InnovaCare Health, Taking Healthcare to New Heights

Many people get health care coverage through Medicare. Some make the decision to obtain coverage through the Medicare Advantage Plan, a Medicare private health care plan which is contracted by the federal government. They are paid a fixed amount for each individual to provide Medicare benefits. The three most common types of Medicare Advantage Plans are the Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs), the Preferred Provider Organizations (PPOs), and the Private Fee-For Service plan (PFFS). You might run across additional Medicare Plans geared toward those with special needs (SNPs), Provider Sponsored Organizations (PSOs) and Medicare Medical Savings Accounts (MSAs). If you do enroll in the Medicare Advantage Plan and you still have Medicare, you must still pay your monthly Part B premium, and Part A if you have one. Part A and Part B Medicare services are still provided if you enroll in the Medicare Advantage Plan. There may be different guidelines for costs and how you receive care.

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When making the decision to enroll in a managed health care plan, consider the leading provider in North America and number one in healthcare services, InnovaCare Health. InnovaCare provides two avenues of care, Medicare Advantage Programs and Provider Networks. They are committed to providing quality healthcare programs by using models that are cost effective, sustainable and utilize and integrate the most updated technology. Their goal is to redefine healthcare management amidst the challenges of today’s maze of healthcare systems. They are focused on strong support, they believe patients come first, and quality care is the ultimate goal.

InnovaCare Health has two affiliate health care plans in Puerto Rico. Currently the leader in Medicare Advantage plans in Puerto Rico, InnovaCare has over 230,000 members and a network of over 7,500 providers for their MMM Healthcare, Inc. and PMC Medicare Choice, Inc. They have achieved a four-star rating for their level of excellence in many factors including outcomes and patient experiences. In 2009, MSO of Puerto Rico, LLC was founded. This group assists patients in attaining optimum results through new innovations.

It takes great people to run a great organization and Dr. Rick Shinto, President and Chief Executive Officer of InnovaCare fits that bill. Dr. Shinto has 20 years of managed and operational healthcare experience and has held many distinguished positions in managed healthcare systems. He also practiced as an internist and pulmonologist in Southern California. In addition Penelope Kokkinides is the Chief Administrative Officer at InnovaCare, Inc. She brings to the table more than 20 years of experience in the health care industry and government programs. Her extensive knowledge of the managed health care industry contributes to her goal of improving efficiencies and the organizational infrastructure of the InnovaCare system.

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How Does Image Recognition Work In A Warehouse?


Companies that operate warehouses are in dire need of help with their inventory systems, and a large warehouse may become a black hole where workers get lost. Image recognition technology completely alters the manner in which a business is run, and Slyce has become the most prominent company in image recognition technology. This article explains how a warehouse system may change when image recognition technology is introduced.

#1: Smartphone And Tablet Apps

Smartphone and tablet apps are used to deliver image recognition technology to the customer, and these apps may be loaded onto special devices in a warehouse. Warehouse employees may be offered a tablet every for work, and they may quickly move from one item to the other without failing. Smartphones and tablets support their applications easily, and the applications are easy for any new user to manage.

#2: Automated Warehouse Management

Automated warehouse management requires image recognition technology, and Slyce has created the most powerful image recognition software in the world. The technology is such that it may be used in any building, and it produces instant results for workers. Workers who are looking for assistance finding a single item will find the quickly, and machines that load boxes will find items using the same technology.

#3: Why Is Slyce So Good At What It Does?

Slyce has been at the forefront of the image recognition industry, and they have developed quite a few places where their technology may be used. They are creating a universal scanner that will scan any bar code or UPC, and they are using their image recognition for shopping. Slyce wants to be as diverse as possible, and their diversity helps consumers have more opportunities to use image recognition to save time.

Slyce has become the finest image software company in the world, and they are using their information in as many places as possible. Shoppers may use the app that helps with shopping, and businesses may use the app that was designed for warehouse management. Slyce has been pristine in their delivery of technology from the warehouse to the aisles of an online store.

Philanthropist Steve Murray Passes Away One Month After Resigning From CCMP

CCMP Capital Advisors was the in-house investment branch of JP Morgan Chase from 1984 until 2006. At that point it separated from its parent company entirely and has since become a well-known buyout firm with billions of investments made in the last decade.

