How to Use Key Words Effectively In SEOs

Keywords are probably the most necessary elements in the SEO strategy and the search engine marketing campaign generally. They are used to classify your business, to target your preferred audience and at the end of the day decide the content of your site.


The usage of the SEOs keywords to gain a higher and better position in SERPs has greatly changed so much in the past as search engines have managed to develop to actually present the best and reliable results to the final user.


When you are writing, you might come across many comments from the, SEOs, and this might leave you wondering how many keywords you are supposed to use, in order to improve your organic position during the search. These individuals are actually trying hard to optimize for the search engines rather than optimizing for the users, which could easily enable keyword stuffing practices.


It is actually possible to use the keyword targeted in your page, but you should focus on the searchers you want to bring to your site.Here are some few rules to guide you oh how to use the keywords.


  • First of all mention the preferred keyword in your page title: This will inform searchers and the search engines what the page is all about.


  • Place the keyword in the headline, if you actually want users to get the matching topic between the search snippet and the landing page.
  • Never forget the meta description: this will actually not boost the rankings in the search, but you are targeting the users, and a good description will greatly help the click-through rate.
  • Repeat the key word a least two or even three times in your page content so that it can make more sense.
  • Make sure that you have implemented your keywords in your images
  • Be careful to never to go overboard, do not repeat the keyword too many times. At the end of the day use the keywords until you feel it has served its purpose.


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QI Group Has Joined UNGC Network

According to a recent press release on Yahoo Finance, QI has been recognized as one of the members and latest signatory of UN Global Compact Network. This is one of the largest corporate initiatives all over the world. The company pledged to fulfill responsible and sustainable practices under this UN initiative at the Global CSR Summit that was held in Singapore. The UNGC is a program for business entities that show commitment in their strategies and activities and aligning them with globally accepted principles touching labor, human rights, anti-corruption as well as environment.


The certificate for this initiative was issued by Ms Ursula Wynhoven, an executive officer at UNGC, and accepted by Mr. Joseph Bismark, QI Group MD. He noted that it’s a great privilege and honor to be recognized as an active member of UNGC. The program is in alignment with QI’s strategies and commitments of improving its operation in the core areas of this initiative. QI would benefit from this engagement since there is an opportunity to gain global recognition on development agendas as well as leadership practices and policies.


The practices are aimed at improving accountability and transparency which are highly valued for excellent corporate governance. The agreement offers an excellent platform binding QI to other stakeholders at the global level, specifically those with similar goals. This membership is a lucrative opportunity for sharing emerging practices that would ensure sustainable solutions are achieved. The members are able to partner further with civil society, UN agencies and governments. Additionally, business enterprises and their subsidiaries are linked with Local Networks of Global Compact across the world.


Joseph Bismark is the individual behind the success of QI Group of companies. He has proven that business and spirituality can function together. Due to his innovative ways of leadership, he has take QI to new heights of success. The entrepreneur has captivated millions with his unique approach to businesses highly rewarding ideas. In December 2008, he was appointed the MD at QI Group where he was instrumental in creating Qnet, a major subsidiary of QI. In addition, he is a member and co-founder of RHYTHM Foundation which is a CSR arm of the company.
Bismark is a person who prefers team working among the entire community of QI. He is quite familiar with integrity of running a successful business and encourages people to grow as the company is expanding. His qualities have made him the most favored executive at QI.

Search Engine Optimization Lecture By Darius Fisher

Darius Fisher, who is the leader of a top online reputation management corporation called Status Lab, will hold a speech at the impact15 on a three-day annual convention that will be held on date 23rd to 25th. This occasion will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada. This convention brings on board the entire online marketing industry and their utmost innovators to bring their ideas and how to make digital solutions for those ideas.

His speech about the Google first page making a new major impression. He will discuss the reasons why it is important to keep our legacy high on protecting our digital existence. He goes on by further arguing that when local magazines and newspapers keep changing content every day but Google search never changes every day. It implies that digital solutions should be lasting once found instead of being dynamic. A solution is not a solution if it is not a lasting solution. Darius is expected to give a critical analysis, guidelines and best practices and search engine optimization. Public relations and content development tools to fix your search engine results for corporates and individuals are some of the content he intends to share during that annual convention.

