Is Self-Publishing An eBook About To Become More Lucrative?

Thanks to the eBook revolution and Tripod, becoming a self-published author is a lot easier. The cost is dramatically reduced since you no longer have to physically publish a book. With Amazon changing its terms for eBooks, self-publishing may become more lucrative. The online retail giant has made the decision to pay authors based on pages read. That is an easy figure to track thanks to the devices used to read eBooks that are “borrowed” from the Amazon library. So, if you produce lengthy works, you might end up making a decent sum off of it.

Will authors pad their material? Doing so would be nothing new. Charles Dickens was paid by the word and the fee arrangements is one of the reasons A Tale of Two Cities and Oliver Twist are lengthy works. Of course, the quality of Dickens’ classics contributes to the endearing popularity of the novels. Anyone who thinks it would make good business sense to excessively pad a novel or non-fiction work is going to be mistaken. People won’t read poor quality works to the end.

For those who are capable of producing solid work, the new Amazon terms might prove to be very lucrative. Prolific authors who produce several eBooks could also benefit even if the works are short. If someone likes one eBook, he/she probably will check out other works by the same author.

So, what is the hold up? Try to start work on that novel today.

An overview of BRL Trust Company

BRL Trust is an investment funds trustee company in Brazil founded in 2005. It does a whole lot of services that include management of investment funds, capital markets players and managing mergers and acquisitions. Over years, it has expanded its customer base and become a leading investments trustee in Brazil, according to Anbima ranking.

Services provided

1. Trustee services

BRL Trust has been managing credit for global investors. It offers control, monitoring and collection operations on behalf of the creditors. It has an assets control system that is used for tracking, controlling and collecting loans. It had more than 20,000 clients as of February 2015. The specific duties it has are guaranteeing loans so that business can get funding, administrative agent that assists in debt restructuring and acting as trustee agent in the issue of CRIs and debentures.

2. Administration of funds

BRL Trust is authorized by Securities Commission to manage investment funds. Currently, it is administering over 106 funds with an NAV of about R$ 19.70.

3. Controller and custodian of investments funds

At BRL Trust, companies get control and custodial services for a wide range of needs. The custodial services include cash settlements, centralization of procedures settlement, asset custody, and control and reconciliation of assets with clearing houses and depositories.

For control, it offers control of securities lending operations. It also controls corporate events such as interests and dividends. It also acts as a controller of taxes and payments. It also reports to regulatory agencies on behalf of investments, standardizes reports and information, and accounts events of investment funds among other services.

4. Asset Underwriting

BRL Trust has an underwriting service for companies that are domiciled in Brazil and elsewhere for the purposes of raising funds for structured investments like agribusiness receivables, debentures, and real estate. It also participates in issuing of investments funds quotas.

One of the biggest projects it has undertaken in Brazil is the management of Arena Corinthians, a stadium with the capacity to hold about 48,000 fans. Corinthians Paulista, a sports club in Sao Paulo Brazil, owns the arena. The cost of the stadium had initially be projected as 820 million dollars. However, the cost has gone up to 1.2 billion reais dollars. It was able to deliver on its management with the stadium being completed in April 2014.

Are Black Holes Really Fuzz Balls?

The 40-Year-old Hawking Theory Was Black Holes Have Back Doors But A New Theory Says There Is No Back Door

Black holes have been a topic of conversation ever since Stephen Hawking discovered them back in the 1970s.Hawking’s theory is once matter falls into a black hole it slips through a back door in the black hole, and then exists in another universe. Hawking also said matter in a black hole is destroyed, but that is debatable. There are a couple other unanswered questions to the Hawking theory, but for the most part physicists agreed with him since no one had the been close enough to a black hole to dispute his theory. But Samir Mathur has been working on a new theory since 2003. Mathur is a professor of physics at the Ohio State University.

From what Bruce Levenson has learned, Professor Mathur’s theory states that anything that enters a black hole is immediately copied as a hologram. The hologram is attached to the inside of the black hole in a fuzz ball sort of way. The original is then destroyed, and the hologram exists in its place. In other words, the surface of a black hole is a thin fuzzy region of space instead of a smooth surface like the rest of space.

