Exploring the Different Types Of Beneful Food Brands

As someone that works with pets extensively it is easy to see how pet owners can become acquainted with the various Beneful food brands. This has become a staple in my house – or doghouse – because my pets love it. The good thing about this company is that it provides a lot of good brands for dogs to eat.

Beneful Healthy Puppy

In the world of dog food I have discovered that there are quite a few foods that my dogs will appreciate. From the Beneful brand the Healthy Puppy food is great for small dogs. I have become a real fan of this type of food because it seems to aid in the rapid growth of dogs. It has become very interesting to see this company provide food with healthy ingredients for dogs.

Beneful Healthy Smile

I have noticed that the Beneful Healthy Smile food is great for dogs owners that may be having a hard time with the teeth of their dogs. There are a lot of people that have been able to put the Healthy Smile products and see a great amount of change in the teeth for their dogs. This is usually a Beneful product that is recommended by doctors for the improvement of dog teeth. There are some great dog food treats from Beneful that have crunchy twist, and this promotes good health for teeth.

Beneful Incredibites

I have a couple of dogs that really like meat and the Beneful Incredibites is perfect for this. I am especially fond of this dog food because it has a lot of nutrients. It has protein and fiber. There is a Vitamin A supplement that comes with, but I think that the thing that has allowed this food to become a hit is the meat. There is real beef that is included in this product. That makes it perfect for people that may have dogs that simply enjoy the food choices with lots of real meat.

Beneful Medley

The medley is a nice blend of meats, carrots and peas in most instances. I have discovered that this food is a lot like a full course meal for adults. There is meat and vegetables, but everything is included all together. This is quite a treat for dogs that may not have experienced true adult dog food. It is also great for owners that want to provide nutritious foods.

US Money Reserve Is A Wildly Successful Precious Metals Vendor

Precious metals are unique in the ideas that they are usable both as a currency and for many practical uses. Gold, silver, platinum, and palladium are the four types of precious metals that US Money Reserve, one of the largest providers of precious metals in the United States, sells as a part of their mix of precious metals. There are a number of features and characteristics specific to US Money Reserve that have attracted many of their customers and kept them in throughout the years and prevented these customers from shopping anywhere else.

There is a 100% money back guarantee as long as the customer makes sure to return the item in its original form without any type of damage and they will be able to receive a refund. There is a small restocking fee, but this is more than reasonable because trying to arrange the refunding of precious metals actually costs a good bit of money from all of the parties involved in the transaction.

US Money Reserve is a company that cares a lot about their corporate social responsibility, as they have given lots of money to charitable organizations that are nonprofit that use these donations to the best of their ability. Two of these seventy something organizations that US Money Reserve as donated to include the Salvation Army and Big Brothers Big Sisters.

Precious metals can be paid for with credit cards or directly from a financial institution, along with a few different other methods detailed on www.USMoneyReserve.com.

There are more than one hundred people that are on the payroll of US Money Reserve, with each of these people adding on to the greater good of US Money Reserve and improving its performance with every hour worked. There are gold evaluators that are experts in determining the worth of a given sample of gold, and there are also businesspeople who are trained in the trade surrounding and involving various precious metals. The entire process requires lots of manpower and lots of knowledge on how to perform the activities necessary.

Those who would like to learn more about how to invest in gold should contact the representatives at US Money Reserve or read more about investing in gold on their website. There is tons of information available on everything that US Money Reserve stands for. Keep in mind that this company is one of the best when it comes to getting customers their top quality precious metals.

How OrganoGold Has Enriched People’s Lives

OrganoGold sells nutritional beverages and healthcare products worldwide. The products have helped improve millions of people’s lives by allowing them to reach extraordinary levels of well being. OrganoGold’s products contain Chinese herbal remedies, including Ganoderma, that have been used for hundreds of years with positive results. The products can suit any lifestyle.

Bernardo Chua is the CEO and Founder of OrganoGold. he began the company with a vision of introducing people around the world to Ganoderma. Even though he was already a successful businessman, on Twitter Chua said he wanted to help enrich people’s lives by offering them wellness, balance, and prosperity. The founder starts out each day by consuming two cups of OrganeGold Organic Green Tea.

The OrganoGold company is a thriving company due to Bernardo Chua’s proven entrepreneur skills. The CEO loves to spend time with both his personal and professional family. Chua has been married for over 30 years and has five children and several grandchildren. He works hard to provide for the members of his family. He also loves hearing and making time for his company’s distributors. Chua wants his distributors to share their stories of how working for the company has transformed their lives.