The company focuses on the retail, healthcare and energy industries and helps to revive stumbling businesses that have equity and potential. The company has been operating until recently under the direction of co-founder and CEO Stephen Murray CCMP Capital. He took over the reins from the founder in 2007.

Stephen Murray was a Boston College graduate with a degree in economics. He worked his way up through the financial industry where he came to be known as a shrewd investor. The decision to spin out CCMP and make it entirely independent from JP Morgan Chase was made because of complaints of unfair dealings.

It was believed that the appearance of JP Morgan potentially favoring their in-house firm over others bidding on the same prospects could lead to unnecessary complications. Despite the separation, the two companies continued to work together amicably throughout the last 10 years.

Prior to becoming CEO of CCMP, Stephen Murray also served on the boards of a number of leading companies including Cabela’s, the Vitamin Shoppe and Aramark among many other. In 2015 Steve Murray took a leave of absence from his position stating health concerns.

Few people in the industry suspected the health concerns to be as serious as they ultimately were. He passed away just one month later at the age of 52. He left behind four adult sons and his wife of 29 years, Tammi Murray. Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP Capital:

He will be remembered for his successful career, but also for his many philanthropic causes that included contributing to the Make a Wish Foundation as well as donating regularly to local museums and food banks.

Unlimited Cell Phone Plans And Low Cost Service Is Available At FreedomPop

Since some of the bigger companies decided to cut out their unlimited cell phone plans, it was necessary to have other companies filling that void. AT&T and Verizon chose to drop their unlimited plans, which made it difficult for anyone who decided to join their company. Not only did these companies make it more expensive for those who chose to join but it made it easier for other cell phone companies to take in customers who wanted a good price for their cell phone service. Those who go to certain cell phone companies can look forward to low prices as well as no contracts.

FreedomPop is a company that has no contracts for cell phone service, and it’s only necessary to pay for the phone service month to month, and the person can either bring their own cell phone or purchase one from FreedomPop. The best thing about FreedomPop’s cell phone service is the fact that the price is a mere $20 a month. Those who choose to sign up for the unlimited service will get not only a low price but also great service that’s reliable and can be used all over the USA.

Many have frantically been looking for a low priced cell phone service that they can afford each month, but the best most people can do is pay $50 a month. Although paying $50 each month for cell phone service isn’t bad compared to some other companies, why pay more than is necessary? Getting the FreedomPop unlimited cell phone service plan for only $20 will not only save a person $30 per month off of a typical $50 plan, but they’ll also get the service they need. The service from FreedomPop is also reliable because it’s on the Sprint 4G LTE network.

Many have even chosen to use a tablet phone with the FreedomPop services, and it’s possible to use a smartphone or a tablet phone with the free service or the paid service provided by FreedomPop. The free service provided by FreedomPop is completely free, and it’s possible to get minutes for talk time, text messages, and data each month, which is completely free. Those who need more than the free service allows can pay for the unlimited service or choose to get a plan that’s in between these two services. FreedomPop is truly a great company that has many options for their customers.

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Why Is Slyce A Better Visual Search Option?

Slyce is the best visual search option on the planet because it has been applied to more things than just internal business matters. There are a lot of companies who use visual searches by to make sure they can take inventory. However, there are shoppers out there who are more in need than ever of an easier way to shop. Shopping is much easier for people when they can search for the item they want just based on a picture that they took. The picture can be put into the Pounce app that Slyce owns, and it will give people shopping choices instantly.

There are lots of ways that people can shop, but they usually take too much time. It is very hard for people to get the results that they want because they will be in a bad situation if they have to spend hours online. Slyce makes it so that people can find what they want in seconds, and then the app will tell them all the places they can buy the things that they want.

Someone who takes a picture on their phone needs to make sure that they have taken the picture of anything that they want. It could be a jacket on someone who is on the street, or it could be a picture of an item that is in a store. The app will tell the user exactly what that thing is, and then they will be able to buy that thing when they go into their browser. They can check out all the things they have found, and they also need to make sure that they buy those things for the right price. Slyce and Pounce make it much easier for people to buy the thing they want at a price that they will be happy with.