He affirms that he is delighted and thankful for the opportunity to lecture on online reputation management topic to a highly esteemed audience of the online marketing industry. He takes it as a prestigious moment that will yield ideas that will be prominent to provide lasting solutions and strategies towards elevating our brands to the next higher level. This conference will be featuring the best live out and techniques that will enable us to build our market stocks and business development from the already established leading specialists. The members who will be in attendance will be asked to take the chance to look at the latest tools and trends as they intermingle and network with local and international leaders and experts.

This conference will affirm to the fact that online marketing tactics are in a constant evolution with each passing moment. With the search engine procedures updates of the recent, most businesses, firms and industries are urged to keep up with the evolving trend and take full exploitation of opportunities that present themselves in this online world.

Darius Fisher is the president and co-founder of Status labs which is the chief online status management, online digital promotion and public relations corporation. Status labs helps their clients have a good impression of online search results. This agency has built partnerships with various major corporations in the USA and has increased its reputation worldwide.

Purina’s Beneful and Its Health Benefits

What brand food does Sally the dog like? Purina’s very own special recipe named Beneful. She likes Beneful because it helps to keep her happy, healthy, and part of the family. There are a few reasons why Beneful is beneficial to Sally.

First, Beneful is checked by Purina’s quality assurance team in order to make sure the ingredients are correct and in the right portion. This makes the product live up to the company’s high standards of quality. Not only does the quality assurance team ensure that these products top notch, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), USDA, and the AAFCO inspect the products as well. Purina’s main philosophy is that “pets and people are better together.” This shows their dedication to ensuring that Sally and her owner are happy that she will live a long and healthy life.

There is one product that helps to keep Sally at a healthy weight. Rated at 4.6 out of 5 according to PetCo, a company that provides animal based products including Beneful, the product is called Beneful Healthy Weight. The product uses a “calorie-smart formula” in order to help Sally maintain her weight. For a healthy food, Sally loves it for that moist texture and taste. Ingredients included in this food source is, and not limited to, vitamin B-12, vitamin E, Vitamin K, and Vitamin D-3. The whole bag is totaled at 3,143 kcal.

Purina knows how much Sally loves to eat, so they do their research. This research covers everything from obesity to the effects of new trends. They make it a point to push farther than anyone else in the industry. Moreover, they are partnered up with at least 28 research universities throughout the United States.

Some research also shows that dogs love a variety of tastes, so Purina has made a number of proteins for her and other dogs such as beef, chicken, lamb, and pork. A lot of the same vegetables that are healthy to humans are used as well: carrots, barley, green beans, and rice. These are not the only limited varieties since there are over 20 different varieties.

Showing all the health benefits of Beneful and the research that Purina puts in in order to ensure dogs get the benefits they deserve. With over 20 different varieties, different accents of taste, quality, and research, Purina has made it a point to state that they are number one in the market and Sally agrees.

QI Group’s Joseph Bismark Accepts Award from UN Global Compact


In these unique times, running a business is about more than profit and loss. With the world around us changing on a daily basis, steps have to be taken to ensure that businesses not only make money, but do so ethically. With reports of abuse of human capital from major corporations happening daily, major organizations have recognized companies that are striving to achieve and maintain levels in how businesses are run and people are treated. Organizations such as the QI Group have been a leading example of how businesses that place ethics first are run successfully.

All over the world, there are businesses that take advantages of workers by offering them little pay and long hours in terrible working conditions. The UN Global Compact recognizes this, and has instituted initiatives to curtail this type of unethical abuse. Recently the QI Group, was recognized for their continuing work in corporate sustainability by the Compact.

The company considered the challenge to be an example to others around the world on how to conduct business in an ethical example. They wanted other businesses around the world to understand how and why they operated in the manner that they did, and they want to share their business philosophies with others. The QI Group does business in about 30 countries, including Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Singapore. They produce high-end luxury products, health related items, home care and energy products.

