Magic Mike XXL- Surprisingly Empowering For Women

It’s easy to think of a film such as Magic Mike XXL as being a cute piece of fluff, but the reality is that underneath its surface, it is a film that will not only empower women, it might actually make the men in their lives think.

Magic Mike XXL is pure fantasy, but oh what a fantasy it is. This is a film that features a cast of buff, Hardbodied straight men who are not mysoginistic or homophobic. Not only that, they genuinely enjoy the company of other guys, to the point of being tender, kind, and generous with one another. In fact, most women would not hesitate to walk around the streets at night by themselves if most men were this well behaved. Of course, this makes the viewer wonder; are these guys really dudes at all?

In real life, no. In fantasy, oh yes, these hot guys are totally real. On film they enjoy an intimate bond with one another that is extremely attractive. They treat women like Goddesses, and they not only think they are beautiful to behold, they also respect the gray matter in between their ears. How refreshing!

The women these hot studs work with are easy on the eye, and they all exude strength and intelligence. Jada Pinkett-Smith, Elizabeth Banks, Andie McDowell, and Crystal Hunt all have roles in the film, and all of these ladies brought a nuanced interpretation of their character, in particular Crystal Hunt.

Crystal plays the role of Lauren in what is her first part in a feature film. Daytime soap opera fans might remember her from her roles on the Guiding Light and One Life to Live. Ms. Hunt credits her work on the daytime soaps for helping her flesh out the character of Lauren and making her believable to audiences.

Crystal Hunt has some acting chops if her Facebook highlight reel can show us anything; she was nominated for a Daytime Emmy for her role on One Life to Live. Being surrounded by such strong female actresses must have also helped her turn in such a good performance in her debut film appearance.

Magic Mike XXL is a film that all women and the men that love them should enjoy. The story and the strong performances elevate what could have been a dull film about strippers and turns it into a story that is worth watching.

James Dondero’s Leadership Role in the Highland Capital Management

A visionary investor who has excelled in alternative investment, Jim Dondero has headed Highland Capital Management to take a leading role in the market. It is a company that was formed in 1993 and serves mainly in providing investment solutions in hedge funds and structured products. It is a key player in distressed investment products.

Highland Capital has built a strong foundation in investing in leveraged loans and other products like high-yield bonds. In what started as a small company, it today has expanded its operations to take the position of a multi-million dollar business. Dondero is known for initiating investments in markets that are otherwise considered risky especially within the real estate, financial, healthcare, gas and oil sectors.

It takes a great deal of market research, analysis of trends, forecasting skills, and strategic planning to investment in such markets. The team of experts leading Highland Capital can study the market, analyze the trends and see opportunities even in areas where others cannot.

The company invests in distressed products for instance in entities that may be struggling to get back to profitability path or businesses that have exhausted their financial base and want to restructure their strategic goals to enhance their performance and profitability. Highland Capital has in stake an asset investment base of $21 billion. This is investment amount that takes care of for its customers.

In 1990, Dondero and Mark Okada entered into a venture partnership and formed a small company, which operated in the market of fixed income. The company invested in the areas of senior loan products because it saw that there were fewer risks. These loans were secured products.

The business started seeing growth and the partners decided that they needed to identify a strategic partner whom they could work together. Dondero and Okada made the decision to approach Protective Life Insurance Corporation for negotiation. Protective Life Insurance agreed to partner with Dondero of NexBank and his colleague.

The partnership went on smoothly and was seeing increased opportunities for growth. It was not long before Okada and Dondero agreed that they needed to form a merger with this company. They merged with Protective Life Insurance to form Protective Asset Management Company (PAMCO).

In PAMCO,Dondero and Okada were allocated 40 percent and the Protective Life Insurance took the rest. The merger continued to growth and later, Okada and Dondero thought it would be wise if they owned the entire shares. They discussed with Protective Life Insurance and offered the company a deal to purchase its ownership shares in Protective Asset Management Company (PAMCO).

Eventually, Dondero and Okada did purchase those shares and they now fully own the business. This saw the birth of Highland Capital Management. This company has transformed into a leading global alternative investment entity with offices in America and Asian markets. Dondero is a key personality in the leadership of Highland Capital and depends upon in offering strategic decisions and ideas on how to enhance the growth of the company.