OrganoGold sells tea, coffee, hot chocolate, supplements, soap, and toothpaste. The teas are sold in Green Tea, Red tea, and Black Ice flavors. Black Coffee, Cafe Latte, Cafe Mocha, and Cafe Supreme are some of the coffee flavors available. The hot chocolate flavor allows individuals to indulge in the richness of the beverage while supplying them with the benefits of certified Ganoderma Lucidum. The company’s supplements include grape Seed Oil, Ganoderma Mycelium, Ganoderma Lucidum, and Spore Powder. Premium G3 Beuty Soap allows users to receive the topical benefits of Grape Seed Oil and Organic Gandoderma Lucidum for radiant and youthful skin. OrganGold’s toothpaste allows consumers to achieve whiter, teeth, fresher breath, and a healthier smile by fusing Ganoderma Lucidum into its formula.

Bernardo Chua has created a global network marketing company that is becoming one of the fastest growing businesses around the world. As people discover the benefits of Chinese remedies they become regular OrganoGold customers.

North American Spine: Truly Non Invasive and Innovative

Still living with back pain because you are afraid of going to the doctor? Do you think they only thing they can offer you is surgery with a lengthy recovery? At North American Spine in Dallas, Texas they have many options to get you pain free and back on your feet again.

North American Spine offers thirty different medical procedures and has orthopedic spine surgeons, neurosurgeons, and interventional pain management specialists to ensure you have a doctor specially trained to handle your condition and treatment. Besides the traditional cat scan and MRI, they offer seven other procedures to help doctors diagnose the problem. Once you have been diagnosed, you and the correct doctor for your specific condition will make a treatment plan. Some of the most common treatment procedures are neurostimulation, accuscope, and securaspine procedures.

Neurostimulation procedures are generally recommended for those whom all other treatments have failed. If you have tried rest, exercise, pain medication, physical therapy, nerve block, and minimally invasive surgery or tens treatment neurostimulation can give you the relief that you need. Neurostimulation works because this type of pain is neuropathic. Many patients with this type of pain experience numbness, burning, or tingling. Neurostimulation treatment usually involves putting a permanent implant in your spine to provide pain relieving stimulation.

They also use accuscope procedures to diagnose and treat chronic neck and back pain. Accuscope procedures use a natural opening at the base of the spine. These procedures are an improvement over older minimally invasive procedures because they are less invasive, they can treat multiple levels of the lumbar spine with one incision, and their is less of a chance of recurrence. The Securaspine procedure is for patients that need reinforced support for their spine. This is useful in patients with any type of disc damage and narrowing of the spine.

If you don’t live near Dallas you can still seek treatment and read the reviews of North American Spine. Many patients travel to have their procedure done. Most of the time they only have to make one trip and spend three to five days in the area. Wherever you live, North American Spine can give you the pain relief you need. They also offer a free MRI consultation, so you have literally nothing to loose and everything to gain by giving them a try.

The Lifetime Achievements Of George Soros.

George Soros is considered by many as one of the greatest investors of his generation. A genius mind with a deep economic, social and political understanding of the world. Below are some of his most significant encounters and achievements in life.
Early Life.
George was born and raised in Budapest, Hungary. Like other Hungarians of his time, he endured tough economic and social times due to the impacts of the first and second world wars. In the late 1940’s, he relocated to England where he settled in London.
While in London, he enrolled at the London school of Economics for his higher learning. Wanting to make a good future for himself, he sharpened his knowledge of world economies and politics.
At the time, the London School of Economics was one of the premier institutions of higher learning in Europe. It served as an incubating nest for many critical thinkers of that generation.
The greatest achievers always start small. Soros built his career up from an junior position in an investment bank in London. When he was starting out, the post-war rehabilitation of states was in top gear and investment firms were taking charge of the process.
Identifying the unlimited potential of the industry, he set put to New York where all the world’s largest investment banks operated. His talents and expertise in analyzing and predicting economic trends earned him promotions to management level as three different firms over two decades.
In 1973, he founded Soros hedge fund. His new firm benefited from his stewardship and investors flocked into his chambers. Due to his ability to speculate in the financial markets and leverage profits in bonds and currencies, his company became one of the most profitable ventures in the industry.
He retired from active duty in his firm fifteen years ago. Now known as Quantum fund, it continues to thrive and make him millions.
Philanthropy and Philosophy.
Being a scholar, George always had an open mind. His critical thinking skills were developed early in life. His perspective of the world remains unique. Mr. Soros’ shares his philosophical sentiments with the world through writing columns, books and public lectures.
He acknowledges the role of education in the ideological revolution. He has always courted controversy while discussing his ideas. The most modern philosophical thought he put across is that of an Open society.
A collection of critical thinkers make up an open minded society. These scholars exchange innovative ideas and appreciate diversity. They acknowledge that the world possesses infinite wisdom and therefore people must learn from one another.
An open society encourages individuals to be responsible for human life.
Political Activism.
George Soros’ love for open societies informed his belief in democracy as a form of governance that allows for a free society to thrive. He established an Open Societies Foundation that operates in all regions of the world.
Through these organizations, George promotes education, good governance and human rights. He has relentlessly offered solutions for global problems including the recent Syrian crisis as well as the lack of leadership in the European union.