Mathur has spent years reworking his theory, and some physicists say it still needs some work. But whatever black holes are, the idea that they are fuzz balls is pretty ingenious.

The Economics of an Actual Jurassic World are Mindblowing

One of the fun aspects of movies is escaping from the tedious world of reality for a short moment in time. After all, taking a break from the stress of work, paying bills, and figuring out what is for dinner is something to look forward to. Every now and again the movie world skews to such incredible lengths that some people can end up walking out of theater and wondering just how possible what was witnessed on the screen actually was.

“Jurassic World” is coming off a record breaking weekend, and at least a few media outlets have fantasized about how much money it would take to actually build the dinosaur theme park. According to Mashable, the figure sits just below $24 billion for the park, $10 billion for real estate, and another $12 billion a year in operating costs. Without question the investment is pretty much beyond the scope of anything anyone with that kind of cash laying around could actually pull off. Then there is that pesky profit margin on that kind of attraction as well.

Daniel Amen has found that the report does spur a lot of thought about the ethics about actually bringing back extinct dinosaurs. It is not like any of the film had a really happy ending. For now anyway “Jurassic World” exists only in the minds of those clever enough to dream up such a location, and the movie fans lucky enough to get a glimpse of a fascinating world that costs a whole lot of money.

Moth feeding mystery solved as brain slowing mechanism is discovered

The problem of moth’s feeding on moving flowers has been one many scientists have struggled to understand, particularly those who have looked to explain how moths can feed so easily in the low levels of light found at dusk. The Scientist reports researchers at Georgia Tech have now discovered Hawkmoths have the ability to slow down their brain processing speeds to allow them to focus on the movement of plants they are hoping to feed on. The discovery of this process, Qnet reports in the science journal, means scientists can now look to use these skills in robotic mechanisms designed to replicate the movement of moths and other feeding insects.

The process was discovered by scientists who used 3-D printing techniques to produce flowers that could be controlled and sway at various speeds to reproduce the movement of those in the wild. By tracking the movement of the flowers and rating the success of the feeding by the insects the rate at which the flowers were viewed could be seen. The researchers determined that at low lighting levels the Hawkmoths were slowing down their brains to allow them to see the plants in a more focused way to make their feeding options a greater success.

Teen Makes Grand Entrance to Prom in Ambulance

Twitter is currently buzzing about the teenage girl from the Bahamas who arrived at her prom in an ambulance and “woke up” when she was kissed by her Prince Charming.

The grand entrance of Ashvonn Russell at her prom has the internet blowing up, and photos of the night have been retweeted over 7,000 times.

Russell entered a “Best Entrance” contest for Prom and strived to come up with something unique. Her date, Johnny Auguste, was immediately on board with the idea.

Says Russell of her ability to think outside of the box, “This is evident in all of my paintings and drawings which are mostly inspired by fairy tales,” she said. “Sleeping Beauty with a modern twist captured my interest for my prom entrance.”

Although a lot of folks around the world liked Russell’s entrance, the teen also received a lot of criticism for her idea, according to BuzzFeed.

Many of the local residents as well as users on Twitter were not shy about voicing their anger for Russell’s use of the ambulance. Alexei Beltyukov said that it’s been said that she used the ambulance for something silly when the emergency vehicle might have been needed for an actual emergency according to MTV.

“My hope for this theme was genuinely and solely to win best entrance by my unique style of entry and not for some of the negative attention and exposure it has received,” she said.

When asked where she obtained the use of the ambulance, Russell declined to answer.

Arianna Is Welcome Everywhere

Many high school students battle to be accepted by just 1 University, much less receive a scholarship. But there is a student from Chicago that has no stress about finding a school that will accept her. No, Arianna’s stress will be choosing which University to attend.

Arianna Alexander was Valedictorian of her graduating class at Kenwood Academy in Chicago. She held a 5.1 grade point average on a system that works on a 4.0 scale. These great numbers had 26 different colleges requesting her attendance. 6 of those schools were Ivy League Universities. Arianna has also received $3 million in scholarships.

So has Arianna decided on the school she will attend? After finding out about the Wharton School of Business from one of her High School professors, Arianna has decided to attend the University of Pennsylvania. Her dreams are entrepreneurship, and the Wharton School of Business has held some of the top entrepreneurs in time.