The Growth and Development of Banco de Minas Gerais Under Ricardo Guimaraes

The economy of a country cannot survive without the presence and services offered by financial institutions. Commercial, retail and investment banks have been offering innovative products and services to companies, individuals and governments. Banks play a crucial role in the economy by facilitating the supply of money.
Banco de Minas Gerais (BMG) is a large financial institution found in Brazil. It was formed in 1930 by the Pentagna Guimaraes family, which owns and fully controls it. Initially, the bank was referred by its business name, Banco de Credito Predial S.A. The over 80 years of experience has made BMG the most respected and trusted bank in Brazil. From its conception up to the mid 90s, the firm’s area of focus was light and heavy vehicle financing besides wholesale and consumer financing. Provision of these services enabled the firm to register a large consumer base. The firm decided to venture into payroll services and this portfolio has seen the firm continue to on its excellent performance in the market.
BMG has a trusted and reliable board of directors whose job is to help integrate quality governance practices in the bank’s operations. The board also establishes initiatives that are meant to help in the governance and operations of the bank. Their initiatives include the independent internal audit, the strategic investor relations department and the Anti-Money Laundering program.
BMG hires talented and skilled professionals who have a hard work ethic and love their jobs. The leaders of BMG have a good working relationship with their subordinates. Ricardo Guimaraes has been highly associated with the success story of BMG. He has worked in the bank since 1980. He is a payroll service guru. In 2012, he spearheaded an agreement with Itau Unibanco. The objective of the agreement was to spread the distribution and commercialization of payroll in Brazil. The brief partnership was so successful that BMG decided to enter into a new agreement with Itau in 2014.The partnership led to the creation of Banco Itau Consignado SA whose purpose was to strengthen the existing partnership between the two companies. BMG has a 40 % capital voting stock while Itau Unibanco owns the remainder.
The firm offers cash and credit solutions to individuals, corporate and enterprises. Currently, the services offered by BMG include, payroll credit card, home equity loans, commercial bank services besides financing of suppliers and used vehicle financing. The firm has a credit committee that handles all credit decisions. Ricardo Guimaraes made the decision to create the committee so that the financial professionals would be responsible for efficiency in the credit department.

Latest Novel by Author Jaime Garcia Dias

Jaime Garcia Dias, Fiction Writer
Born in 1970 in the city of Rio de Janiero to a respected writer and a renowned architect, Jaime Garcia Dias entered the world almost destined to become an intelligent and accoladed author. At fifteen years of age he started on his future career path by writing his first book. Jaime Garcia Dias has always been inspired by other, older prolific Brazilian writers. His father Arnaldo Dias and the Brazilian writer Joao Guimaraes Rosa influenced his decision to pursue writing and were inspiration for his first novel. He has become one of the most well know fiction writers in Brazil and has had twenty books published. He was the 2001 winner of the White Crane Literary Award. Some of his most well known books are: Caiu do Ceu, Dois Caminhos, Canal, Miuda, and Das Nuvens. Undoubtedly, being that he is only forty-five at the time of this writing he will have many more published books on the way.

Jaime Garcia Dias, Professor
Crunchbase shows that in the year 1995 -when he was only twenty-five years old- Jaime Garcia Dias became a professor at the Carioca Literature Academy. This academy is a kind of prep school for teenagers who want to go on to work in literature. He was so successful with his teaching methods that in 1997 he went on to earn the title vice president of the Carioca Literature Academy. He also wrote about ten books during his time as a teacher. Amazingly Jaime Garcia Dias became a successful professor, Carioca Literature Academy vice president and an esteemed fiction author all before he was thirty years of age.

Latest Novel
The latest novel Jaime Garcia Dias has had published is a collection of all of his articles he wrote for the newspaper Jornal do Brasil. He started writing articles for them in 2013, and some of the subject matter includes his childhood experiences and memories of his father, the writer Arnaldo Dias.

