietnam War. Kerry’s presidential run was viciously attacked by Republicans who were incensed by his condemnation of the US involvement in Vietnam.
Politics in the US is interesting and people like George Soros continue to have a place in the process.

Squaw-Alpine Manages the Fight Against Olympic Valley Incorporation

The north shore communities of Lake Tahoe has faced some of tough years because of the drought. Winter resorts and dependent small businesses have suffered as a result of the drought. There was also a battle for the Olympic Valley. One of the trademarks of Olympic Valley is the winter sports terrain. However, there is expected to be a break from both of the forms of chaos. This especially looks good for Andy Wirth.

Andy Wirth is the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings. He is very passionate about presenting the best ski area. He works on making sure that the area is clean and in good condition for tourists. One thing that he works towards doing for his resort is to make it very attractive and safe for visitors and every age group. Andy Wirth has also started up a team under the name of “Wounded Warrior Support” after he had been the victim of skydiving accident which proved to be severe and almost fatal.

Andy Wirth’s establishment has began to see a change in the climate where came to be storms early in the season. As a result of weather conditions, Squaw Valley has opened earlier than usual. Also, Wirth has experience relief from the efforts to incorporate the establishment be certain entities who have decided to back away from the Olympic Valley.

Wirth could only see disastrous results coming from the incorporation. He also had different plans that the incorporation wouldn’t allow. Among the plans were to bring improvements to the real estate. Also, running a business under the proposed incorporation would have proven to be a bad idea under the conditions that would have been brought.

Now that the drought seems to have lifted and the incorporation efforts have ceased, Andy Wirth now sees an opportunity for growth and healing.

The original article can be read at the Reno-Gazette Journal.

The Real Estate Jackpot of Brazil

Turn the clock back seven years. Brazil had just struck gold as the legendary economy boom resounded within its boundaries, removing the illusion that the real estate is nothing more than a bubble that would soon burst. The year 2007 brought with itself the genie of oil fields, located somewhere in the Atlantic, and Brazil became the focus of the telescopic vision of most ambitious businessmen and workers. The demand for land increased, residential planning became the order of the day and offices began to pile up. This is where the real estate industry of Brazil picked up a momentum that the world would not soon forget.

A staggering majority of the real estate companies in Brazil seemed to have been established in the second half of the previous century save for the notable exception of Brookfield Incorporacoes, one of the top 5 companies and yet only eight years old. It was born right into the core of the boom that accounted for such a rapid escalation to the peak.

Perhaps the tourism in the area never declines or real estate gets real recognition and attention from the media around the globe, but the growth of real estate in Brazil has been remarkable. In 1955, a company called Construcap came into existence. Today it occupies the luxury of ten best real estate corporations ranking, having diversified itself into a group that now includes six other companies as well, namely Inova Saude, BMC, Concer, Minas Arena and CFPS. Construcap has included both the government and private projects in its agenda, which can explain the large market it has to cater with.

Interestingly enough, Brazil does not keep her achievements silent. Construcap made news when in 2015 it came out with the trophy of ENR Award. For the audience outside the circles of real estate business, the ENR Award translates into the Academy Award in this business. Furthermore, the real estate titan realizes the need for a holistic approach in this sector and has proved this by a joint venture with Fluor, creating engineering masterpieces in the process.  They can be contacted online.

This is just tip of the iceberg. Gafisa, for instance, is in the race for the top position, currently standing fourth. Even Company provides a substantial amount of competition and so does PDG Realty. The growth and improvement of real estate in Brazil, therefore, owes to the robust cut-throat competition that has marked the entire history of the country.

63% Of US Retailers Unable To Accept New Microchip Credit & Debit Cards

Omaha, Nebraska-based management consulting firm The Strawhecker Group announced that 63% of United States retail organizations were not able to handle debit and credit cards with new embedded microchips. The inability to accept the new generation of cards positions retailers to be held liable for fraudulent use of the decades-old magnetic stripe debit and credit cards.

The Strawhecker Group presents clients with consultation services concerning electronic payment systems, payment strategies, transaction advisories and consumer spending data.

Problematic for retailers and forms that accepted credit and debit cards as a form of payment, magnetic strip cards have been prone to fraudulent use. To counter and eliminate such abuse, the United States adopted the EMV protocol is based on a contemporary technology that embedded a microchip into a credit or debit card and is a more foolproof method against misuse.

The EMV protocol aptly named after the developers of the card microchip technology, Europay, MasterCard and Visa. The roll out of the contemporary and cutting-edge technology mandated all credit and debit card accepting retailers to upgrade current Point of Sale systems, starting October 2015. Visa and MasterCard pressured merchants to make the switch or they would be held liable for any misuse of magnetic strip cards.

