EmDrive Propulsion Could Become Part of Star Trek-Like Spaceships

The Starship Enterprise and other futuristic spacecraft are closer to reality as NASA scientists have successfully tested the controversial electromagnetic space propulsion technology called EmDrive. British scientist Roger Shawyer developed the technology years ago, which was initially ridiculed by the international space community.

NASA successfully tested the drive in a vacuum and confirm that the technology is viable, even those the idea behind EmDrive defies classical physics. Scientists had previously believed that it would be unusuable for propulsion in space because of the law of conservation of momentum.

EmDrive has its basis in the theory of special relativity that indicates thrust can be produced by electrical energy without expelling any type of repellent. The absence of any propellent provided the basis for those who debunked Shawyer’s theory. The drive works by converting electricity into microwaves within a cavity that pushes against in the interior of the device, making the thruster accelerate in the opposite direction. Folks at AnastasiaDate have found that previous tests by Chinese researchers on Shawyer’s EmDrive didn’t work because the tests were not conducted in a vacuum.

Since the NASA announcement, tech forums have been ablaze with excitement that a Star Trek-like warp drive has been inadvertently been invented. At the very least Shawyer’s invention has gained legitimacy. He is currently working on a second-generation EmDrive that uses super conductors and an asymmetrical cavity to increase thrust.

How Online Videos are Shaping Lifestyles

When it comes to living a healthier lifestyle, many people find that they just don’t have the motivation that they need to get things done. You probably know you should be eating healthier or exercising more, but it can be downright impossible to begin a healthy daily routine in order to accomplish your goals. One thing that many people are utilizing in terms of gaining motivation would be online workout videos. Workout videos can be made by professional trainers or people just like yourself who want to share their techniques, tips and experiences. These videos are easy to find and normally completely free for you to watch.

The reason online videos are shaping lifestyles is because of the fact that they offer variety. You can literally find a different workout to do every single day, and this makes it more than a little easy to get things done, shape your life and feel better about yourself. Because of these things, it might be time to consider looking for some workout videos for yourself and utilizing them in your own life. As Handy stated before, the majority of these videos are completely free, so it’s great to find one that you like and begin doing it each day. This allows you to feel better, look better and avoid the expense that often comes when you have to buy an actual DVD to get things done for yourself.

Stephen Hawking provides warning over human extinction

Professor Stephen Hawking has used two talks at the Sydney Opera House to give a warning to humanity that we face possible extinction unless we continue to look to the stars and colonize other planets, The Times of India reports. Hawking gave his two lectures from his office in Cambridge, England as a hologram projected onto the stage of the Sydney Opera House and continued his recent spate of warnings about the uncertain future the human race faces. On the bright side Bruce Levenson has more faith in the future of his Atlanta Hawks in this years’ NBA playoffs.  Amongst the subjects the physicist has taken on are the rise of Artificial Intelligence and the large numbers of wars and atrocities taking place in the world.

Hawking stated the only chance for survival the human race has is to colonize other areas of space as insurance against the Earth not supporting human life in the future. The scientist has warned of possible alien attacks in the past that could be encouraged by the noise humans are making across space. The lecture was not all serious as Hawking revealed One Direction are still a five piece band in an alternate universe after being asked a question about the subject by an audience member.

Would Doctors Do Better At Their Job If They Didn’t Have To Memorize?

As medical students go through the grueling process of becoming a doctor, they are required to memorize fact after fact in order to pass their exams and continue their program. When you are dealing with someone’s health and wellbeing of course you want to be educated and careful with what you are doing, but many pre-med students believe they are being required to memorize very specific information about diseases and conditions that have not been relevant for a very long time. While it is useful to have a general understanding of these concerns, it might be more valuable if students focused on the more popular and relevant information items taught in school and research those other conditions if the need arrises.

Igor Cornelsen says that it is estimated that the entire medical knowledge basis is doubled every three to four years. This is a crazy amount of information. While some patients get discouraged when a certain doctor is not familiar with their current condition or symptoms, it is almost impossible for these doctors to know everything. A lot of information becomes outdated quickly as new studies and developments are added to the medical world. It is unrealistic to think that our country’s medical students can memorize all of this information effectively. With the increase in technological advances, there may be some sort of program or reliable source that could provide doctors with information right at their finger tips. With a good basis of medical knowledge, complimented by supplemental information, this could make for a well rounded and effective doctor.