‘Products And Services’ Of The US Money Reserve

The ‘US Money Reserve‘ has a great ‘business consumer alliance rating. AAA rating makes it stand out as one of the most trusted gold dealers in U.S. This company is led by Philip N, Diehl, a former mint director in U.S. The company was founded to provide expert advice and assistance to clients who purchase precious metals. It is among the largest distributors of gold and silver coins issued by the U.S. government. This company also distributes government issued platinum coins. Clients have been drawn to buy precious metals given the financial benefits that accrue.
Gold Bullion
The word bullion means metal in bulk. The US reserve sells gold in bullions of one once. The company also stocks the ‘Canadian Maple Leaf’, the ‘Australian Philharmonic and the ‘South African Krugerrand’. The mass of the bullions in stock is not limited to an ounce: ‘ten ounce’ bars and ‘32.15 ounce bar are also available. There are equally smaller denominations of ‘American Eagle coins’
Silver Bullion
The Money reserve also stocks various silver bullions. The silver stock include: ‘100 ounce Johnson Matthey bar’, a ‘500 coin monster box’, and a silver bag which is 90% original and whose face value is $1000.
The U.S. Money Reserve also offers advice to clients about gold and silver. Clients get professional advice from the multiple gold experts working for the company. Clients who have consulted now know the numerous advantages there are in owning the ‘U.S. gold coins’. Gold serves as a hedge against likely scenarios of inflation. The value of gold does not fall even with the fall of the dollar. This is one of the primary reasons why the reserve encourages clients to purchase this product. Another advantage of these gold coins is that they are easy to liquefy. In cases of turmoil people will look for gold since it is a stable commodity. In war torn areas, as the value of currencies plummet, smart business with loads of gold sell the same at very high prices therefore making enormous profits.
The Money Reserve has contributed to various courses through foundations and charities. Some of the contributions have gone to cancer, veteran, children and animal non profits. Austin Zoo, Austin Pets Alive and Cow Parade are some of the animal non profits which have received donations. Breast Cancer 3 Day and Leukemia Society are some of the non profits dealing with palliative care that have received donations.

Continued Growth and Revenue Increases on the Horizon for Nobilis Healthcare Corporation

Few healthcare companies show the promise and forward minded activity as seen in Nobilis Health Corporation. While many healthcare companies get bogged down with trying to outdo the competition, Nobilis continues to focus on increasing the availability of high-quality healthcare for their patients. This focus has paid off with a third quarter increase of 125% -$9.6 million- in net patient revenue. And this trend in growth is predicted to continue throughout the fourth quarter, with strong examples of high growth as evidence.

Nobilis Healthcare Corporation is a full-service healthcare development and management company. They own and manage over 100 surgical centers, with a recent (September 23) acquirement of the former Freedom Pain hospital based in Arizona, following the September 2014 acquirement of First Nobilis Hospital. Their primary specialties lay in gastrointestinal scopes, general surgery, orthopedic surgery, otolaryngology (ears, nose, and throat,) pain management, podiatry, and spine surgery. In addition to providing patient care, Nobilis also manages its facilities, focusing on marketing (direct to consumers and well as physician recruitment,) facility and staff management, and all financial aspects (e.g. mergers and acquisitions, revenue cycle management, et cetera.)

With a clear commitment to providing greater access to healthcare and lower healthcare costs, Nobilis is sure to see a continued trend of growth and increased revenue thanks to increasing demand in healthcare from an aging population and the increasing number of individuals struggling with obesity and obesity-related illnesses. This unfortunate trend in the health of the population points to a greater need for accessible and affordable healthcare. As Nobilis Healthcare has clearly demonstrated this past year, they have successfully positioned themselves to help meet this growing need, and to benefit financially in doing so. As a publicly traded company, this makes them a strong buy, with company shares rallying 375.21% from it’s one-year high price.

While only time will tell and it is hard to accurately predict stock trends, current and past business strategies implemented by Nobilis Healthcare Corporation make a strong case for keeping an eye on this company. Their innovative and dedicated approach to full management of their facilities, with focus placed on patient and physician recruitment through all available means, and strong emphasis placed on providing greater levels and availability of care that is actually affordable to their patients gives good cause to believe that this trend in growth will only continue. Considering that their acquisition of First Nobilis Hospital was for $7.5 million -which was paid in cash- it is obvious that this company has the means and the drive to continue this upward growth pattern and to do everything necessary to successfully meet their business goals. And with top analysts backing Nobilis as a top pick for the fourth quarter, one can’t help but keep a watchful eye on this company and for the big things they surely have planned for the future.

