Qualities of a Successful Businesswoman

Not every woman like Susan Mcgalla can be successful in the field of business and entrepreneurship, but it is a game that is open to women all as long as we know how to play.

Of course there are lots of challenges to face like inequality and the like, that makes the game tough for us, but we have to face them head on if we want to be successful.

Here are other traits that I believe will push us to our success as a businesswoman:

Belief in ourselves
If we think we can, then we can. If we think that we can’t, then we simply can’t! Self-belief is a very important trait that should be possessed by any entrepreneur in order to get far.

To be successful, we should have the nerve to be ambitious, as ambitious as men! In a sense, women are all ambitious, but to succeed as men, we should really strive for something we want.

We should always reach for the top. Not the top five, not the top ten, the very top! We should never be satisfied with anything but the top.

In order to win clients and create a profitable business, we need to possess a lot of confidence. With confidence, we can gain the respect and trust of other people, and build us a good reputation.

Confidence is evident when we walk into a room with our head up high and we greet people looking at them directly in the eye. Let people realize that you are not any ordinary woman. You are a successful businesswoman!

Create businesses that revolve around the things you love. Successful businesswomen are passionate about what they do because they enjoy what they are doing.

Analyze where your passions lie, create a career around it and turn it into something you love and you are proud of. Have full faith in your passion and convert it into reality.

Do not think that once you are successful, you can begin to rest, because that is wrong! Everything in this world is constantly changing and you should always be updated on what’s the latest and ready to keep up and improve all the time. Don’t think that you will always be on the top because you can be down in one single change of the trend.

Be always willing to learn from others and improve yourself because that’s the way to keep on growing.

Hard work
Success comes to those who are willing to work hard. It’s not enough to be smart and intelligent, to be connected and to have lots of opportunities. We need to work hard for everything to work, and to last. To get to the top, we need to work, and we need to work hard.

One good example of a successful businesswoman is Susan McGalla, the former president of American Eagle Outfitters Inc. and a former chief executive officer of Wet Seal Inc. She began her career in the women’s clothing and started getting promoted to higher roles until she became the president of the entire company.

Clearly, McGalla possessed all the traits above which propelled her to be successful in her field. To be a successful businesswoman we have to believe in ourselves and believe that what we are making a difference. We should have a very strong sense of purpose which will definitely stand the test of time.

Skilled Investor Sam Tabar

Investing is an important and necessary part of life. People need to save a percentage of the income they earn in many cases. This allows them to be able to do things they want to such as save to buy a house they like in a neighborhood they prefer. Saving up a percentage of one’s paycheck also allows the save to be able to do others things such as creating a nest egg that can be later used to help supplement a retirement check or assist a child in getting a start in life by paying for their educational and wedding expenses. Savings also allow the saver to remain calm and free of worrry should something less than ideal happen in their lives such as an inability for a period of time due to a temporary physical problem or an accident of some sort.

However necessary investing is in life, it is not always easy for the ordinary person to figure out. Many people are at a loss to figure out the best way to earn a decent rate of return on their capital and to avoid having their capital eaten away from the strains of inflation. This is why many people look for help. Those who have a background in the fiscal field such as Sam Tabar. Mr. Tabar has an extensive background in the fields of both finance and law. Tabar has done extremely well academically. He was educated at the highly prestigious Oxford University, one of the best universities in all of the United Kingdom. Mr. Tabar also has a law degree from New York City’s Columbia University. Here, he was the editor of the Associate Editor of the school’s highly admired Columbia Business Law Review and one of those students in charge of helping to write and edit articles published in one of the nation’s foremost law journals.

Tabar has spent the last decade working in various areas of law and business. Doing so has allowed him to develop an understanding of both fields that has served his clients well. His jobs since graduating include that of associate at the highly respected law firm based in New York City and known as Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher & Flom LLP. He has also worked at other companies including Bank of America where he helped provide both legal and fiscal expertise to the company’s many clients. Mr. Tabar has also been heavily involved in many other areas of law and has focused his attention heavily on the field of hedge funds. He has also been involved in many charitable efforts of all kinds including efforts to help provide support for poor women in the Americans and Africa.