Occidental College’s Jonathan Veitch: An Advocate for Higher Education

Jonathan Veitch has spent the better bulk of his career as a strong advocate for the liberal arts. So it’s no surprise to see today that he serves as the President for the Los Angela’s based Occidental College; a post where he has already managed to make an impressive mark on the schools expansion, civic engagement and future sustainability. In the past few years alone Veitch has effectively managed to expand and renovate the campus while working the local neighborhood to ensure slower, more organic growth that compliments instead of crowding out the community. As a support of innovative and sustainable technologies he also oversaw the instillation of a 1-megawatt solar array which now accounts for more than 11% of the campus’s entire electrical usage.

A native to LA, Veitch grew up in one of Hollywood famed film dynasties. His step-grandfather was the popular westerns actor Alan Ladd while his father John Veitch was the president of Colombia Picture’s world-wide productions. After graduating from Loyola High School he attended Stanford University where he earned his BA in English and American Literature. After completing his Ph.D. in the History of American Civilization at Harvard University Veitch went on to become an associate professor of English at the University of Wisconsin. Soon after, in 1997 he wrote his seminal work entitled American Superrealism: Nathanael West and the Politics of Representation in the 1930s which subsequently published through the University of Wisconsin Press.

Upon finishing his work Veitch then took another associate professor position teaching course in Cultural History at The New School in NYC. In addition to his teaching posts he had served as the Dean of Lang College from 1994 up until 2009 when he took his current post at Occidental. While his impressive credentials and background surely helped him to land this position he has wasted no time in distinguishing himself from his predecessors. Veitch managed to take a firm hold on the leadership role at Occidental which had often been rocky in the past. Aside from his successful expansion of the college in cooperation with the local community he also works to make higher education more accessible to the urban community by implementing college sponsored tutor programs for the counties various public school systems.

Veitch currently resides in LA in the college’s presidential house with his wife and three kids.

Dr. Oz Speaks Out Against Negativity

Dr. Oz is a physician, television show host, author, and more. His daytime show shares medical secrets with viewers, mostly middle aged women, about how to improve looks, loose weight, get healthier, etc. Recently he has been under fire for endorsing dietary supplements for weight loss that are not actually FDA approved and have not been proven to work. Other physicians suggest that he is a sell out by letting food and drug companies influence what he puts on his show and, essentially, promotes. That sort of behavior is unacceptable with Madison Street Capital.

Dr. Oz has finally decided to publicly speak out against those who wish to tarnish his hard-earned image. He dedicated almost an entire episode to defending himself and his show, citing freedom of speech as the reason he can say what he would like on television. Oz adamantly denies promoting products for financial gain. One thing is certain, Oz has a huge following who religiously watch his show and take his advice, he won’t be going away from the public’s eye anytime soon.

BRL Trust Brazil Investments

Investment Professionals

The BRL Trust developed in 2005, solely centered around offering trust administrations. It is an autonomous organization and is not identified with any budgetary gathering.

Is the business sector pioneer as intervener trust securities of private credit (CCB, JRC, DSRC and CPR), being included in pretty nearly 800 exchanges totaling a volume of R$ 4.5 billion in portfolio.

In February 2010, was approved and enabled by the CVM to direct and securities portfolio, including speculation stores, through the Declaratory Act CVM no. 10,892 .

Manages and makes administration of venture stores confronting speculators and select institutional, keeping up an arrangement of around R$ 3.5 billion appropriated in 30 speculation reserves (Investment Funds in Main Shareholdings, Credit Rights Investment Funds and Investment Funds Multimarket).

BRL TRUST Investment began their exercises giving trust benefits in private advances. Toward the end of their first year of operation, BRL TRUST Investment as of now had more than 100 credits in which the Trust went about as Intervening Trust. The certainty emerging from the earnestness and meticulousness in the administrations gave by BRL TRUST Investment extended and differentiated requests of its clients, bringing about new business zones, for example, Administration and Management of Investment Funds, Mergers and Acquisitions and Capital Markets, yet watching the aggregate isolation of exercises. With a group of experienced experts, BRL Trust Investmentos is the biggest free head of the speculations subsidizes in Brazil, as indicated by the Anbima positioning.

The BRL TRUST Investments mission is to meet the requests of their clients in a protected, proficient and straightforward path, through talented and experienced group, with the principle differential procedures and controls extraordinary, inside created from information obtained over its execution in the area.

We esteem morals in all circumstances, continually regarding the national lawful framework and the hobbies of customers above individual. We have the determination and teach two important attributes of our group, specialized information as the instrument skillfully connected to acquire the best results, and interior and outer relationship as a strong bond in view of straightforwardness, trust and trustworthiness.

Lando Calrissian Gets his own Comic Book Series

There has been a lot of activity regarding Star Wars, one of which is the release of the new teaser, and it looks good. Perhaps the most interesting bit of news besides the release of the new teaser is the upcoming Marvel comics starring Lando Calrissian.