Basset Hound Maintains Weight On Beneful Healthy Weight Dog Food

My dog is very Tenacious, Gentle, and Sweet. He is a Basset Hound named Oscar who loves to cuddle up next to my 2-year-old at night and play with her in the backyard during the day. Oscar is for sure my 2-year-olds best friend due to the fact that he is so involved in everything she does. Oscar is only a little over 2 years old also. We adopted Oscar from a rescue when he was a puppy just a few days before I went into labor with my daughter. Many people would not suggest getting a puppy and having a baby around the same time but I feel as though it made things easier because they both got just the right amount of attention and Oscar never got jealous of her because we got him only a few days before she came home. Oscar has always been a very easy dog to find food for as he will eat anything and everything in sight. However, the fact that he will eat anything and everything in sight made it hard for me to find him the perfect food because I don’t want him to gain more weight than he should have. For this reason, I put Oscar on Purinastore‘s Beneful healthy weight dog food which is so healthy and nutritious well being filled with flavor that he has been able to maintain a normal healthy weight but still loves to eat his dog food when it comes time to each and every day. Due to the fact that Oscar has always wanted to eat everything in sight it was even harder to keep his teeth clean so when I came across Beneful dental twists I got really excited. Dental twists have always been able to keep Oscars teeth clean and his breath smelling good. Occasionally I also feed Oscar Beneful heartfuls treats or baked delights snackers [] but only on occasion because he likes the way they both taste so much that if he had it his way he would eat the whole bag of both in one sitting. I am glad I was able to find Beneful from Wal-Mart because now I can sleep at night knowing Oscar is healthy and happy.



Talk Fusion trial Hitting Overseas Markets

Last month, video marketing company Talk Fusion launched 30-day free trials of nine languages to over 140 different countries around the globe.

The company’s Video Marketing Solution is an all-in-one marketing product that can be witnessed, tested, and enjoyed by potential business customers for nearly one whole month. Whether it is e-mail marketing or conducting visual meetings online, Talk Fusion provides a platform that can allow businesses to conduct meetings and plans all in one stop.

Whether it is for business or for a social atmosphere, Talk Fusion has over a thousand templates to use for a whatever situation many potential clients are looking for. There are also options to customize and personalize such meetings or e-mail messages. Video newsletters are also available to provide a unique platform to present personal announcements. When holding meetings, you have hold seminars, present slides, or even provide sales pitches. A video chat can be conducted by anyone around the world and on any mobile device in a face-to-face digital setting.

So the opportunity to utilize various such options are now available to every business on a limited basis after over a year of planning by the company. Anyone can sign up at the company’s web site located at

The Talk Fusion video chat was named as the video product of the year as mentioned in a online article.

The company was first created by Bob Reina in 2007 in finding video marketing solutions for global businesses. The products are marketed at personal level and is now available to hundreds of different nations though Reina believes in the best ethical standards in the current business world.

With video marketing becoming an increasingly reliable source to conduct business in today’s global world, Talk Fusion provides so many potential possibilities. Video conferencing, video blog, and sharing video e-mails are all options the company provides.

Now potential customers have a 30-day period in order to try their products and personally see how they can help their own business grow and develop.

Class Dojo is eliminating parent teacher conferences

Parents are constantly trying to keep up with their children. They invest their time, money, and energy into their child’s success and they worry that their children will not live up to expectations. One common struggle is staying in touch with their child’s teacher. Most parents believe that their child’s teacher is generally well intentioned, but finding the time to meet with the teacher is almost impossible. Parents often complain that they have to work when their child is in school and parent teacher night is often scheduled at a time that is inconvenient for one or both parents. Several companies have tried to make communication easier, but until recently they have had little success. Class Dojo believes that they have a solution to the parent-conference issue.

Class Dojo has long been a popular application for building a positive culture in the classroom, but now the company is taking aim at parent-teacher conferences. The app wants to make communication between parents and teachers incredibly easy. Class Dojo has interested a simple chat client which will make communication extremely easy. Any parent can easily open the Class Dojo app and see their child’s behavior in the classroom and begin a conversation with the teacher. Class Dojo has put great effort into making their chat client easy to use, and they have even made it easy to translate messages that are in a foreign language. The application quickly translates messages in more than a dozen different languages, helping parents from different backgrounds stay in touch with their child’s teacher.

Class Dojo has received a large amount of support from the educational community, but they have also received great support from the business community. Class Dojo recently raised around $21 million in their Serie B round of funding. This funding will help the company make even more improvements to their application and to advertise to educators and parents everywhere.