James Dondero Expands Highland Capital Management Into New Markets

Prominent investment firm, Highland Capital Management, is in the game
to provide effective financial guidance to major corporations and high
net-worth professionals. Following their inception in 1993, this
renowned company strived to offer the best comprehensive portfolio of
alternative credit management to a diverse group of clients. Moreover,
Highland Capital Management’s extensive selection of customized
investment services has led to extremely satisfied customers.
Essentially, these repeat consumers have assisted in the firm’s rapid
evolution and gradual international expansion. Furthermore, with
seasoned executives managing the company, Highland Capital Management
remains the leader in implement strategic investment practices.

During the early 1990s, well-known businessmen, James Dondero on insidermonkey and Mark
Okada, joined forces to develop an unprecedented independently-owned strategic
investment firm. After ample research, these strategic owners sought
to offer investors unique products which include capital preservation
and low risk management. Notably, in 2000, Dondero and Okada launched
their first commingled bank loan fund and a few years afterwards,
these prominent executives entered the company into the mutual fund
business. Remarkably, with over twenty years of investment experience,
Highland Capital Management continues to remains the premier firm for
both retail and institutional investors.

The need for strategic investment solutions is flourishing and
Highland Capital Management strives to adhere to this demand by
presenting a variety of financial services. During the initial
consultation, prospective clients may choose to pursue effective
offerings specializing in high yield credit, emerging markets,
healthcare, long/short equity, structured products, oil/gas, and real
estate. In addition, the knowledgeable employees at Highland Capital
Management are skill in resolving distressed and special situations
related to complicated carve-outs and company debt. Essentially, the
firm’s expert team of operational advisors work closely together with
portfolio management professionals to pursue substantial growth
opportunities. Most prominently, the company has maintained a proven
track-record of propelling major corporations in the
telecommunications, media, industrial, and healthcare sectors.

The executive teams at Highland Capital Management are most
acknowledged for providing extraordinary customer service to an
extremely diverse group of clients. Because of their personable
approach, the firm continues to maintain an extensive database of
repeat customers which has resulted in increased productivity and
prosperity. Moreover, their sustained success enables the company to
expand their investments beyond the financial markets. Commendably,
Highland Capital Management proudly dedicate their monetary resources
to assisting local community organizations and national nonprofit
foundations. In essence, both Dondero and Okada are committed to
enhancing programs related to medicine, education, and veteran
outreaches. Therefore, the company strives to benefit the lives of
underprivileged and struggling individuals. Most importantly, Highland
Capital Management’s mission is to adhere to the unique needs of both
their clients and the members of the local and national community

The Creation of the Highland Village Shopping Center

The Highland Village Shopping center is the most visited shopping center in Houston, Texas. What makes this shopping center so unique to all the others in area is the fact that there is over 70 years worth of history to the land. In the 1940s, this shopping center was built by a gentleman named S.N. Adams. The shopping center consisted of a few local shops and a gas station. In present day, the shopping center has transformed to become a luxurious place to visit.

The shopping center was founded and built by the Adams family. After the death of the owner, the land was sold to developers in the 1960s. By 1991, the land was owned by developing contractor, Haidar Barbouti. Mr. Barbouti had big plans for the shopping center which included growing it even more to what it is in present day.

The Highland Village Shopping Center received its unique name from S.N. Adams who was of Scottish descent. The name has remained as a way to show the respect of tradition with the shopping center. The Highland Village area is not just made up of shops but also includes housing complexes as well as an animal shelter. The space for the animal shelter was donated to the organization by Haidar Barbouti. He is a continuous donor to the shelter.

The Highland Village Shopping Center has grown to become one of the best in the country within the past 25 years. In 1994, the shopping center was the first shopping center to ever house the growing brand name of Starbucks. Every single store in the Highland shopping center has been given a large space to setup shop in. Some of the luxurious stores include Anthropologie, Crate & Barrel, Williams-Sonoma, and Pottery Barn. The Restoration Hardware store in this center has been ranked the number one store in the country.