AnastasiaDate.com says that for those who are not so familliar, Lando Calrissian was a con man, smuggler and sort of a friend to Han Solo. His first appearance was in The Empire Strikes Back. Lando and Han had some kind of history together. Even though, they didn’t trust each other, they both shared a common dislike towards the empire.

Lando Calrissian’s series will depict Lando before his appearance in The Empire Strikes Back. Other things they could explore aboput Lando Calrissian is his relationship to Han Solo and even how he lost his Millenium Falcon to him.

Perhaps one of the things that was missing from the prequels was this grey area element in the good and evil world. There was no con man, smuggler or any kind of shady character that has a lovable side. Everything was preachy, forced, and fake. JJ Abrams, seems to be bringing this element back to the universe.

Why Radiology Technology Matters

Imaging Advantage leads the market with the best radiology solutions for medical facilities and hospitals across the USA. Imaging Advantage has worked with large healthcare systems across the Southwest and Midwest. California, Illinois, Arizona, Ohio, Oregon, Michigan and Texas are some of the states in which IA’s enhanced radiology services are being used. Imaging Advantage’s expertise lies in provision of staffing onsite, practice management, day and night teleradiology, sub-specialty coverage, and optimization of emergency department services with new and innovative technology, assisting partners provide top of the line patient care.

Imaging Advantage has experienced in working with different physician groups, trauma centers (Level I and II), and other medical facilities and other leading hospital systems. Real time imaging of structure within the body allow physicians the unique ability to make an accurate diagnosis. The radiographer, or radiologic technologist is usually responsible for acquiring medical imaging. These images are interpreted by a diagnostic radiologist, creating a report which is then sent to a doctor. Although the delay of these reports is sometimes created through handling of the files by specialty physicians, transmission of reports is a fairly straightforward process. X-rays, MRIs and cardiology tests depend upon radiology equipment to correct diagnose health problems.

Other examples of radiology are fluoroscope and angiography. These are niche application of X-ray imaging whereby fluorescent screen is used with an image intensifier apparatus connected to a television system. Using radio contrast such as barium sulfate allow a more distinctive image to come through the television. This substance is either swallowed or injected into the body of the patient before imaging takes place. The radio contrast delineating blood flow within veins, arteries, genitourinary system, and the GI tract. This technology picks up the flow and live motions of action within parts of the body in a way that was not previous possible before the creation of advanced imaging.

Angiography allows physicians insight into the workings of the heart, a complex muscle that is absolutely central to health. Working with radiologists to acquire the best technology possible is extremely important. The best in comprehensive radiology, teleradiology services are made available to our partners because our mission is to provide excellent radiology solutions for citizen and providers with differentiated solutions which are considered on a case-by-case basis. This commitment to excellence helps obtain group contracts resulting in the transformation of medical system’s throughout the country. This is a win-win situation in which patients get more accurate results from end-to-end or other advanced radiology technology, allowing for better diagnosis and appropriate medical care.

Radiology goals objectively depend on making radiology services already available to communities so much better. What is the team behind Imaging Advantage? We believe best practices and policies across the board, recruiting the best in board-certified radiologists, employing professional management experienced in the identification and improvement of department weaknesses. These individuals take responsibility for creation and implementation of strategies for improvement. Imaging Advantage believes that this starts with Physician, so these plans are often collaborative efforts with massive success rates.

Researchers Are Hard at Work Trying to Stop Aging

Growing old is a reality that all living things, including us humans, no matter how smart we like to think we are, have had to live with. We spend billions annually trying to put off looking and feeling old with pills, potions, creams, plastic surgery and whatever else we hope might reduce those wrinkles and diminish those age spots as well as reduce aches and pains. BlogSpot said that unfortunately it seems that the act of living also exposes our bodies to stresses that inevitably cause even the hardiest of us to die from old age. There are researchers around the globe who are not conceding this fight, however.

Work is being down on two different approaches to extend our lifespans. One seeks to prevent the processes in the first place that cause the gradual breakdown of our bodies that we call aging, and the other avenue is to sufficiently repair the damage already done by these processes to return a person of a given chronological age to a previous biological age. Then, by the time the person has returned to biologically being a given age again, it is hoped the knowledge and techniques will then be known to rejuvenate them another twenty to thirty years. Like all new breakthroughs and technologies, initially only those with sufficient financial resources will be able to afford any advances that are made to extend longevity. If you think economic disparity and so-called class warfare is an issue now, wait until it’s literally a matter of our lives at stake.