The company was presented an award recognizing it as a member of the UN Global Compact. Joseph Bismark, a managing member of the QI Group accepted the award on behalf of the company. The mission of the UN Global Compact is to assist in creating sustainable business models that have a greater impact upon the global economy. It is a worldwide initiative that recognizes companies who practice principles of anticorruption, human rights, and fair labor.

It is no surprise that the QI Group should be recognized with this award, considering Bismark’s unique background. When he was nine years old, he left his home in the Philippines to live his life with monks in a remote mountain region. When he returned to civilization at the age of 17, he dedicated his life to conducting business practices with a spiritual emphasis.

Bismark took what he learned from his spiritual experience, and applied it to his business practices. Utilizing what he learned in the mountains with the monks helped him to expand his success in the corporate world. He currently serves as the Managing Director for the QI Group, and guides their corporate dealings in social responsibility. You can read all about the QI Group and Bismark’s recognition at Yahoo Finance.

The QI Group continues to make strides in not only their fields of endeavor, but as an example of ethical business practices that not only affect their spirit of influence, but the entire business world as well.

Status Labs Free Damage Control

Due to the Ashley Madison hack, Status Labs has been hit up by many of the clients that have also been acquired. Their biggest fears is that all of their information will get leaked out. Among the people that are affected by the Ashley Madison hack are government employees, small business owners, accountants and other clients. They are working on a plan and preparation for the leak of this type of information.

Fortunately, Status Labs has a huge staff of crisis consultants, experts of SEO, public relations, and social media that can help manage the crises and keep things from getting too far out of control. Also, Status Labs is offering communications for free. One thing Status Labs is very passionate about is the belief that everyone should have a second chance. The idea of someone’s life getting ruined for one mistake is a scary idea. Also, in a matter of time, everyone is going to become a victim of a major hack.

Darius Fisher runs Status labs with the intention of protecting the privacy of many peopel. He is fighting against the deterioration of personal privacy. He has witnessed big companies such as Target, Ebay, the IRS, and even the U.S. Military. Darius just helps people manage the damage and make some kind of action in which they can protect what is left of their reputation and keep from going under or having their lives totally ruined. This could be through the use of media, investors, family or anything as it depends on the user.

Hacking, leaking information, or anything that could cause undo damage to a person’s or a business’s reputation can be very dangerous for the victim. It is very vital for the victim to have some kind of resource to go to in the case of an emergency that could destroy his or her life. Reputation damage is a very cruel thing that could happen to someone. Often times, people are cruel to those who have their reputation damaged or destroyed. For this reason, there are resources for people who are victims of such an attack.

Skout Helps College Students Find College Friendly Towns

The top priority on high school seniors minds is “Where am I going to go to college?”. Some want to go to a local school so they will be close to family but circumstances don’t always allow this. The type of school they wish to go to might not be the type of school their local one is or they might come from a small town. Skout the notorious app that lets subscribers connect with practically anyone from anywhere in the world helps students make a decision that will likely have a humongous impact on their lives. Recent data from the past twelve months has shown that college students or aspiring college students were using Skout to search for towns and cities that might be college friendly. A lot goes into making a college friendly community. It can’t just be the atmosphere or prevalence of Starbucks coffee shops. There are many nuances such as mass transit, cost of living, and of course, dining options. Alumni know the trouble of finding something to eat while living on campus all too well.

In Skout’s reports some obvious towns or cities should have sky rocketed to the top but unfortunately they found themselves not even close to the top 10. One of these towns was the prestigious Boston, Mass. Well known for Harvard University, Emerson College, and their Massachusetts College of Art and Design it seems like it’d have a guaranteed spot on the top ten, at least, if not top five. However, the underestimated Dallas, TX and Boulder, CO are some of the contenders that debowed Boston from the running. Dallas is more known for it’s religious colleges but what sets them apart is their phenomenal DART system and their cheap eats. Texas is home of football so any college there is going to have a huge football following. Certain restaurants have friendly competitions between universities all in the hopes of repeat customers while providing students with a place to study and get something to eat that isn’t cafeteria food. Also, they’d be able to take it back to their dorm which is the opposing policy on most campuses.