Each space is large to give both customers and employees large amounts of roaming areas. In 2010, the Apple brand was given a store in the Highland Village. The store consisted of multiple businesses offices in the back. The offices were created for presenting customers with the technology that Apple has come up with.

The goal of this shopping center was to create a place where shoppers could make a day out of their excursion. This means that visitors could spend all day shopping around and then grab dinner at some of the local restaurants within the center. Haidar Barbouti has transformed this shopping center into one of the best in the nation. This was the first shopping center to be built in Houston and it is also the best. The respect for tradition is also what makes this the shopping center to visit.

What Being an Entrepreneur is Really Like


The lifestyle of an entrepreneur is different from holding a regular job. Many people are intimidated by the idea of being an entrepreneur. At the same time, some of the most successful entrepreneurs are well respected and admired. There are many ups and downs that come with being an entrepreneur. In this article I found on the website of Entrepreneur, it describes one person as calling entrepreneurship a wild ride. There are many reasons that people decide to become an entrepreneur. One common reason is that the entrepreneurs don’t like the idea of working for someone else. Another reason is that the entrepreneur doesn’t have a choice but to be an entrepreneur. However, there are good and bad sides to being an entrepreneur.

One advantage that an entrepreneur has is that he gets to make his own decisions. He decides on the days and the times he can work. He also decides what days he could take off. Another advantage that an entrepreneur has is that his potential for income is limitless. He can earn as much money as the work he puts in. He is not stuck with a certain amount of money for every hour. He also gets to meet a lot of cool people. The most important advantage that the entrepreneur has is freedom. He is in control of his own life.

There are some disadvantages to being an entrepreneur as well. For one thing, the entrepreneur is going to have to work more than others in order to bring in some income at the beginning. This leaves little time for fun stuff. As a result of working so many hours, this causes entrepreneurs to miss out on stuff. Also, a little bit of rest is important every now and then. There is also the stress of not knowing if everything is going to work out and how it is going to work out. Other things you have to deal with is dry spells when there are very few paychecks. This can go on for years. The entrepreneur is also always on call. This could result in in suffering relationships. It could also be hard to make friends. However, once and entrepreneur reaches success, that can change It is also helpful for the entrepreneur to learn from others.

One entrepreneur that others can learn from is Marc Sparks. Marc Sparks has been through the rough stages of starting up his own business. He knew the amount of money and time that was needed to put into his business before he can see some rewards for his efforts. The success that he has experienced has allowed him to participate in philanthropic activities in the community. All of the hard work and long hours put into his business paid off in the long run.

Brazil’s Authors: A Gift to the World

Brazil is a fascinating, culturally diverse country with a tumultuous past and present. Discovered and colonized by Portugal in the 16th century; it remained a colony until 1822 when it declared independence. In 1889 Brazil saw a military coup which established a Republican government. A dictatorship from (1930-1934 and 1937-1945) and then ruled again by the military from 1964-1985. Finally in 1985, Brazil returned to democracy. If you were and are a writer of the times, what a wealth of events and issues to write about.

Brazilian authors are as diverse as the country itself and their writings reflect the history of their country. Machado de Assis whose book “Quincas Borba” was first published in 1891 and is a satire on life in Imperial Brazil. Jorge Amado wrote “Captains of the Sands” in 1937. The “captains” represented homeless children who would steal to survive on the streets in the predominantly African-influenced area of Brazil. The list goes on and on, but recently several influential authors’ books have been published in English such as: Ruben Fonseca’s ‘Crimes of August”, Clarice Lispector’s “Complete Stories”, Moacyr Scliar’s “The War in Bom Fimm”, Paulo Coelho, who is one of the most published authors in Brazil and Adriana Lisboa “Crow Blue” an up and coming author of the current generation.