Inspiring People Through Michael Jackson’s Music

Find out how one guy is changing the lives of MJ’s biggest die hard fans with his own little way of bringing Michael back to life.

For impersonator Sergio Cortes, it is his livelihood to bring to life the amazing Michael Jackson on stage very single night. As a performer, he is one of the few people who can truly emulate the beauty of Michael’s performances live as a singer, dancer, and performer. The truth is that he knows how to sing just like Michael. His ability to take Michael’s songs and sing them with just as much beauty and crisp makes him one of the few people who can truly sound just as amazing as Michael.

There is no better person out there than Sergio that can emulate the beauty of Michael’s performances and music. As a singer himself, he has discovered what it that really gets people’s attentions. Michael knows how to beautifully capture the moment on stage every single time. As a dancer as well, he has developed all the right skills to know exactly what it is that makes Michael such an amazing dancer. He pulls it off so beautifully with his choices and options to what he does during songs.

Unlike most impersonators who just look slightly like their celebrities, Sergio has become quite known for being an exact replica of Michael Jackson. When he adds in the nice music and the unique clothing that is also just an exact replica of MJ’s clothing in music videos, he brings Michael to life so well. His face has the exact same structure as Michael, and you’ll find that Sergio approaches his skills and stage presence the same way as Michael Jackson does. He definitely is worth watching if you want to get a glimpse of what it is that Michael can do for you.

Michael Jackson will forever be loved for what it is that he has done for the music industry and the world of performing. His choices in songs, the way he stood out in his day, and the things he did on stage to shock the audience with his amazing music is what made him so amazing to watch. MJ truly delivered performances that were memorable and loving, and you’ll find that Sergio always knew how to do exactly that. If you need an amazing performer to watch, Sergio is a great alternative than Michael Jackson.

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Atlanta Hawks Sit Atop Southeast Division

In order to predict the future in the NBA you only need to look to the immediate past. It’s true that teams can entirely blow up in an off season, but still that is unlikely. What you tend to find in the NBA is that there is a measure of flow from season to season. Last year we saw the Bruce Levenson owned Atlanta Hawks surge to the top of the Eastern Conference thanks to a 60 win regular season (franchise record). Many people are down on Atlanta this season but we are not one of them. Here’s a look at the Southeast Division and where the Hawks stack up.

Favorites: Miami Heat
With a year to gel together in the wake of LeBron James departure and an off season to get healthy we can’t help but put Miami’s Chris Bosh and Dwayne Wade ahead of every other Southeast Division duo. They have the Championship experience and a full cast of role players (Luol Deng, Gerald Green, Hassan Whiteside) in order to help them get back to another ship. Coach Pat Riley can go a long way toward cementing himself as a true NBA on espn.go.com great if he can get this team back into Championship contention.

Darkhorse: Atlanta Hawks
At the end of last season we saw the Hawks get sold by Bruce Levenson to billionaire mogul Antony Ressler. The new ownership will have a ton to live up to if they want to match what Levenson’s Hawks accomplished. Still, this is a deep team with starter level players at least 6 to 7 deep. Jeff Teague, Paul Millsap, Kyle Korver, and Al Horford round out one of the best starting line ups in all of basketball. The continued growth of Dennis Schroder into a Reggie Jackson type player could also happen to help turn this team into another real contender according to Bruce Levenson on ucg.

Runner Up: Washington Wizards
Last season we saw that Washington could be a legitimate team in the playoffs even without a third star player to pair alongside John Wall and Bradley Beal. This past off season they lost one of their most clutch performers in Paul Pierce and now they’ll look to young Otto Porter to fill in the gaps. So why do we think Washington is a dark horse candidate? Well, they are a well rounded team with legitimate wing star players. That alone gives Washington an edge over teams like Miami and Atlanta who don’t have the top quality point guards in the division. The Wizards will need another All Star season from John Wall along with major growth from Bradley Beal in terms of efficiency and health in order to get there.

Not Quite Ready: Orlando Magic
The Orlando Magic are steadily amassing one of the most talented rosters in the NBA, but they are still a few years of maturation away from showing those skills off. Victor Oladipo and Elfrid Payton could be the foundation of one of the strongest back courts in the NBA in a few years. A little more seasoning and Orlando will rise to the top of the division.