It was quite surprising to see Colorado on the list but Skout users data boasted that Boulder, CO’s universities have the friendliest male students while Madison, WI holds the title for friendliest female students. Madison is actually the college that came out at number one. That’s possibly more surprising than Ann Arbor, MI or Boulder, CO. Madison doesn’t have too many colleges to choose from but it was the Skouter’s data that helped make it number one. Part of this was determined by the virtual gift sharing option on Skout. If you purchase points, Skout’s currency, then you’re able to send your friends or acquaintances little gifts. Los Angeles, CA who came in at second place sends more virtual gifts than any other college city listed.

Skouter’s data also shows that it is much easier to make friends in college than in highschool and best place to make these friends is, of course, in the class room! Another perk is that those who might not have fit in while in highschool don’t need to worry because in college, cliques don’t mean a thing.

Life History Of Dr. Jennifer Walden

Dr Jennifer was born as Jennifer Lee Walden on the 17th of the eleventh month of the year 1971 in the city of Austin, Texas state in the United States of America. She is an American plastic, surgeon. Jennifer is blessed with twin sons who she bore in November of the year 2010. Jennifer was born in a family of medics practitioners because her father and mother were qualified professionals in dental and nursing respectively. Jennifer attended her high school studies at Anderson High. She went for her further studies at the University of Texas where she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Biology, field of pure sciences. Jennifer further went on to venture into the area of medicine. She registered as a student of medicine at the University of Texas, the school of Medicine. Jennifer went for her career internship at Manhattan Hospital. She later graduated as an aesthetic surgeon.

On completion of her studies, Jennifer worked at Manhattan hospital before she was posted to work in the New York City in the year 2003. Jennifer worked at Upper East Side hospital in New York for good seven years. While at the hospital Jennifer together with other practitioners worked on breast silicone implantation that was very successful leading the way for its re-introduction in the country.

After the birth of her children, Jennifer returned to her native homeland and established her private surgery medical centre in Westlake Hills, Texas. She is the founder of Walden Cosmetic Surgery. Also, she established a satellite link office within the state to serve as an ambulatory surgery centre. She has recruited a team of qualified medics and also the centres offers an internship to the students in the medicine field.

Jennifer is the director of Walden Cosmetic and ambulatory centre. She is also the highest figure among other practitioners in her hospitals. Jennifer also lead other medics in theatres within her centres during operations hence serving as an excellent example and as a mentor to them.

Jennifer is also a commentator and an author. She is mostly featured as a plastic surgery commentator in many media houses in the United States of America. Jennifer is mostly invited in media houses to give lectures, outline the importance of private surgery, engage with the public in questions and address many other issues concerning cosmetic surgery. Jennifer also writes articles that are published in the newspapers and magazine. In the year 2014, Jennifer was listed as one of the best cosmetic surgeons.

Jennifer has also contributed to the writing of aesthetic surgery book and she is currently one of the directors of the plastic surgery editorial board and America board of cosmetic surgery.

Shaygan Kheradpir; A Great Pillar Of Electrical Engineering

The discipline of engineering is a broad and comprehensive field that boasts of several sub disciplines. Out of this many sub-disciplines, there is one known as electrical engineering. This is a complex field that is composed of the two major factors namely electricity and magnetism that are also still divisible to mini-branches. The mini branches comprise of mind blowing lucrative career position that one can willingly undertake. Electrical engineering, therefore, comprises of the following branches: control systems, electronics, and microelectronics. Electrical engineering is a complex field that requires dire commitment and hard work to successfully pursue a bachelor’s, doctorate or masters degree. However, there are exceptional individuals with complex intellectual capabilities that went against the grain to pursue a course in electrical engineering. An honorary figure in this field who catapulted his way to the top while using electrical engineering as a stepping stone goes by the name Shaygan Kheradpir. His educational credentials speak volumes of his off the hook abilities and prowess in this sector of engineering. He holds the three honorary mentions at the same time that is: a bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate all engraved in one being. He is a statutory figure with an emblem of prowess in the subject of electrical engineering.