What has BMG Done To Stay Afloat Of Competition?

With an outstanding and lengthy history, BMG possesses a sturdy expertise in all its features stretching from its operational activities. There are many gains accrued from the competitive edge they have over other organizations in the same industry.
BMG has a brand name that is strong and has been acknowledged by many. With slightly over 80 years of constant performance in the financial sector, BMG tops the list of the credit marketplace, working closely with people and financial institutions, as well as entities in the public and private fields, home equity loans, providing loans by payroll credit card, financing used vehicles and providing fiancé to medium or large companies.
BMG has a risk profile that is conventional. It has a strict as well as conservative credit strategy that is regularly revised to ensure that the conditions in the marketplace are met. In addition, the bank provides efficient and effective assessment, formalization to be able to guarantee its agility and security.
The culture in BMG is not only pioneering but also entrepreneurial. All through its history, this bank has come up with the entrepreneurial and pioneering culture, being amongst the initial entities to give payroll loans to public workers, pensioners and retirees in the Brazilian Social Security System (INSS). It was also the first to launch several new products such as the payroll credit card, invested in technical advancements and developed its own platforms and systems that have set the benchmark in the financial market. The corporation also sought funding structures that would go well with the quality of their organizational profile.
BMG deliberately came up with techniques on corporate governance to be able to professionalize the management, hence adding not the business sustainability and drawing more clientele and investments. Among these initiatives is that on a good performance and came up with directors’ board with about 40% of them being independent, including the president; an active and a strategic department on investor relations; and independent department of internal audit. All these techniques went a long way in ensuring effective and fast service.
Marcio Alaor occupies the position of vice president at Banco BMG. He is also part of the board of directors at BMG. He has been working with the bank since 1977 but became BMG’s vice president starting in 2004. He was behind the centering more on payroll loans back in the 1990s. Through his management, BMG has blossomed into the best financial institution in Brazil.

The Plentiful Beneful Brands the Customers Connect To

When it comes to dog food brands that are familiar to customers the Beneful brand has been able to stand out as the most popular brand. It has certainly become a staple in my household because my wife buys it for our dogs. I didn’t know much about the brand at first, but my wife educated me on all that the Beneful brand does.

I think that most customers are going to relate to this brand quite well because customers are familiar with the ingredients. There are some dog foods on the market that customers may buy, but they may not know what the brand contains. The Beneful on youtube brand, however, contains a lot of the ingredients that humans eat. That is why I am a fan of the Beneful brand. I like the fact that Beneful contains chicken, vegetable and rice blends. This is food that I eat so I assumed that my dogs will enjoy it as well. That is a very nice blend of dog foods that are on the market. It surely is comforting to have foods for my pets with ingredients that I approve of. That is what has kept me with the Beneful brand for so long.

There are varying multitudes of choices out there, but I just don’t know of any that are as popular as the Beneful brand. It has been one of those types of dog foods that is economical and good for pets. This is a great combination. That is another thing that makes it much easier for customers to connect to this brand. I have seen the commercials and seen the various foods that are offered. I cannot believe just how much this brand relates to the human food choices that many people consume. I also appreciate that there are dog food treats. In the past I gave my dog some food. I was unaware of the ability to get dry food, wet food and dog treats. I didn’t know that so many others things existed.

Customers life myself like to get the things that we feel comfortable with. This is often based on our own eating habits. Our dogs cannot talk, but most of us dog owners consider the dogs as an extension of ourselves. This makes it practical for dog owners to pick the type of foods that we like ourselves. That is why I have started with food choices like Beneful Chopped Blends. This is wet pet food that contains peas, carrots and beef. These are foods that I have actually consumed myself. That made me very proud to serve this food to my dogs. Now I don’t have to worry about using any other brands that are out there. Beneful has proven to be the dog food that I will patronize from now on. This is such a good brand. My dogs have enjoyed it, and I can see how anxious they are every time that I feed this brand to them. It’s a wonderful product.