Even Today Its Still More Then Enough

Lesson From YouTube
No This article is not pulling your leg today you are going to learn something from the online video site.What you are going to be learning is the details from the interview of BMG Bank CEO & President Ricardo Guimarães:So with all that said lets begin shall we.
Recap Of History
In the year of 2003 the country of Brazil for the first time in a long was once again begging to see the bright side of fate.What this means is that they were as a country were advancing in areas that they had not before.So with all of the public issues being solved what did this mean for the banks?Well it meant that they would be able to make big money off of the good times without question.

BMG Roles
It would be within this time banks like BMG would see the time to strike with methods that would allow both the bank and the people to have their own little piece of the pie.This piece would be credit that even today after all of the years is still going strong within the communities.
Why the credit rates are going so well is due to the fact that BMG have made their personal credit rates easy for anyone with a stable job to get their hands on one.Over the years this has allowed BMG to make well over 80 Billion dollars with well over 7 billion more in other areas of their market categories.

Going Strong
With all of the success were does BMG stand today with so much work being thrown around?Well BMG is still being a powerhouse of the credit market by surpassing more banks then any other without even breaking a sweat.How is this even possible well because even after all of the work that has been done with the credit market.There is still over 50 percent left untouched leaving more then enough room for years of work to come.

The key factors behind all of this around the clock hard work is due to the fact that two groups of people come into play.First will be the man himself BMG Bank CEO & President Ricardo Guimarães: who since the year of 2003 has seen the work done by this proud bank.The second will be the team of experts that have taken the time to make this all happen.

Purina Brand is the Best in the Business

Purina has come out with a brand new commercial, featuring pet owners and their pets. The commercial displays the owners feeding their pets Purina dog food and showing them affection. This is just part of the Purina dog food campaign that has stated. In an effort to boost support for the Purina brand. Purina has for years stood behind their brand with optimism and honesty. Feeding millions of pets every day Purina is one of the top brand name pet foods in the US. Produced by the Nestle Purina PetCare Company, the brand offers dry and wet types of dog food. Beneful’s reputation rely on its ingredients. Ingredients that are hand pick and decided upon by Beneful staff. There are 8 Nestle Purina factories. Each factory participates in a strict food safety regiment. Ingredient surveillance program ensure that there are no unwanted substances such as arsenic, mycotoxin and others. Exceeding the expectations of the USDA, FDA and the AAFCO is something that Purina has always done. The Beneful brand was introduced in 2001. Its popularity has since grown at a steady rate, due to their commitment and diligence. The company has always dedicated themselves to the health and needs of the pet.

Rutgers Cancer Institute Establishes The Omar Boraie Chair In Genomic Science

Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey established the Omar Boraie Chair in Genomic Science. This was after the developer, Omar Boraie, and his family made a $1.5 million pledge as part of the 18 Chair Challenge of the Rutgers University. This is according to a piece published through NewsWise.
The purpose of establishing the chair was to help boost groundbreaking research at Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey particularly in the area of precision medicine. Endowed chairs in higher education are considered as the gold standard as they express commitment of a university to a particular academic discipline.
Precision medicine and genomic science field are shaping the way in which medical professionals approach cancer treatment and diagnosis. The field is relatively new. Genomic science enables oncologists to analyze and treat tumors. President Obama noted the national importance of the genomic field during his State of the Union Address. The president announced the commencement of a national precision medicine initiative that aims at finding cure for different diseases with much emphasis on cancer.
Rutgers Cancer Institute was among the pioneers in the country and the only one within the state to make use of genomic sequencing approach for precision medicine on patient care. The approach has been valuable in terms of finding therapies for people with rare cancers and patients whose treatments have been ineffective. The advances made in precision medicine augment the ability to categorize cancer into classes having similar characteristics but with different genetics. Physicians at the Rutgers Cancer Institute have been making important developments with precision medicine for patients having non-responsive cancer.
Omar Boraie has played an integral role in developing New Brunswick to be a healthcare capital. By supporting an endowed chair in genomic science, Boraie creates a lasting impact on the treatment and research of cancer. Shridar Ganesan, MD,PhD a director of translational science at Rutgers Cancer Institute was named to the chair. He is internationally recognized as a medical oncologist and top academic researcher.
The Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey is the first and the only Comprehensive Cancer Center designated by the National Cancer Institute in the state. The institution is committed to enhancing detection, care, and treatment of cancer besides serving as a cancer prevention and education resource center. The Cancer Institute of New Jersey Network is made up of hospitals that are all over the state. The institute offers the highest level of cancer care and distributes important discoveries to society.