Included in this list is Jaime Garcia Dias who has many literary awards, including the coveted White Crane Award. Mr. Diaz started writing at the age of fifteen and went on to publish ten books by the age of thirty. When he started teaching in 1993 at the Carioca Literature Academy, most of his students were teenagers. In 2007 he was elected President of the Carioca Literature Academy and today the school has the most extensive literary library in Brazil. Some of his most popular are books are “Fell from Heaven, “Two Ways”, and “Clouds and Tiny”. In 2013 he honored his father’s mentoring with “Chronic Wise, the Jornal do Brazil” and just recently received the ABC Award of Brazilian Fiction. Mr. Dias like his predecessors and peers addresses the many complicated urban issues in Brazil.

Taking Good Care of Your Dog

Having a dog can be exciting addition to the home. A dog can be a child’s lifelong friend or family umber, and keeping the dog as healthy as possible the key to making sure it lives for as long as they can make it. The truth about dogs is that they are extensively exciting to be around, but there are ways to make sure that they maintain their health. My dog is always active and has maintained his health over the years, and I’m going to share with you some interesting tidbits for making sure your dog stays healthy.

Taking Care of Your Dog For Better Health

– Feed Them More Nutritious Food

Always make sure that you give your dog nutritious food that is healthy and filled with all the right ingredients for them to eat. You do not want to end up giving them food that they can’t eat or will harm their body’s. Beneful on amazon is a wonderful brand with a wide variety of options to choose from. They have dry and wet food options, along with different snacks you can feed your dog. They have been praised for their wondrous tastes and nutritious designs to their foods.

– Exercising

Simply taking your dog for a good walk every single day with you around the neighborhood can be a great way to get some exercise in for the both of you. Dogs need to be walked, and running with them can be another great addition to motivating you to run in the day. When you are exercising, you need to make sure that you have them on a leash so that you guys are all connected to each other properly.

– Training

Having a dog that is trained can go a long way in terms of them staying strong and knowing how to navigate throughout life. A trainer who can help them become potty trained, provide professional advice, and also teach your dog commands can help make it easier on you together to have a better relationship. Dogs are always growing, and they need to be cared for and taught on living their best life possible.

– Doggy Day Care

Every once in awhile, make it an option for your dog to enjoy a doggy day care. These day cares will allow for others to watch your dog and explore friendships with other dogs. This chance can allow for you to relax and take some time apart. This always helps with improving the relationship you have with each other in the long run.

Dogs are wonderful to have, and it’s best to really get their health up to par by making sure that you give them the best care possible. Taking care of your dog is all about seeking advice from professionals. If they have all the right experience, they can help you out on improving your dog’s overall life and health. Beneful is the best brand to head to if you’d like to give your dog the best food possible.

Mikal Watts of Watts Guerra takes on Syngenta Over GMOs Losses

American corn farmers are suing Syngenta AG of Switzerland. Syngenta is a maker of GMOs, genetically modified organisms and in this case seed corn. The corn is called MIR 162 or Agrisure Viptera, and is an insect resistant variety. The MIR 162 strain was grown by American farmers to export to China, but China refuses the corn. The MIR 162 was approved by the USDA in 2010, and American farmers bought the corn under the impression that Syngenta had approval from China to accept the new strain. Unfortunately China had not yet fully approved the MIR 162. This is the third incident of its kind with Syngenta.

In a class action lawsuit filed in August 2015, American farmers are suing Syngenta to prevent them from selling unapproved products to farmers. The sale was a disaster for the farmers who suffered over billions of dollars of loss. A San Antonio lawyer named Mikal Watts has taken up fight for the farmers. Mr. Watts is a partner in the law firm of Watts Guerra, and he filed the first two papers that resulted in a $750 million dollar payment from Bayer Crop Sciences. Mr. Watts explained that in the Syngenta case they must be held responsible for the catastrophic cost to the growers who trusted their product. The farmers number in the thousands, and farm across 20 states of the Union. China’s refusal to accept the corn caused corn prices to drop world wide. Eleven percent of all corn grown in the United States is exported each year, and the US grows 60% of the world’s corn crop. In another case, criminal charges were brought against Syngenta due to its GM Bt corn killing livestock.