White Shark Makes Improvements In Handling Client Complaints

White Shark Media is one company that has strived to build a reputation of reliance for all of its clientele. The task has been arduous because along with numerous compliments, there have been a number of complaints. They have taken the time to study these grievances and feel they have found solutions.

One such complaint had to do with clients expressing concern with their AdWords Campaigns. To remedy this situation, representatives began working more closely with business owners to ensure they understand every part of their campaign, right down to every specific keyword.

Next we had to learn to deal constructively with communication errors. To gain client respect in this regard, monthly or requested, strategy reviews were planned using an online conference tool. This way, every client that we deal with has the opportunity to see exactly the same information that we see. This simple implementation has satisfied a great number of patrons. They can also make direct contact by phone using both a contact person as well as their supervisor.

In some instances, in our fervor to make things better, we were quick to find out that the old way was actually the one that worked better. To the satisfaction of our clients we have kept already existing campaign’s in use. If the required satisfaction of the AdWords client is being met, then it is felt our job is being completed successfully. In addition, feedback is provided by a White Shark Media strategist, whose job it is to handle 3-5 clients. A head supervisor shares in the responsibility of making sure superior performance is being given each client.

SEO services are not provided but we do willingly work with clients that have one. Despite the fact that we do have SEO services does not mean we are incapable of offering protection to clients who may not be getting good advice from a SEO vendor. Additionally, we make sure our consultants work with a client through the entire phase of signing up and on to optimization.

Since 2012 AdWords has executed a program for initial clients. We literally begin with nothing and work to build a campaign that will more than satisfy the needs of the new client. Even those campaigns that are working well, and have been for quite some time, will continue to be scrutinized to make sure if something can be added to it.

If you wish to work with an up and coming company that offers every possible means of enhancing the contents of your program, White Shark Media is the place to go.


Today, we are speaking with Doe Deere about some makeup tips for your eyes. Doe has been a trend-setting genius in the world of beauty for a long time. Instead of speaking about her accomplishments, we are here with some helpful tips.

Many girls have questions about finding the right colors for their eyes. Many have come across challenges with this too. Without further ado, I will allow Doe to take over.


The first thing I’d suggest is looking for colors that compliment one another. What do I mean by this? Usually the complimentary colors are those that opposite one another. When you put the two together, they are so visually appealing. I really can’t begin to tell you how in the makeup world the opposites really do attract.

The eyes alone are your best feature. Learn how to showcase them properly. Learn how to make them stand out; and yet, be subtle at the same time.

The next step is with the colors. You can do some amazing things with colors, especially the bright ones. Learn how to use this to your advantage.

The first thing I normally tell the girls is pick a color that fits your eyes. Pick one that fits your eye color. It has to be a natural fit.


Blue eyes are so common. What is even more common is the range of blue there is. I have found there is no one perfect shade of blue. What you really need is a color that will give more depth to your blue eyes.

Let’s say one of my clients has a really dark blue. Let’s say it’s the color of sapphire. If there is already an intensity there, you can wear any kind of color you want. Deep greys, silver, copper and purples really work the best for my clients with darker blue eyes. I also tell my clients to limit their use of lighter shades. I’m not opposed to lighter shades, not at all. I just feel that with dark blue eyes there needs to be a limit with the lighter colors. The idea is to bring the eyes out more. The lighter shades tend to draw the eyes back in.


Colors like dark peach and bronze really work well. A darker peach is also a good choice. Do not forget to add in your pink highlights. I tell all my clients this. These colors will really bring out your medium blue eyes more.


I tell my clients to stick with the softer shades; but, only go with the lighter shades of these colors. If you are going to go dark, only apply it to the crease of the eyes. If you use it as the defining color, it will overwhelm your eyes. You never want to do this with light blue eyes. It won’t look right.

Well this is all the time we have with Doe today. Tune in next week when she will be discussing what to do with those who have green eyes.

Bye everyone….I hope I helped out some of you.