Class Dojo is an incredibly popular educational app. Thousands of teachers around the country are using this app to build a positive culture within their classroom. Parents and teachers have fallen in love with this wonderful application. The application is especially popular with Kindergarten through eighth grade teachers, but some high school teachers are using the application.

Communication between teachers and parents is incredibly frustrating, but it does not have to be. Class Dojo is going to forever change the way that parents and teachers talk to one another.


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Former CCMP CEO Stephen Murray Dies At Age 52

Stephen Murray was founding president and CEO of the well-known CCMP Capital. But the experienced financial services professional also made time for philanthropic work. He was on the Make A Wish Foundation chairman’s board, gave generously to the Lower Fairfield County Food Bank, and was also on his alma mater Boston College’s board of trustee. Plus he also took time out to work on the board of a number of major companies. They included Legacy Hospital Partners, AMC Entertainment, and Generac Power Systems. In addition to this he was a loving husband and father of four wonderful children. When he died in March 2015, it left a hole in the lives of many people.
A graduate of Boston College with an economics degree, Stephen Murray began working in financial services soon after graduation in 1984. His entry into the field was his participation in Manufacturers Hanover Corporation’s credit analyst training program. Read more: Ex-CCMP Capital CEO Steve Murray passes away

After graduating from Columbia Business School with a Masters in Business Administration, he was given a position in the company’s leveraged finance unite of their private equity group called MH Equity. He remained with the company through their merger first with Chemical Bank in 1991, Chase Manhattan in 1996, and J.P. Morgan & Co. in 2000.

When the company, then called JP Morgan Chase joined with Bank One in 2004, it was decided the leveraged finance unit should be spun out and become a stand alone company (Read more: Stephen Murray, The Great Investor and Deal Maker for CCMP Capital). That company was called CCMP Capital. Murray, who had been with the company for about 30 years at that time, was named president and CEO. CCMP quickly become one of the financial world’s largest private equity investment firms.

Murray oversaw the spinoff of many of its divisions including Panarama Capital which handled investments in life sciences and information technology, and Unitas Capital and Linzor Capital that handled CCMP’s transactions in Asia and South America respectively. Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP:
Although Stephen Murray was only 52 years old when he died, he has had a lasting impact on many people, businesses, and charitable organizations. He was a brilliant equity investor and deal maker and was very generous with his time, talent, and resources. His death, which was attributed to ‘health related reasons’, was a great loss to many people. The Stamford, Connecticut resident is survived by his wife Tami A. Murray as well as his 4 beloved sons. Stephen Murray’s wife and children were his pride and joy.

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Brian Torchin Has Had A Distinguished Career

Healthcare staffing agencies provide numerous people with access to work in the healthcare field. Healthcare staffing agencies can help people to find work at a variety of different levels. Those that are first entering the healthcare field often use staffing agencies, like HCRC, to find employment. However, they can also be extremely useful for those that are looking to find higher level employment in the field. Healthcare managers use the services of companies like HCRC to bring people in to work at the company. Brian Torchin has had used great skill in leading HCRC, which is a highly successful healthcare staffing agency.

Prior to his employment with HCRC, he has had a lot of experience in healthcare management. This experience has very much helped him to do a better job of running HCRC. In fact, he has had experience in multiple different aspects of the healthcare sector. Not only has he had a lot of experience in healthcare management, but Brian Torchin also has had a lot of experience working as a chiropractor. In fact, he has done extremely well with a chiropractic practice of his own. Furthermore, he actually continues to run his own chiropractic office, and it is still a thriving business.

When he went into healthcare management, he has demonstrated exceptional skill with running healthcare businesses other than his own. In fact, his skills were so exceptional that he began working for businesses in different parts of the country. He ran a multitude of different businesses, and he was quite successful with it. This success caught the eye of HCRC, a healthcare staffing agency that already was established.

When he began working with HCRC, he set out to improve the company in any ways that he could. This meant streamlining the operation of the company and making their services exceptionally convenient to use. HCRC makes it possible to directly contact Brian Torchin. In addition to being able to directly contact him, it is possible to get employees onboard to a healthcare company within a matter of mere days. He makes sure that the company’s services are that expedient.  Check out more of Brian’s advice on the healthcare industry through his Vimeo account.