Shaygan Kheradpir is an advocate for change in the massive field of business and technology. He is solely responsible for the dynamic changes of affairs in this sector. This has been achieved through various calculated maneuvers in his career. He began by being a core employee in GTE Laboratories. Here he was tied down to the primary tasks of network routing and management control. His ability to achieve his earlier set goals and outstanding responsibility led to him being appointed as the CIO (Chief Information Officer). At this level, his commitment and urge to succeed spoke for itself as he remained as the favorite especially among his seniors. His success story escalated the day he was crowned to be the president of Verizon of which he finally escalated to become the Chief Information Officer. His presence at Verizon oversaw a lot of changes that were spontaneously taking place in pursuit of the success of the company. When he took over leadership, several changes were evident: there was a boost in the telecommunication, and various processes were evolved to be automatic.

Shaygan Kheradpir’s career enjoyed a final significant boost as he later on moved to Barclays Bank to take over the role of COO (Chief Operating Officer). His entry into leadership immediately gave the result to mobile payment software known as pingit. The invention of pingit served as an important stepping stone on towards the untimely success of the company. He was later on promoted to work as the CEO of Jupiter networks. He subsequently introduced the IOP, which is majorly involved in dividends and cutting off most of the expenses. Shaygan Kheradpir was also a very active member of the National Institute of Science and Technology. At this level, he was able to foster various plans and aspirations that would go a long way towards the success of the Institute.

Kyle Bass Seems to Be Making Wrong Business Decisions

Kyle Bass is a hedge fund manager and the founder of Hayman Capital Management. After becoming famous for predicting a mortgage crisis in 2008 and making a killing out of it, Kyle Bass has been making the wrong predictions and wrong business decisions ever since. Did he suddenly loose his magic touch or did he not have it to begin with?

For starters, Kyle has been making some very questionable alliances. He has been defending Christina Fernandez economic decisions, while everyone else is in agreement that the lady’s economic illiteracy is the reason the Argentinean economy continues to plummet. He even defended the country’s decision to default on its sovereignty loan yet again. New York Post even began to draw parallels between Kyle and the Argentinean economic minister Alex Kicillof. Kyle seems to have entered into some unscrupulous deals.

Kyle seems to be plotting something every time. In an effort to maximize on his investment in General Motors, he is reported to have blamed accident victims for the deaths that had clearly been caused by the company’s faulty power steering and airbags failing to deploy. On TV, Kyle accused the victims for not wearing seatbelts and driving while drunk.

In his latest and biggest scheme, Kyle short-sells the stocks of a few pharmaceutical firms and disputes their patents all in the name of making a quick buck. As a result, the stock prices fall down, while he makes a fortune. This results in a rise in the prices, and negatively affects consumers who are in need of the drugs. This is a serious scheme that has both houses of congress working to seal the loopholes that make this kind of plot possible.

Kyle graduated with a BA in Business Administration (Finance and Real Estate Finance) from the Christian University. Prior to founding Hayman Capital Management, he worked as a Senior Managing Director at Bear Stearns. He also worked for Legg Mason as a Managing Director. Currently, he sits in the board of governors in Troops First Foundation, Business Executive for National Security, University of Texas Investment Management Co. and Texas Ranger Association Foundation.

The pharmaceutical companies have been up in arms blaming Kyle for driving stock prices up in making patent challenges for his own benefit. Kyle recently lost a patent case that he had filed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. This is after the office denied his request to review two patents on Avorda Therapeutics Inc’s drug Ampyra.

To add to Kyle’s woes that don’t seem to end anytime soon, a recent report reveals that, in 2014, he lost 30% of his funds. Kyle doesn’t reveal much about the state of his funds though.