The law firm of Watts Guerra has extensive agricultural litigation experience, and Mr. Watts is the leader in the field of agricultural mass torts. He is a graduate of the University of Texas, and he is experienced in catastrophic personal injury, toxic, automotive, agricultural, and negligence torts to name but a few of his accomplishments. He is licensed to practice in seven states, and is an outspoken advocate against product liability.

What To Avoid When Writing A Wikipedia Article About Yourself

Wikipedia articles about you have to be editorially neutral since Wikipedia aims at neutrality. All information will be factual and obtained from reliable and verified sources. Wikipedia writers for hire does not try to promote you in any way whatsoever so be ready to have both the good and the bad side of you exposed. There are guiding principles that you might consider going through before carrying on with your mission. Keep in mind that suppressing any information an existing article is prohibited according to the conflict of interest guideline. Avoiding this results into severe consequences and the “Law of Unintended Consequences” applies on Wikipedia.

What to avoid when writing a Wikipedia article about you

1. Autobiographies

Inclusion is established depending on the notability of a person in third party sources. Most infamous people create there biographies on Wikipedia because they perceive it to be a good idea. Well, it not. Many end up regretting their actions and warn Wikipedia to erase theirs, but they have failed.

Biographies are meant to be written by a third party who thinks you are that prominent for inclusion. According to Wikipedia policies, once an article is highly publicized, nothing much can be done to maintain its positivity due to the Neutral Point Of View (NPOV) policy. The Conflict of Interests (COI) limits the ability of the author from editing their article since they chose to overlook this policy before writing their article.

2. Articles about organizations and companies

The same case applies to articles on organizations and companies. Wikipedia does not aim at advertising your goods or services or tarnishing your company’s reputation. It will be so unfortunate if your new company’s Wikipedia article reads something negative about your venture when you anticipated for positive outcomes.

The article’s principal objective is to report the neutral-point-of-view using information on verified sources. Criticisms are also included, and some companies have their own criticism segments and others to an extent of having their own sub-articles committed to such criticisms.

3. Ownership article

The conflict of interest applies to all authors and restrains your ability to edit controversial information about you. It is a serious offence since you do not own any Wikipedia article whether it is about you or you wrote it. The Law of Unintended Consequences applies to those who disregard this policy on purpose.

Wikipedia focuses on reporting compelling knowledge, people, history, facts, etc., and will treat you more compassionately than the entire universe.

Economists And Their Role In The World Today

Economists have had a huge job in researching and analyzing world economies in the modern world over the last century, and people have been paying even more attention to them since the recession of 2008 and want to know how the future looks. They can study many things within a country’s economic structure from the price at which currency is fixed and the inflation that can be associated with it as well as demand on the global markets, or they might be more focused on the direction in which the nation’s publicly traded stocks are going. Sometimes the two are correlated, but some economists may be more interested in how the political spheres are tied into an economy, whereas others may be more focused on good foreign markets for domestic businesses to look into.

Who are economists? They can be businessmen that are involved in R&D for major firms in major cities, or they also could be professors at major business schools and universities, or they could be both like Christian Broda. Broda is a well-known economic expert that has done his field work in emerging markets, derivatives, foreign securities, emerging markets, and has tested the waters of those markets. Broda like many other economists, is a champion of hedge funds and he has written publications, sat down for interviews, and offered his insights to business owners and corporations looking to start up hedge funds to finance themselves.

Broda graduated from the prominent Universidad de San Andres in Argentina prior to coming to the states, and once here he got both his MBA and PhD at MIT University. He moved on to teach business and economics at the University of Chicago and since his time there, he has spoken at many business conferences and summits focused in on global trade. Currently he manages capital assets and portfolios at Duquesne Capital and lends his expertise and research to many renowned economic journals in the United States. He’s published articles that bring to light various lessons that the US can learn from foreign economies, such as the recent depression period that hit Japan in the 90s, and the benefits that foreign imports and trade have brought to the US. He’s also been known for his belief in the continuance of the US dollar despite what many feel is an eminent collapse, and the belief that investors should keep investments within the dollar-backed markets.