Not only was the push on by Visa, MasterCard, and Europay to have merchants make the conversion but was endorsed by the Obama administration, with the President signing the “Buy Secure” proclamation. With such high visibility to make the transformation, all three card issuers drop the ball and dragged their heels in educating small business owners as to the need and benefit of accepting the new technology.

Not just an issue for small business, even nationally recognized retails have issues developing a cost effective Point of Sale System that was compatible with the new chip technology as well. Slow to respond to the call for transformation were the debit and credit terminal manufacturers, citing that they were unable to adapt to such technology in a short period. To qualm any concerns until they are able to debut the new technology, many terminal manufacturers offered to provide liability protection to customers if any misuse occurred after the imposed compliance deadline of October 15, 2015.

Respected investment banking organization Madison Street Capital of Chicago, Illinois, offers clients financial consultation, opinion and advisory services which include mergers, procurement and gain, capital realignment, reorganization, default, buyout, and placement assistance. Their lineup of clients includes Bond Medial Group, Inc., Central Iowa Energy, LLC, and Fiber Science, Inc.

High Demand for High Quality Dog Food


The pet food industry is reporting dramatic changes to its sales, as sales of premium, healthy dog food have been sky rocketing. The pet food industry accounts for about $23.7 billion, and recent trends with spikes in purchases of high quality dog food mean that this amount is only going to grow. An article by the Daily Herald explains this trend and why premium dog food brands are investing so much in advertising to health conscious pet owners.

With recent trends in nutrition showing that large numbers of adults are now paying a lot of attention to how they feed their bodies, as well as the quality of the ingredients in those foods, it should not be surprising that pet owners are embracing this trend for their furry family members. Dog food producers are now facing tough competition to continue to innovate their recipes and production lines so that the healthiest ingredients make their way into your four-legged companion’s meals.

One premium dog food brand that has been particularly successful in keeping up with this trend is Beneful. Beneful is part of the Nestle Purina Petcare line, which specializes in all types of food and edible treats for dogs. Since its founding in 2001, Beneful rose to the fourth largest dog food brand by 2012 and accounted for $1.5 billion in annual proceeds.

Beneful gained a bump in its rise to the top of the dog food industry from its highly effective advertising, but its reputation for high quality products is what really helped Beneful stake its claim. Beneful provides a range of dog food options, including eight dry varieties of dog food and four wet dog food options. It also has been recognized for its unique and efficient packaging, which includes resealable containers to keep the food fresh and can also be used as the dog food bowl itself.

As the demand for high quality, nutritious dog food continues to rise, it is likely that Beneful’s sales will also increase. Beneful has maintained a stronghold in a highly competitive dog food market and is positioned to remain a top producer for years to come.



All You Need To know About Sanjay Shah And Solo Capital

A popular organization, Old Park Lane Capital, has been making losses of late, and due to this, it has decided to merge or sell its shares to other investors to save itself from collapsing. Reports say that Solo Capital Partners will be buying the institution. Solo Capital is a privately owned company, and it is based in London and Dubai. Solo capital is a re-owned company, and it is currently regulated by the United Kingdom rules.

The chief executive for solo capital, Anne Martin is also the former chief operating officer for Cantor Index, and she joined Old Park Lane to work as the director not long ago. The management of Old Lane Capital hopes that the acquisition by Solo Capital will make it secure especially in its finances. The deal was announced just recently, and from the look of it, things are already moving positively. From 2013, the institution had been making serious losses, and experts had said that a merger would be the only solution to the problem.

Solo capital is a very popular institution in the world. The company was incorporated in late 2011, and it is managed under the UK regulations. The company has only been operating for a short time, but it has managed to make a lot of revenue, surprising investors in the competitive market.

The solo Capital was founded by Sanjay Shah, a wealthy individual who is currently based in London and Dubai too. He was born in Kenya of very wealthy parents. When he was a few years old, his parents relocated and came into the United Kingdom where he went to school. At first, he studied medicine at the University. Later on, he felt that he was not good enough. He abandoned the medical profession, choosing to the finance industry.
In the finance industry, Shah becomes quite successful, and that’s how he has managed to create his enormous wealth. He has several companies located in different parts of the world. His companies are all over the world, and he has decided to retire early to take care of Autism Rocks, a foundation he started recently.

In 2011, the life of Sanjay Shah changed completely changed when his youngest son got ill. His child would vomit after taking any food, and this left him worried most of the time. One day, he accompanied his wife to the hospital to understand what was really happening to the child. After many tests, the son was diagnosed with the serious condition known as autism. The journey was tough trying to cure the condition, and this motivated him to start the charitable foundation, Autism rocks. Apart from supporting autism rocks, Shah supports children in India who are suffering from autism.

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