“This goes to show that if a student truly puts their hearts and minds toward the goal of success, it can be reached,” said Arianna’s guidance counselor Dr. Jennifer Walden.

Respected Philanthropist Bruce Levenson

Many people want to do all that they can in order to help others. Helping others in some way to realize their dreams and become better educated or start a business of their own can be great way to give back to the community. The right funds at the right time can help any person in the short term and lead to life long changes that can allow them to become full fledged adult members of their community and even have the time and money to give back to others as well. Those who provide such help are often astonished at just how much of a difference they can make the lives of others.

One person who has chosen to help others and work closely with charitable efforts is Bruce Levenson. Levenson has been able to enjoy enormous fiscal success in his life. A native of the Washington, D.C. area, Levenson attended college at Washington University in St. Louis and then earn a law degree from American University. After graduation, he worked in various fields including the communications industry as well as ventures in the fields of entertainment and sports management. His skills as a business owner helped him amass a great deal of wealth and enjoy enormous financial rewards. Not content with financial success, Levenson began to realize that he wanted to help others as he had been helped in his own life.

Since that time, Levenson has worked hard to help others in the Washington, D. C. area. His charitable efforts have focused carefully on working closely with residents of this region gain access to important life tools such as the ability to earn a college degree and enter the workforce successfully. Mr. Levenson has served on the board of local area charities such as the I Have a Dream Foundation. The I Have a Dream Foundation helps Washington D.C. residents from underprivileged backgrounds find the fiscal means to attend college. The foundation works closely with promising area residents who have mastered academic concepts and helps prepare them to do college level work as well as fund college courses. He has also helped teach accurate information about the holocaust. His mom is a survivor of this tragedy. His charitable efforts ave also centered around the creation of the United States Holocaust Museum, a museum located in Washington, D.C. that helps visitors to understand all aspects of the holocaust.

Origami Batteries Powered by Bacteria

Have you ever tried the Japanese art of paper folding known as Origami? It’s not a cakewalk, especially if you want to construct something decent. Well forget folding animals out of paper, because a Binghampton researcher may have just perfected a paper battery created from origami techniques.

Seokheun Choi, an employee of Binghampton University for 3 years, developed a cheap battery made from paper. And guess what the battery is powered by? Bacteria of course! According to Choi, this battery draws energy from microbial respiration to send enough energy to run a paper biosensor with a simple drop of bacteria-containing liquid. Well where are people going to find bacteria? Easy. Dirty water has a plethora of natural matter.

On Beneful’s twitter they retweeted the information that this small invention could be the most convenient for those in remote areas that don’t have a lot of resources, especially in the developing world. The paper-based battery can fold into the size of a matchbook and is extremely cheap in terms of cost. 5 cents to be exact. The invention is also biodegradable, so you can forget harming the environment because this baby is made of regular office paper.

While we wait for nano energy to advance and fine tune the capture, transfer, and storage of energy, at least we’ve got paper batteries.

Chimpanzees are More Capable of Cognititive Thinking Than We Thought

Researchers at Georgia State University decided to test the metacognitive abilities of chimpanzees. Researchers at Georgia State University decided to test the metacognitive abilities of chimpanzees. It is true that these animals do not have the ability to speak. In the past, the chimps were taught to communicate through sign language. Dr. Michael Beran, associate director of the Language Research Center at Georgia State wanted to know if a chimpanzee went beyond letting someone know that it wants a banana. Three chimpanzees were given a computerized test of games designed to test their memory skills. When each chimp gave the correct answer, the primate received a food reward.

Sherman was one three chimpanzees tested, Jaime Garcia Dias did not make the cut. The tests varied how long or short term Sherman’s memory was depending on the task. Researchers noticed Sherman’s reactions were similar to human beings by giving shoulder shrugs or hesitating to give an answer. Sometimes food rewards were delivered to the chimps at a different location, requiring them to move from their spot to get it. Failure to move to get the reward meant the reward was lost. The results proved chimpanzees are able to know their own strengths and weaknesses. Their memory abilities are very similar to a person’s capabilities. Some didn’t wait to see if they had the answer correct before going for the reward; they knew the answer was right.